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Name: Toni

Nicknames: Tone, Miss Toni, I resent this question

Gender: Ambivalently female

Star Sign: Scorpio, really very

Height: 5′4″ I think? I can never remember. It doesn’t come up much.

Sexual Orientation: Pansexual

Hogwarts House: Somewhere between Ravenclaw and Slytherin, I can’t quite figure it out.

Favorite Color: Teal

Favorite Animal: Wombat

Time Right Now: 7:14pm

Cat or Dog Person: Cat person, I guess, but I love dogs too.

Favorite Fictional Character: See url, but then also everyone from TWW, Parks and Rec, and many, many more.

Favorite Singer/Band: Piles of them, and it depends on the day. Partial random list: Ryan Adams, Florence + the Machine, Bellamy Young, Hozier, Delta Rae, Kesha

Dream Trip: Ireland by way of New York City.

Dream Job: Novelist.

When Was This Blog Created: January 18, 2015

Current Number of Followers: 1003

What Made You Decide to Make a Tumblr: I’m a huge TWW dork and saw this gif of Janel Moloney and Bradley Whitford dancing bts, which made me realize that there was a whole world here awaiting me beyond my DVD box set…I think then I searched a few more of my fandoms, but I’m not actually sure why I created my own. Probably just so I’d have a way to save the awesome stuff I found.

Why Did You Pick Your URL: Because i’m literally Lorelai Gilmore. Seriously, though, the similarities are uncanny–anyone who knows me can tell you. 

I Tag: Anyone who feels like doing this one! I’m all tagged out, lol.

THE REBEL KING: a mix for a boy with broken bones, heavily guarded by a stoic exterior and an automatic rifle.

i. icarus - bastille ii. broken - norah jones iii. my boy builds coffins - florence + the machine iv. burn it down - linkin park v. broken crown - mumford & sons vi. tyrant - onerepublic vii. king of pain - the police viii. blackbird - the beatles ix. a rush of blood to the head - coldplay