REBECCA FERGUSON | Filmography (2012-2016)

  • Der Kommissar und das Meer - Jasmine Larsson
  • Vi - Linda
  • The White Queen - Elizabeth Woodville
  • Hercules - Ergenia
  • The Red Tent - Dinah
  • Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation - Ilsa Faust
  • Despite the Falling Snow - Katya/Lauren
  • Florence Foster Jenkins - Kathleen
  • The Girl on the Train - Anna Watson

Tumblr, look at my new tattoo! I’m in love ❤️

“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.” - David Bowie.

There’s such a lot of world to see – and as I embark on new adventures, I know I will always carry the love, spirit, knowledge, and imagination of the homes that came before. May home always reach beyond and rediscover itself. New York. Boston. Firenze. Cheers to the future.

(Done by Dan @ NY Adorned. IG : @ danbythewood )

Sam said that what people don’t realise is just what happy times the last six years have been for them as a family; and that whatever crises were going on downstairs one of the great things about Dave was that he was always able to leave that outside the flat and come upstairs and contrary to what anyone might think they have had a very happy time.
—  One of David Cameron’s family and friends describes Samantha Cameron’s view of the last six years at their final family dinner in Downing Street.

heavy in your arms by mey 

Girl that doesn’t like (I had written don’t likes before, what was I thinking?!) me is off today. Blue eyed guy is at work. My bi hairdresser pal (that I don’t know how days would go by without) is probably at work too and yesterday he said has missed me too. Today is going to be a definitely better day at work.