Cherry blossom nails.

Hello everybody!!! This floral look is inspired by Hanami, a popular tradition from Japan in which people enjoy watching how cherry blossoms open. It is a delicate and romantic look perfect for weddings, birthdays, special occasions or everyday (decide yourself). Read how to do it below and happy spring!! 


- Transparent nail polish.

- Baby pink nail polish.

- Gouache or acrylic colours: white, black, brown, carmine and yellow.

- Thin brushes.

- A glass of water or any kind of container.

- A serviette or a cotton cloth to clean the brushes.

- A little plate or a tap


1. Mix brown and black, and draw some branchs with a very thin brush. You have to do an L shape.

2. Mix brown and carmine to create a dark colour and paint three circles, one of them bigger than the other ones.

3. Mix white and a little bit of carmine to make pink. With this colour paint five petals on each circle.

4. Draw some lines in white on the petals. You can skip this step.

5. Mix brown, carmine and yellow to make an orange colour and paint tiny spots on the middle part of each petal.

6. Mix carmine, brown and a bit of black to paint some leaves.

7. Use pink again to decorate the rest of the nail with some petals falling.

8. Wait for the design to dry and apply one or two coats of transparent polish.

If you find this look overelaborated you can wear flowers in one or two nails and paint the rest in pink. 

Please correct me if I misspell something :)

  • Transparent nail polish by “Deliplus.”
  • Pink nail polish by “Deliplus” (Miss Pink Collection).
  • Pink candle by “Relevi.”
  • Blouse by “Stradivarius.”
  • Watch by “Swatch Swiss.”

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