florence & the machine. silver

When Flint said there is “No Daylight” between him and Silver I heard Florence and the Machine’s song “No light, no light” in my head

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“in your bright blue eyes. I never knew Daylight could be so violent. Revelation in the light of day. You can’t choose what stays and what fades away. And I’d do anything to make you stay. Tell me what you want me to say.”

and I think it’s gonna be my song for SilverFlint now.

*continues crying forever*

I was sure there’d be time for us again

“but then you were gone. and time seemed finite again. and i was afraid.”  (art by monnbr)

Ocean of Noise - Arcade Fire / Long & Lost - Florence + The Machine / All of Me Wants All of You - Sufjan Stevens / My Silver Lining - First Aid Kit / Django - Buckingham Nicks / I Prefer Your Love - St.Vincent / Step - Vampire Weekend / No Children - The Mountain Goats

my life is hell. // a nathan prescott fst | art credit | [LISTEN]

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Silver Springs, Fleetwood Mac Cover by Florence and the Machine at St John’s at Hackney for War Child.