florence-midknight entered the game shop.

Yuugi was sitting at the front counter, trying to work on his puzzle but stopped when someone walked. The shop had barely been opened, only for about an hour now, normally customers didn’t come in yet, but his grandfather was in the back trying to something or other, Yuugi did not listen when his grandpa told him. Something about taxes. So the child put on a big smiled. “Hello! There is something you’re looking for?”

Spirit Breaker [RP with florence-midknight]

It had been another late night of studying for the poor boy…. taking him to the midnight hour and keeping his eyes open far too long. He was hungry, he was always hungry…. an insatiable appetite fueled by years without much food. Ryou shut his book, grabbed his bag, and headed off campus for the closest eatery.

He spotted the local diner he had passed on several walks around town, and ducked his way inside. Seeing not a soul, he sat at the counter and collapsed, drooling a bit on the polished surface. ‘A-anyone here?’

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26. “I’ll kill you, I swear to God, I’ll fucking kill you!”

Bakura wrapped his his hands around the other’s throat as he slammed him back against a wall. “I’ll kill you,” he hissed, squeezing his fingers tightly. “I swear to God, I’ll fucking kill you!”

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“Hey Bakura” Jou said with a grin on his face. He knew it was Bakura, he could recognize those bat wings from afar. It helped him to calm down with Ryou as it confirmed that the Bakura he knew was long gone. Now he didn’t expect this Bakura to be sunshine and daisies, nope he was just being careful so if this Bakura was a stability sort that he wouldn’t met anything he didn’t want. “Whatcha up to?" 

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NAME / NICKNAME: Caleb, Voice, Random Asshole, all work. 
HEIGHT: 6′3 or 192cm
HOGWARTS HOUSE: Ravenclaw, I guess

DREAM VACATION: Changes depending on when asked, but currently Sweden. 
WHAT I’M CURRENTLY WEARING: Sweatpants, shirt, and two dogs curled up on my lap. 
WHAT I POST: Meaningless shit.  
DO YOU GET ASKS ON A REGULAR BASIS: Nah, though I’ve not been on a lot so.
AESTHETIC: On this blog?

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STAR SIGN: Fuck if I know
LAST THING GOOGLED:  “The Weeknd new album release date”
FAVOURITE MUSIC ARTISTS: Sabaton, Nightwish, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Disturbed, Kendrick Lamar,  10 Years, Chevelle, Lacuna Coil
DO YOU HAVE ANY OTHER BLOGS: My personal, my serect that is still being prepped, and @dinodouchebaggery
DREAM JOB: Voice Actor 
FOLLOWING: like 200 something, mostly artists 

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