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Alike In Dignity 

a playlist for the eventual angsty relationship between Benvolio & Rosaline

Love Will Have Its Sacrifices (chongthenomad) - Poison & Wine (The Civil Wars) - One Grain of Sand (Ron Pope) - Human (Gabrielle Aplin) - The Girl (City and Colour) - Like Real People Do (Hozier) - Clarity [acoustic] (Zed ft. Foxes) - Everlong [acoustic] (Foo Fighters) - Flaws [At Abbey Road] (Bastille) - Eavesdrop (The Civil Wars) - Never Let Me Go (Florence + The Machine) - Halo (Beyoncé)


Today is Richard’s birthday (he’s already 31 but still my baby) and I just had to do a post dedicated to him for being an amazing actor, a lovely person, and a beautiful human being. So happy birthday, Richard, enjoy your 31 and thank you for being the most wonderful, Scottish actor. Love you.

where they are just and loyal || hufflepuff || listen 

i. gold rays // vinyl pinups ii. alone together // fall out boy iii. let’s dance to joy division // the wombats iv. she’s a riot // the jungle giants v. tongue tied // grouplove vi. san francisco // the mowgli’s vii. don’t stop // foster the people viii. laughter lines // bastille ix. different colours // walk the moon x. roman holiday // halsey xi. all this and heaven too // florence + the machine xii. smells like summer // early hours xiii. trouble // imagine dragons xiv. say it, just say it // the mowgli’s xv. i will wait for you // mumford & sons xvi. weight of living pt. ii // bastille xvii. cry baby // melanie martinez xviii. when did your heart go missing // rooney xviv. favorite record // fall out boy xv. crystals // of monsters and men xvi. jackie and wilson // hozier xvii. welcome home // radical face xviii. atlas hands // benjamin francis leftwich xix. be good // max brodie ft. tom rosenthal xx. sunshine lullaby // pebaluna xxi. someone new // hozier xxii. after the storm // mumford & sons


Dramione Playlist dedicated to @olivieblake and to “Clean” and “Marked


I was always a bit old for my age, then suddenly I’m on set, working alongside the adults, skipping school completely for two years.

(happy 31st birthday, richard madden!)

Need some more blogs to follow!

I’ve been trying to get this account up and running again, so I need some new blogs to follow (seeing how it’s pretty much just all Bastille at this point lol). So if you blog about these bands/singers (or just other cool bands you wanna get out there) then like/reblog this for me and I’ll follow you!

Florence and the Machine
Ben Howard
Arctic Monkeys
Keaton Henson
The 1975
X Ambassadors
Twenty One Pilots
Mumford and Sons
Childish Gambino
Chance The Rapper

Or like I said, if you’ve got other bands and just wanna new followers, that’s cool too. I want to try to use this blog to get new music out there as well!

{god of the sea}

i. ocean // coasts ii. black water // of monsters and men iii. iron // woodkid iv. bottom of the river // delta rae v. from finner // of monsters and men vi. shots [remix] // imagine dragons vii. trouble // imagine dragons viii. sleeping with a friend // neon trees ix. unbelievers // vampire weekend x. what the water gave me // florence + the machine xi. high tide rising // fox xii. smells like summer // early hours xiii. landscape // florence + the machine xiv. the driver // bastille xv. house by the sea // moddi xvi. welcome home // radical face || LISTEN


Wish I Stayed // Ellie Goulding, Bloodstream // Statesless, Eyes Wide Open // Gotye, Sunset // The xx, Ride // Lana Del Rey, Shelter // The xx, DJ, Ease My Mind // Niki and the Dove, Crave You (Adventure Club Remix) // Flight Felicities, Spectrum (Acoustic) // Matthew Koma, Cosmic Love (Seven Lions Remix) // Florence + The Machine, Soft Shock // Yeah Yeah Yeah’s, Sweater Weather (Cover) // Keaton Stromberg, Youth // Daughter, Honest // The Neighbourhood, Crystalised // The xx, Sex (Liar Remix) // The 1975, Nirvana (Acoustic) // Sam Smith, Tiptoe // Imagine Dragons, Bad Blood // Bastille


ID #59151

Name: Emilia
Age: 16
Country: United Kingom (England)

I like Bastille, Florence + The Machine and Dry the River mainly, but I listen to a lot of different music! I’m very interested in movies and cinema (even though I haven’t really seen that many yet!!) so if you like movies, that’s a massive bonus! I’m also an artist (you can see my art on my ig) and a giant aesthetic hoe. I also very much like plants and witchcraft so ESPECIALLY hmu if you also love plants and are a witch.

I’m looking mainly for someone to exchange snail mail with (it always looked like more fun) who doesn’t mind maybe opening a letter to find three packs of tea and a bag of glitter inside because, ya know, aesthetic.

Preferences: 16-18 and preferably female, but I don’t mind talking to men if our interests align!!

The Signs as Bands/Singers I Like
  • Aries: The 1975
  • Taurus: Tove Lo
  • Gemini: Panic! At The Disco
  • Cancer: Bastille
  • Leo: Marina and The Diamonds
  • Virgo: Florence and The Machine
  • Libra: Fall Out Boy
  • Scorpio: Elle King
  • Sagittarius: Imagine Dragons
  • Capricorn: Foster the People
  • Aquarius: Arctic Monkeys
  • Pisces: Of Monsters and Men

to ͟escap̡e̶ ͡w͢hat'̀s ̢insid̕e̷ me͞ || josh || until dawn

 i. centuries // beach avenue ii. mad hatter // melanie martinez iii. gasoline // halsey iv. monster // imagine dragons v. death valley // fall out boy vi. control // halsey vii. these streets // bastille viii. the city is at war // cobra starship ix. nicotine // panic! at the disco x. bad blood // bastille xi. i’m so sorry // imagine dragons xii. transpose // bad suns xiii. howl // florence + the machine xiv. novocaine + the phoenix // fall out boy xv. let’s dance to joy division // the wombats xvi. bad intentions // digital daggers xvii. girls / girls / boys // panic! at the disco xviii. pity party // melanie martinez xix. polarize // twenty one pilots xx. flaws // the chainsmokers xxi. the kids aren’t alright // fall out boy xxii. shots // broiler remix xxiii. haunting // halsey xxiv. human // of monsters and men xxv. seven devils // florence + the machine xxvi. i’ll be good // jaymes young LISTEN


bellarke week: day 5. songs that you associate with them ┉ listen here or here

You are the hole in my head 
You are the space in my bed
You are the silence in between
What I thought and what I said
 You are the night time fear
You are the morning when it’s clear
When it’s over, your start
You’re my head and you’re my heart

the original wasn’t better - a mix of amazing covers

listen here