florence ballad

I’m Burning up a SunA RosexDoctor Fanmix

i. Cosmic Love - Florence + the Machine // ii. Ballad of a Weary Traveller - Halia Meguid // iii. Cornerstone (Acoustic) - Arctic Monkeys // iv. I Can’t help Falling in Love with You Elvis Presley // v. Dear Rose Halia Meguid  // vi. Falling Away with You Muse // vii. E.T (Cover) Christina Grimmie // viii. King and Lionheart Of Monsters and Men //ix. I will Follow you into the Dark -  Death Cab for Cutie // x. Kingdom Come Coldplay // xi. Cemeteries of London Coldplay // xii. Skinny Love Bon Iver // xiii. Undying Love - Two Steps From Hell // xiv. Hey Jude - The Beatles  // xv. Roslin and Adama Bear McCreary // xvi. Doomsday Halia Meguid