florence and isa

Lungs is a garden. It’s a collection of different, but dazzling, masterpieces, a symbol of growth and childhood innocence and magic. Lungs is where faeries hide, where you can spend hours just watching the flowers grow.

Ceremonials is an ocean; great, dark, and sometimes terrifying. Death is an ever-present thought, but the strange beauty of it all is sublime. It gives you chills and somehow comforts you.

How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful is a storm. Emotional, raw, and deeply sad, it nevertheless carries a hopeful message. All storms end. They bring growth and joy when their wreckage ceases. And, even in the midst of the moss terrible ones, they can be enjoyed. This storm does not dance around its problems or drown them with alcohol; it dances, lets the rain soak them, knowing the sun will soon come out again, and perhaps a rainbow too.

Listen to Lorde’s “Green Light” Demo | Pitchfork
The most trusted voice in music.

“Green Light” was in part inspired by Lorde and Jack Antonoff going to see Florence and the Machine, they were inspired by the “physicality” of the pianist’s playing. 

More than likely Isa’s solo in Rabbit heart!

“I wandered everywhere, through cities and countries wide. And everywhere I went, the world was on my side.”
Roman Payne, Rooftop Soliloquy

Florence Welch: A Summary
  • 2009 Florence: lots of flowers, giggling, probably drunk or high, bright orangey-red hair with fringe, thinner, seems like she's kind of surprised to be famous, like "omg wow really you're interested in me? wow"
  • 2011 Florence: beautiful, dark vintage clothing, dark red hair without fringe, heavier music, more serious attitude
  • 2013 Florence: this is Downtime Florence. She is hiding in a hermit cave. She hasn't been seen all year. No, just kidding, this Florence is really hippie, loves flowers and literature and fur coats. Lots of Florabella action :)))))))
  • 2015 Florence: Orangey-blonde hair with bangs, no makeup, pantsuits, hipster triangles that probably mean something related to album three. Seems more like a grown woman than in previous albums.