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2 years ago today Florence + The Machine released a music video for ‘St Jude’

Annabeth Chase /// Spotify Link

  1. Runaway / Bon Jovi
  2. Blue Monday / New Order
  3. Help I’m Alive / Metric
  4. Spiderwebs / No Doubt
  5. Don’t You (Forget About Me) / Simple Minds
  6. F.C.P.R.E.M.I.X. / The Fall of Troy
  7. Heads Will Roll / Yeah Yeah Yeahs
  8. Bulletproof / La Roux
  9. Fell In Love With A Girl / The White Stripes
  10. Dog Days Are Over / Florence + The Machine
  11. An Honest Mistake / The Bravery
  12. Poker Face / Lady Gaga
  13. Spiders / Night Riots
  14. Don’t Drag Me Down / Social Distortion
  15. What You Know / Two Door Cinema Club
  16. What’s Up? / 4 Non Blondes
  17. We Are Golden / MIKA
  18. Your Sword Versus My Dagger / Silverstein
  19. Under Pressure / David Bowie, Queen
  20. Jaded / Aerosmith
  21. Message In A Bottle / The Police
  22. Kool Thing / Sonic Youth
  23. Peace of Mind / Boston
  24. Connection / Elastica
  25. Under Cover of Darkness / The Strokes

Stranger-Ghoul’s list of “Musicians Everyone Should Check Out At Least Once” otherwise known as “The Shit She Listens to When She’s Not Listening to Ghost:”

Acid Bath
Aesma Daeva
Amon Amarth
Concrete Blonde
David Bowie
Dead Soul
Dir En Grey
Emilie Autumn
Florence + The Machine
In Flames
Malice Mizer
Mindless Self Indulgence
My Chemical Romance
Mystery Skulls
Nine Inch Nails
Neils Nielsen
Tori Amos
Type O Negative
X Japan
Zeal & Ardor

Music meme

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DIRECTIONS: You can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to! Put your MP3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle & list the first 10 songs, then tag 10 people everybody, no skipping (aka the drag yourself with your own music, savvy?)

1. Broken - Depeche Mode

2. Spieluhr - Rammstein

3. Spit it out - IAMX

4. Ice Machine - Royksopp

5. Death - Japan Suicide

6. Coming Down - Halsey

7. Mother - Florence + the machine

8. Your joy is my low - IAMX

9. Are we arc? - Trust

10. Runaway - Aurora

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The Signs as Florence + The Machine Lyrics

Aries: “Leave all your love and your longing behind. You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.” - The Dog Days Are Over

Taurus: “This will be my last confession. I love you never felt like any blessing. Whispering like it’s a secret only to condemn the one who hears it with a heavy heart.” - Heavy In Your Arms

Gemini: “The looking glass, so shiny and new. How quickly the glamour fades. I start spinning, slipping out of time. Was that the wrong pill to take?” - Rabbit Heart

Cancer: “Darling heart, I loved you from the start. But you’ll never know what a fool I’ve been. Darling heart, I loved you from the start. But that’s no excuse for the state I’m in.” - Hardest of Hearts

Leo: “Be careful of the curse that falls on young lovers. Starts so soft and sweet and turns them to hunters. A man who’s pure of heart and says his prayers by night may still become a wolf when the autumn moon is bright.” - Howl

Virgo:  “And I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t. So here’s to drinks in the dark at the end of my road and I’m ready to suffer and I’m ready to hope. It’s a shot in the dark aimed right at my throat.” Shake It Out

Libra: “No more dreaming of the dead as if death itself was undone. No more calling like a crow for a boy, for a body in the garden. No more dreaming like a girl so in love with the wrong world” - Blinding

Scorpio: “ You want a revelation, you wanna get it right. But it’s a conversation, I just can’t have tonight.” - No Light, No Light

Sagittarius: “And when we first came here we were cold and we were clear. With no colors in our skin til we let the spectrum in.” - Spectrum

Capricorn: “Gone are the days of begging the days of theft. No more gasping for a breath. The air has filled me head to toe and I can see the ground far below.” - Between Two Lungs

Aquarius: “ Rotting like a wreck on the ocean floor, sinking like a siren that can’t swim anymore. ‘Cause our songs remind me of swimming, but I can’t swim anymore.” - Swimming

Pisces: “And I’ve been taking chances, I’ve been setting myself up for the fall, I’ve been keeping secrets, from my heart and from my soul.” - Lover to Lover