florence & the machine. silver


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                                                  The waters turn from blue to red
                                                      As towards the sky I offer it 
              This is a gift, it comes with a price // Rabbit Heart - Florence+The Machine


                                         SEE I’VE COME TO BURN

                                   YOUR KINGDOM DOWN

                                                ﹙written by n.

🌹10 songs i’m vibin to🌹

mel, madison, and kello have all tagged me in this so here ya go

fun times in babylon - father john misty

lost coastlines - okkervil river

montezuma - fleet foxes

bravado - lorde

teenage feeling - neko case

sophie so - hippo campus

angela - the lumineers

the community of hope - pj harvey

silver springs - fleetwood mac

third eye - florence + the machine

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“I’m pretty obsessed with Stevie Nicks from her style to her voice. I like watching her on YouTube and her old performances, the way she moves and everything,”
- Florence Welch

Florence + the Machine performing Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain “at the Glastonbury Festival: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-IJYYrixqaI&feature=youtube_gdata_player Watch "Florence + The Machine - Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac Cover) (Live At St John At Hackney)” on YouTube https://youtu.be/VeW0KzCxywI

“they start that young?”
“i did.”

a mix about who natasha was and who she became link

тили тили бом - russian lullaby | aprés moi - peter gabriel | cain - cousin marnie | remain nameless - florence + the machine | 23 - blonde redhead | female robbery - the neighbourhood | yellow flicker beat - lorde | battle cry - imagine dragons | icarus - michael mccann | silver - the neighbourhood | seven devils - florence + the machine | dark doo wop - ms mr | we must be killers - mikky eko | blood on my name - the wright brothers | devil may cry - the weeknd | neptune - sleeping at last | this isn’t control - ms mr | once upon a december (instrumental) - anastasia | heavy flowers - blaudzun | elastic heart - sia | buy the stars - marina and the diamonds | natasha - henry jackman |

my life is hell. // a nathan prescott fst | art credit | [LISTEN]

o1. medicine // daughter | o2. unfair // the neighbourhood | o3. little pistol // mother mother | o4. purge // CLOUDEATER | o5. seven devils // florence + the machine | o6. bones // MS MR | o7. sleep // CLOUDEATER | o8. silver // the neighbourhood | o9. drink the water // eisley | 10. waiting for the world to end // mother mother | 11. winning // emily haines & the soft skeletons

“I’ll do everything in my power to assure that you don’t fall victim to your sins, even if that means I will  i n s t e a d.”

Listen here. Read Hellbound here.

Nothing and Everything - Red (x) // Resistance - Muse // This is Gonna Hurt (Acoustic) - Sixx:A.M. // Into the Fire - Thirteen Senses // War - Poets of the Fall // Victims of Love - Good Charlotte // Lose my Life - Papercut Massacre // World on Fire - Les Friction // My Demons - Starset // What Have You Done - Within Temptation // I Want You Here - Plumb // Star Sky - Two Steps From Hell // Nemo - Nightwish // Cosmic Love - Florence + The Machine // Shot in the Dark - Within Temptation // Silver Lining - Hurts // Still Worth Fighting For - My Darkest Days // Dance With the Devil - Breaking Benjamin // Monster - Skillet // Madness in Me - Skillet // Monster (DotEXE remix) - Meg & Dia

Also, check out these incredible AMVs by @liberty-flight for Hellbound <3

Thank you to everyone that submitted! This is probably the first of a few playlists because I’d like to do an instrumental-only one and more with other songs I received. These were the ones that inspired me the most.


Silver Springs, Fleetwood Mac Cover by Florence and the Machine at St John’s at Hackney for War Child.

ofdubiouslegality  asked:

Hey, Kate! I think I (hopefully) remember that you said you listen to the Mountain Goats' "This Year" on every New Years. Are there any other songs sort of in that same vein that you'd also recommend? (Like, new beginnings, kick life in the face, despite everything I'll still get through)

Mmm! I do listen to it, every January 1, soon as I wake up. It has yet to fail me. Nothing quite compares to it, but I do heavily lean on “Dog Days Are Over” by Florence & The Machine and “Silver Linings” by Rilo Kiley, as well as the song “I Can Do Better Than That” from the musical The Last Five Years.

“I love you, you belong to me!”
“No. People don’t belong to people." 

[[LOST GENERATION]] - #Slytherin [vol. II] g i r l s {listen}

// ICherry Bomb - The Runaways // IIPrimadonna Girl - Marina and The Diamonds // IIINew Romantics - Taylor Swift // IVLolita - Lana del Rey // V. Seventeen - Marina and The Diamonds // VINo Angels - Bastille feat. Ella Eyre // VIIBad Blood - Taylor Swift // VIIIThis Is What Makes Us Girls - Lana del Rey // IXBlinding - Florence and The Machine //

[vol. I]

[vol. III]

[vol. IV] silver-green romance


worth the fight [an angsty olicity mix] l i s t e n

i. “all i want” (kodaline cover) - ellie goulding; ii. “run” - daughter; iii. “soldiers” -ben howard; iv. “metal and dust” - london grammar; v. “dead sea”- the lumineers; vi. “all i need”-mat kearney; vii. “stay” (feat. mikky eko)- rihanna; viii. “over the love” -florence and the machine; ix. “silver coin”–angus and julia stone; x. “islands”-the xx; xi. “let her go” -passenger; xii. “corner of your heart”-ingrid michaelson; xiii. “chariot’s rise”-lizzie west; xiv. “home town glory”-adele