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He Didn’t Know

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This is for @impalaimagining​​​ 1K Followers Challenge. I chose the song-No Light, No Light-Florence + The Machine with the pairing Cas x Reader. I was also given the gif above, to use in the fic. 

Characters: Y/n, Castiel, Sam, Dean

Pairing: Castiel x Y/n (GENDER NEUTRAL READER)

Warnings: Fluff, happy memories, angst, character death, self hate, grief, loneliness, Cas being all sad.

Word Count: 2304

Summary: Cas reminisces on the one person he truly loved. If only he knew it at the time.

A/N: Ok, so this is basically all angst with fluffy flashbacks. But it’s basically a fully sad fic. I incorporated the lyrics in well, in my opinion. And the gif was also used in a certain part, so…I used everything I was give. Woohoo! And, I hope u like it!!

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Cas had once again saved the Winchesters.

God, he had to do so much. 

Had to lose so much for them.

But he’d do it all over again. Because they were the only family he had.

But that wasn’t always the case.


Cas once had someone else.

Someone before he had real emotions. 

Before he realized, not everything was black and white.

But he ruined that. 

He ruined it all.

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if you write johndave fanfiction or you’ve ever wanted to, and you’re like me and you like musical inspiration, i have some songs for you. :)


  • can’t help falling in love // twenty one pilots (cover)
  • the (shipped) gold standard // fall out boy | inspirational lyrics: “i want to scream ‘i love you’ at the top of my lungs, but i’m afraid that someone else will hear me”
  • umbrella // all time low (cover) | inspirational lyrics: “when the sun shines, we’ll shine together“
  • miss missing you // fall out boy | note: very good for things about alpha johndave and/or the three year journey
  • let’s talk about your hair // have mercy | note: very good for sadstuck, especially about the three year journey
  • collar full // panic! at the disco | note: very good for pure, wholesome fluff
  • 505 // arctic monkeys | inspirational lyrics: “but i crumble completely when you cry,” “i’d probably still adore you with your hands around my neck”
  • pacify her // melanie martinez | note: very good for fanfics in which one of the chracters is already in a relationship with someone, and the other character steals them and is very cocky (example: johnvris, where dave catches john’s attention and breaks up their relationship)
  • wasting time // halsey
  • r u mine? // arctic monkeys
  • two birds // regina spektor | inspirational lyrics: “i’ll believe it all, i won’t let go of your hand” + note: also good for johndavesprite, but works for either
  • st. patrick // pvris
  • holding on to you // twenty one pilots
  • froot // marina and the diamonds
  • gone, gone, gone // phillip phillips
  • mr. brightside // the killers | note: very good for cheating fics!
  • if my heart was a house // owl city
  • jenny // studio killers | note: very good for rule 63/fem johndave, but if you bend the lyrics the right way (trust me, i’ve done it before) you can use it for straight up johndave


  • trade mistakes // panic! at the disco | inspirational lyrics: “you can’t fly these wings, you can’t sleep in this box with me”
  • boats and birds // gregory and the hawk | inspirational lyrics: “if you be my star, i’ll be your sky”
  • holy // pvris | inspirational lyrics: “you’re just a ghost at most, a set of empty bones, searching for anything and everything to make you feel whole,” “you’re shallow and empty and filled with regret, i think your chest must be heavy from that cross on your neck, you only wear it ‘cause you’re weary of what comes next, after your death”
  • paint you wings // all time low
  • no light, no light // florence + the machine | inspirational lyrics: “no light, no light in your bright blue eyes, i never knew daylight could be so violent”
  • next year // two door cinema club
  • changing of the seasons // two door cinema club | note: also works fine for normal johndave
  • millennia // crown the empire


this certainly isn’t all of the songs i know that work as an inspiration, but this is some, and i hope it helps someone write!

remember, you can always ask me for more songs, and i will be glad to deliver. :)