Worlds Collide

The demon had taken his time coming home. These days, his master let him roam around, exploring the world and coming back as he pleased, provided he did come back to him. And Ryou wouldn’t have it any other way, Bakura was precious to him, and regardless of where he adventured, or where he fed, he always returned home. 

This time, though, he was late. He had a lot of thinking to do, and recent experiences had him feeling confused. As he walked up to Bakura’s apartment door and opened it up, he entered with a sigh, closing the door behind him. Only when he was inside did he drop his human disguise and let his demon features show. 

He walked to the living room and flopped down on the floor in front of the couch, where his master was sitting. “I’m home,” he said, resting his chin on Bakura’s knee and lifting his eyes to look up at him. Suddenly he froze, unable to breath. 

This was not his Bakura. This was…. The one who shot me!


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It took Ryou more than a moment to pin the mysterious stranger as a Bakura. He’d thought for more than a little while that he’d been watching the graceful movements of a woman, but there were those unmistakable little hair wings behind the mask. Maybe it was a woman, but he didn’t care. A Bakura was a Bakura.

“Why hello there, I can’t help but notice you’re not drunk enough.”

love bites v-v

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Ryou happened upon the hunter almost by accident. He’d been fleeing, as had many vampires that had taken refuge in the hideout the hunters had stormed, only most of them were not as lucky as he was. Seeing the human in front of him now gave him a moment of panic as he tried to figure out what to do.

That was when he noticed what he looked like. We could be brothers, he thought, his eyes widening at the similarities. There was a different in their features, however, and Ryou could tell by the smell of his blood that this hunter, while strikingly similar, bore no relation to himself. How strange

He was relieved when he saw how tired the hunter was, and took a wary step closer, hands raised as if offering peace. “You’re tired,” he said softly. “I can tell. Why don’t you just call it a day? How many of my kind have you killed today? Will it really matter if you let one go?”


At first glance, he thought it was a woman. That was why he ignored the pale-skinned ball guest in the icy blue dress. But as the night went on, he found himself growing bored at the lack of victims to stab. Most of these guests were too smart to let him murder hug them. Maybe it was time to lower his standards a little. Sure, the woman in the blue dress was getting a lot of attention from other guests. She would be missed if she ended up dead. But that might make things more interesting, right?

Melvin made his way toward her, grinning under his paper-bag for a mask as his closed purple cape swished around his body with every step. He came up right behind her, capturing her waist with one arm clamped tightly around her, and leaned in to her ear. “Wanna dance?” he taunted.

Dinner for Two

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“Oh I know, right? I like to live a dangerous life.” Diva grinned with delight.

Though he knew this was originally supposed to JUST be a more sexual relationship, Diva had come to care for his pet more than he let on to others.

He liked to treat his pet well. Especially because Bakura was willing to indulge in some of his more…exciting adventures.

Presence also occasionally meant presents. Not of the sexual kind, but of things he had seen during their wild nights laying around Bakura`s apartment. Some clothing here, a nice trinket there, and sometimes…well…

sometimes there were flowers involved, too. Because when Bakura said stuff like that…


Was Bakura falling in love?

Is it the both of them?

“What are you in the mood for? We can make it together.”

Le Masquerade de Bang Bang

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Ryou grinned wider, his mouth gleefully covering Bakura’s blush with more kisses. “Yes! Let’s get dressed up like they do in those movies. Oh! Like that one musical you watched. Phantom of the Opera! Let’s dress up like that.”

He pulled away from the other so that he could immediately dig through the closet, and frowned when he found no fancy costumes there. Well…. nothing appropriate anyway… “Where do we find costumes and masks?”

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Bakura frowned before he looked up at the other.

“No, no I’m fine,” he lied before looking around the cafe. He felt like someone was watching him and it wasn’t a good feeling. His paranoia spiked and he tried to push it down.

“Fine,” he repeated.

Ryou nodded, not really expecting him to tell him anyway. He was glad though that Bakura didn’t just snap at him to leave him alone anymore. That used to be all he would get from him; his order and a “leave me alone”. 

“Alright,” he said cheerfully, sticking his notepad in his apron pocket. “I’ll go get you your tea and some water, and we’ll get the sausage started. Let me know if you need anything else. Or… you know. If you need an ear to listen to whatever is on your mind.” 

Hoping he hadn’t overstepped, he hurried off to the kitchen before Bakura could reply.

a WHAT school?

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Ryou threw his school bag into the apartment before he was even fully through the door, slamming it shut behind him with a loud sigh. Another completely frustrating day of girls competing for his attention, teachers being petty because he was smarter than them, and his friends shutting him out completely. It didn’t matter that they were hardly aware of themselves doing it, it still hurt that they hardly noticed he was there anymore. Was it because he still chose to wear the ring? Or was it just because he wasn’t a main character? 

“I’m bloody sick of it,” he complained out loud, kicking off his shoes and marching deeper into the apartment. He went to his bedroom, desiring nothing more than to get out of his school uniform.