florence the machine


Top favorite singer appearance 1/??? - Florence Welch

Music is my way out. I keep things locked up and never say anything. I guess in order to say something to one person, I have to sing it to a couple of thousand. It doesn’t make for healthy relationships

Story Time

So, in the last year since I discovered BTS, I very rarely listen to anything else other than kpop, For example, my SUV has a 6 disc CD changer and 3 are BTS, 2 are Got7, and one is EXO.  If I’m not listening to a CD, then I have my phone plugged in with a myriad of kpop songs.  cleaning my house, taking a bath, exercising, it’s all with kpop in the background.

So imagine my surprise when I turn on my radio for the first time in forever and a song actually catches my attention.

So, I’m going to suggest to everyone to listen to Florence+ The Machine’s song What Kind of Man.

It’s my first non kpop song that I’ve fallen in love with in a long time.!

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