Locked out of paradise


Ryou just wanted to get this over with. Being temporarily kicked out of Heaven as punishment for simply refusing the orders of an arch angel was stupid. So what if he had let the murdered in. She deserved a chance to be happy. But of course that wasn’t what his boss had thought.

Now he had to stay on earth until he had proven he still had a clear moral compass. He still hadn’t grasped fully what that meant. Did he just have to perform good deeds? Did he have to punish evil-doers? Wasn’t that supposed to be the demons down in Hell’s job?

His train of thought was broken when he bumped into someone going in the opposite direction. “Oh, sorry,” he quickly apologized. “I didn’t see you there.”

Spirit Breaker [RP with florence-midknight]

It had been another late night of studying for the poor boy…. taking him to the midnight hour and keeping his eyes open far too long. He was hungry, he was always hungry…. an insatiable appetite fueled by years without much food. Ryou shut his book, grabbed his bag, and headed off campus for the closest eatery.

He spotted the local diner he had passed on several walks around town, and ducked his way inside. Seeing not a soul, he sat at the counter and collapsed, drooling a bit on the polished surface. ‘A-anyone here?’

florence-midknight entered the game shop.

Yuugi was sitting at the front counter, trying to work on his puzzle but stopped when someone walked. The shop had barely been opened, only for about an hour now, normally customers didn’t come in yet, but his grandfather was in the back trying to something or other, Yuugi did not listen when his grandpa told him. Something about taxes. So the child put on a big smiled. “Hello! There is something you’re looking for?”

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“Did you think I wouldn’t notice you sneaking out?”

Ryou nearly stopped dead in his tracks when he heard the spirit’s voice.

“No, I didn’t. I just just didn’t think you’d notice this early,” he mumbled.

He was on his way to Yugi’s house. In fact, it was only a few blocks away when Bakura had decided to appear.

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“Hey Bakura” Jou said with a grin on his face. He knew it was Bakura, he could recognize those bat wings from afar. It helped him to calm down with Ryou as it confirmed that the Bakura he knew was long gone. Now he didn’t expect this Bakura to be sunshine and daisies, nope he was just being careful so if this Bakura was a stability sort that he wouldn’t met anything he didn’t want. “Whatcha up to?" 

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Akefia did not spend his evenings at Relapse often, even if he owned the club. He was there during the day sometimes, but he had capable staff that could keep the place on its feet when he was busy. So him working behind the bar tonight was a rarity in and of itself.

He didn’t intend to stay all night and help the staff close down - that was something that he was above - but mixing drinks and talking to customers was a good way to find new clients or lackeys. 

When a particularly skinny guy came up to order, Akefia’s first thought was simple; this one’s a user

He was gaunt enough, with a complexion like a corpse. It rather suited him. 

“What can I get you?”