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By the time she left school, she’d already written songs like `Kiss With A Fist’, and knew she wanted to make music but not how to go about it. So after a year working behind a bar she went to art school, making tents under the desk to sleep off her hangovers while trying to convince her tutors she was an installation.

It wasn’t until she wrote the haunting `Between Two Lungs’ that it all came together. Instead of percussion, Florence pounded the studio walls with her hands. She built the melody on the piano even though it’s not an instrument she knows how to play, and recorded the backing vocals first, before writing the top line. It’s bonkers and totally unconventional, but of course it is also glorious - a strange but yearning song about losing yourself in love. “I’d found my voice, and I just felt euphoric,” she recalls. “It’s been a real process of me learning that the way I wanted to do it was actually the right way.

—  How coming up with Between Two Lungs cemented Flo’s sound

Jill, 21yo poly lesbian, living in Boston MA but staying in Cape town (South Africa) for 6 months starting in July ‘17! It would be awesome to meet some people from capetown before I get there. Chat with me abt feminism, human rights, animal sciences, wlw in media, Steven universe, neopaganism, Florence + the machine, yr fave kind of rock, anything.

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