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Ryou happened upon the hunter almost by accident. He’d been fleeing, as had many vampires that had taken refuge in the hideout the hunters had stormed, only most of them were not as lucky as he was. Seeing the human in front of him now gave him a moment of panic as he tried to figure out what to do.

That was when he noticed what he looked like. We could be brothers, he thought, his eyes widening at the similarities. There was a different in their features, however, and Ryou could tell by the smell of his blood that this hunter, while strikingly similar, bore no relation to himself. How strange

He was relieved when he saw how tired the hunter was, and took a wary step closer, hands raised as if offering peace. “You’re tired,” he said softly. “I can tell. Why don’t you just call it a day? How many of my kind have you killed today? Will it really matter if you let one go?”

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Bakura frowned before he looked up at the other.

“No, no I’m fine,” he lied before looking around the cafe. He felt like someone was watching him and it wasn’t a good feeling. His paranoia spiked and he tried to push it down.

“Fine,” he repeated.

Ryou nodded, not really expecting him to tell him anyway. He was glad though that Bakura didn’t just snap at him to leave him alone anymore. That used to be all he would get from him; his order and a “leave me alone”. 

“Alright,” he said cheerfully, sticking his notepad in his apron pocket. “I’ll go get you your tea and some water, and we’ll get the sausage started. Let me know if you need anything else. Or… you know. If you need an ear to listen to whatever is on your mind.” 

Hoping he hadn’t overstepped, he hurried off to the kitchen before Bakura could reply.

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This was something he hadn’t seen in some time. Something was dead about that one, and not in the metaphorical sense. Something was genuinely deceased about them, something vital.

That left the question of what it even was. A revenant? A wraith? He supposed he’d find out in an investigation in due time.

For now, he would observe.

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Bakura sighed before he practically climbed in the other’s lap, needing the closeness and the affection.

“I had…a rough day.”

“Tell me about it,” Ryou said. He pulled him close, inviting him into his lap and wrapping both arms around him. He snuggled his face into Bakura’s hair, and started placing kisses along his his head. “If you want to. We don’t have to talk if you don’t want to.”

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(Your art is gorgeous. Do you have anatomy tips?)

// aksldjfkasdj omfg, thank you!!

ahhhh, besides swearing at my drawing tablet every 5 minutes?  use them references.  I personally trace over the specific pose in a sense, using basic shapes and lines to block the whole things out before erasing the original image.  from there, I redraw the blocked out figure freehand, and adjust the proportions to fit my own style!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Blog Masterpost (1.6)

Since it can be hard to find blogs/get found in our crazy big fandom, I created this list to help network between any and all YGO fans. Check out these super cool YGO-centric blogs below (listed in alphabetical order):

((ALSO, I’ll only be adding people to this list by request, in order to spotlight blogs that might not be as well known!))

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((EDIT: after ~every 5 new names added, I will change the version # at the top; find the fully updated version here))

If you run a YGO blog and want to be added to the list, just message me! And please signal boost so we can get more people recognition!! <3 

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(Text) : Hey, you wanna come over for that dinner tonight?

[Text: Certainly. How soon shall I arrive?]

The star was drifting around on thermals when the text arrived and he lazily typed his reply with delicate precision. Stopping every now and then to glance back in his apartment windows where he could see his boy playing with his toy cars. As a result his text wasn’t returned for a rather long time, and it was several more minutes before Bakura finally swooped back inside and roused Ammon to prepare. 

He was immaculate as ever, and fixing the braids in Ammon’s dark hair and finding him a new clean shirt took little time. The boy whined about leaving his cars but as usual he quietened down after a few circles high up above the city. The boy loved the air and would have been a natural flier if he were not an awfully disfigured human beast, it was such a pity.

Spirit Breaker [RP with florence-midknight]

It had been another late night of studying for the poor boy…. taking him to the midnight hour and keeping his eyes open far too long. He was hungry, he was always hungry…. an insatiable appetite fueled by years without much food. Ryou shut his book, grabbed his bag, and headed off campus for the closest eatery.

He spotted the local diner he had passed on several walks around town, and ducked his way inside. Seeing not a soul, he sat at the counter and collapsed, drooling a bit on the polished surface. ‘A-anyone here?’

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Bakura paced a bit in his living room before be finally worked up the courage and snatched his phone off the coffee table. Once in hand he quickly wrote out a text. [ Hey Godling. It's been a while. I was wondering if you wanted to hang together? ]

Phone contact had become sparce as of late. Really there were very few people who used these mobile phones to contact him and he guessed most of them were busy. So he was surprised when the sound blared out. He glared, looking via his shadows for the source, realized what it was with a start and scrambled to find the buzzing monster. He couldn’t have it bothering Thief.

.. Ah. First abridged him! The smile slid across his face and he texted back.

[Text: Self. I am pleased to hear from you. I would like to hang together. Should I come to your house? ]