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"Without a cock in it, ayo"

   “No, I’m fucking done! I’m fucking done! This is bullshit! This is fucking bullshit! WHAAAAAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS THIS?! WHAT IS MY LIFE??? I can’t fucking DO IT ANYMORE!!  WE GOTTA DRAW THE LINE SOMEWHERE! YOU GOTTA DRAW A FUCKING LINE IN THE SAND, DUDE! YOU GOTTA MAKE A STATEMENT! You gotta look inside yourself and say, “What am I willing to put up with today?” NOT! FUCKING! THIS!”  

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Bakura stared down at the sleeping form of his alternate for what felt like hours before doing anything; at first he moved to wake him, but seeing how relaxed he seemed to be, Bakura decided against it. Slowly, he began raking his fingers through the other’s shorter hair, gently tugging away any knots he got caught in. When his hair was tangle free, Bakura pulled his hand out of his hair, resting it on his head, and let out a small sigh.

“You look so calm when you sleep…”

How the hell was he still clinging to life?

Bakura had been assigned to this case for about a week now.  It should have been simple and straightforward– someone had been sick in the hospital, and was thus in their final moments.

Or at least, they should have been in their final moments, but this one had to be a fighter.

Hospitals pissed the Reaper off.  He could hear other Reapers coming and going, there was a constant commotion from doctors and nurses, and the smell…

God, the smell…

The reaper snarled, tugging at his hair. staring down at his case.  He wasn’t afraid to be vocal– usually humans couldn’t hear reapers until their souls were separated.

“Why won’t you just die already?!”

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26. “I’ll kill you, I swear to God, I’ll fucking kill you!”

Bakura wrapped his his hands around the other’s throat as he slammed him back against a wall. “I’ll kill you,” he hissed, squeezing his fingers tightly. “I swear to God, I’ll fucking kill you!”

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When he knocked on Godling's door, he looked worn out. Dark circles rimmed his eyes as he threw on a tired smile. "Hey, I'm sorry for dropping by unannounced."

“Bakura.” Godling’s eyes lit up the moment they fell upon his alternate, a smile blooming across his cheeks. “You came to visit! Please come in. Don’t be sorry you’re more than welcome. Thank you. Would you like a cup of tea? A slice of cake?”

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Ryou happened upon the hunter almost by accident. He’d been fleeing, as had many vampires that had taken refuge in the hideout the hunters had stormed, only most of them were not as lucky as he was. Seeing the human in front of him now gave him a moment of panic as he tried to figure out what to do.

That was when he noticed what he looked like. We could be brothers, he thought, his eyes widening at the similarities. There was a different in their features, however, and Ryou could tell by the smell of his blood that this hunter, while strikingly similar, bore no relation to himself. How strange

He was relieved when he saw how tired the hunter was, and took a wary step closer, hands raised as if offering peace. “You’re tired,” he said softly. “I can tell. Why don’t you just call it a day? How many of my kind have you killed today? Will it really matter if you let one go?”

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Bakura frowned before he looked up at the other.

“No, no I’m fine,” he lied before looking around the cafe. He felt like someone was watching him and it wasn’t a good feeling. His paranoia spiked and he tried to push it down.

“Fine,” he repeated.

Ryou nodded, not really expecting him to tell him anyway. He was glad though that Bakura didn’t just snap at him to leave him alone anymore. That used to be all he would get from him; his order and a “leave me alone”. 

“Alright,” he said cheerfully, sticking his notepad in his apron pocket. “I’ll go get you your tea and some water, and we’ll get the sausage started. Let me know if you need anything else. Or… you know. If you need an ear to listen to whatever is on your mind.” 

Hoping he hadn’t overstepped, he hurried off to the kitchen before Bakura could reply.