florence bellamy


bellarke week: day 5. songs that you associate with them ┉ listen here or here

You are the hole in my head 
You are the space in my bed
You are the silence in between
What I thought and what I said
 You are the night time fear
You are the morning when it’s clear
When it’s over, your start
You’re my head and you’re my heart


Now you have me on the run
The damage is already done
Come on, is this what you want?
Cause you’re driving me away

And my love is no good
Against the fortress that it made of you
Blood is running deep
Sorrow that you keep

THE REBEL KING: a mix for a boy with broken bones, heavily guarded by a stoic exterior and an automatic rifle.

i. icarus - bastille ii. broken - norah jones iii. my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine iv. burn it down - linkin park v. broken crown - mumford & sons vi. tyrant - onerepublic vii. king of pain - the police viii. blackbird - the beatles ix. a rush of blood to the head - coldplay 



so yes ugh hi

ive wanted to do this for so long idek why i’ve waited all this time

anyways. most of the people i know are… umm how to say this… not exactly my type. this must sound pretty dull but yeah. none of my close friends are musers. none of them are fan girls (of anything). but it’s not just that. idk it’s like we’re just so different. and here on tumblr i see so many wonderful people and i’m just like why can’t u be my friend please why don’t you live here rescue me

so yeah, let it be a first common thing - if you like  any of those bands (esp muse) and would like to exchange letters (hopefully not once) - please message me.

if you actually want to talk, get to know me and let me know you and stuff but are not ok with the idea of letters, message me anyways. but generally this thing is about real, hand-written letters

and lastly, if you like any of those bands, please reblog this. i really need this. i will love you 5ever<3 

the rebel & the princess - a playlist for the rebel with a heart and the stubborn princess. {listen here}

bones (acoustic) - young guns / a love like war - all time low / deathbed - BRNS / no light, no light - florence & the machine / bleeding out - imagine dragons / moondust - jaymes young / elastic heart - sia (ft. the weeknd & diplo) / run - kill it kid / closer - kings of leon / ships in the night - mat kearney / lost! - coldplay / who are you, really - mikky ekko / no one’s gonna love you - band of horses / just a game - birdy / nitesky - robot koch / little black submarines - the black keys / don’t deserve you - plumb / everybody wants to rule the world - lorde / death and all his friends - coldplay

we’ll go down together: a bellarke fanmix (listen)

1. make this leap - the hunts // 2. run - daughter // 3. king and lionheart - of monsters and men // 4. we must be killers - mikky ekko // 5. take me to church - hozier // 6. black flies - ben howard // 7. the king and all of his men - wolf gang // 8. smokestacks - l a y l a // 9. medicine - daughter // 10. breath of life - florence + the machine