florencia aguirre


On the late afternoon of October 14th, 2016, authorities in the southern city of Coyhaique, in Chile, were alerted that Florencia Aguirre (9) was missing. The last time anyone had seen her had been around 5 pm.

After an intense search, the little girl’s body was found the next morning, buried inside a woodshed in her own house. Her stepfather, Cristian Soto (30), who had participated in the search efforts, became the immediate suspect. He ended up confessing to the murder, giving horrifying details of how it had happened. He said he’d beaten Florencia and suffocated her with a plastic bag until she became unconscious. Then, while she was still alive, he set her on fire. A motive for the crime wasn’t given during his arraignment.

Soto has already received violent threats from other prisoners at the jail where he’s been kept while awaiting trials, which led to the construction of a special area where he can stay separated from the main population. He’s actually sharing those conditions with a man who commited another shocking crime earlier this year.