The “students” in EdZedOmega are doing a documentary-like social project with hypothetical students dropping out of school.

lizabethdavis is an actress.

I have wasted my time trying to correspond with an actress when I thought I was corresponding with a student in a genuine manner.  Someone who claimed to want to be part of our community.

Instead, this project wants to use the teachers in the #education community as tools for their fake project.  

When florescentink first presented me with these names as “student bloggers” she presented them as actual students.  This is fraudulent.  

I am beyond livid.  We have spent many of the past few days trying to open ourselves to new student voices and be more accommodating, and all this criticism we received was so someone could get their project off the ground.

And don’t tell me that “the discussion if fruitful!” and “they have real points!”  

NO.  Nothing these people ever say can ever be trusted again.  They are using the tumblr platform and antagonizing the good people of the #education community for their agenda, not to actually be part of it.  

They would have real points of they were REAL PEOPLE.