florence and the machne

the pleasure to b u r n | (listen
a mix for setting that fire and burning the world down;

i. dark doo wop - msmr | ii. make a move - icon for hire | iii. mayhem - halestorm | iv. everyone wants to rule the world - lorde | v. in flames - ghost town | vi. this is gonna hurt (acoustic) - sixx am | vii. dark in my imagination - of verona | viii. monster ( dot exe remix ) - meg and dia | ix. the devil within - digital daggers | x. eyes on fire (zeds dead remix) - blue foundation | xi. seven devils - florence + the machne  | xii. hit me like a man - the pretty reckless |


I know I’ve posted this before but I have to post it again. This song is so beautiful and just resonates with me at whatever frequency of emotion I happen to buzz at.

Playing and singing this song feels so wonderful even if I don’t really have the voice (and my chords aren’t perfect). There’s just a power behind the words that makes none of that matter.