florence machine

Strangeness and Charm…

Hydrogen in our veins, it cannot hold itself, our blood is boiling
And the pressure in our bodies that echoes up above it is exploding
And our particles that burn it all because they aim for each other
And although we stick together it seems that we are stranging one another…

Maybe one day I will do more with this, but I got fed up at one point with my tablet connecting and reconnecting. Argh. Need new cord. Also, their outfits are always changing… Because I like to experiment. 

What makes me feel witchy

This is my participation to @stonesandsigils great post (you can read a lot of amazing lists here)

  • the wind in my face by a sunny day
  • walking alone on the sea shores, hearing the sound of the waves
  • making charm bags and jars
  • CRYSTALS, being in a crystal shops, looking at the ones I have home
  • looking at the Moon
  • picking colors for the bracelets or jewelry I do, regarding their correspondences
  • walking in the forest, especially during the Fall
  • dancing on Florence + the Machine
  • playing with my tarot cards
  • reading witchy or tarot books
  • copying ideas from fictional novels for my witchcraft practice
  • writing in my grimoire
  • lighting candles and drinking tea
  • watching Witches of East End, Good Witch or Charmed

That’s what I can think of right now, but there is probably more haha

listening to vampire weekend makes you feel like a gay in a californian boarding school experimenting with your sexuality.

florence + the machines makes you feel like a gay dancing in the woods with your top off

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what are some good beronica songs!!

Alright girlies 

ivy by frank ocean (the beronica anthem) / fuck em only we know by banks / if i could change your mind by haim / friends by ed sheeran / single by the neighbourhood / cosmic love by florence + the machine / somebody else by the 1975 (i hate these annoying mfs but…a song!) / skinny love by birdy / undercover by kehlani  

In Final Fantasy XV, there are many difficult tasks and quests you can choose to complete.

Sometimes you need to bring down an entire military base.

Sometimes you need to battle a god to demand its power.

Sometimes you need to slay a dragon.

And sometimes you need to satisfy the game’s quota of product placement because those fancy summoning graphics, that feature length movie and Florence and the Machine don’t pay for themselves.

And finally, sometimes the voice actors just do not give a fuck.

because i love when things pass through the fandom

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Nicknames: Steph (i lowkey hate when people i don’t know/arent friendly with call me this though. You all have permission bc i like you guys)
Star sign: scorpio but i’ve got a lot of libra traits
Height: 5′5″ ish
Time right now: 11:04am
Last thing you googled: fifty shades of grey omfg ok i can explain
Fave music artist: mans zelmerlow, asbjorn, aquilo, florence + the machine, twenty one pilots
Song stuck in my head: ′with you in my head’ from the eclipse soundtrack
Last movie I watched: the notebook
Last tv show I watched: the walking dead 
What I’m wearing right now: sweat pants and a tshirt
When I created this blog: a few months ago, but i had my other twilight blog for about a year and a half, i just moved here so i could follow people
The kind of stuff I post: on this blog? just twilight pretty much. i have other blogs though for other content
Do I get asks regularly?: i wouldn’t say regularly but i don’t get 0 asks either
Why did I choose my url: because my last url was bcllaswan and i wanted to keep the Brand
Gender: female
Hogwarts House: ravenclaw
Pokémon team: no idea
Favorite color: right now i kind of like a pale green
Average hours of sleep: 6
Lucky number: 4
Favorite characters: rose hathaway, claire fraser, jon snow, bella swan, john grey
Dream job: don’t really have one
Number of blankets I sleep with: 1 sometimes 2

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Do you like florence and the machine? If so, have you listened wish that you were here? It is such a beautiful song!

For now I can’t say I have a particular favourite musician/band - I’m just listening to compositions I like. From Florence and the Machine I really love “No Light, No Light” song.

thank u @migohs for tagging me in the uhhhhhhhhhh ”shuffle ur itunes and list the first 10 songs”thingt 💝💘💗💓i’d die for you…..

SZA - warm winds (ft. isaiah rashad)

ludacris - grass is always greener

big sean - fire

death grips - three bedrooms in a good neighborhood

jay z - part II on the run (ft. beyoncé)

rihanna - loveeeeeee song (ft. future)

florence + the machine - spectrum

kendrick lamar - institutionalized

beyoncé - don’t hurt yourself

m83 - bibi the dog

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5 things in 7 categories

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5 things you’ll find in my bag (besides keys and phone): my “survival kit”, (which is basically a small compressed pack of tissues, pads, homostatic wadding, wet wipes for glasses, nail clippers and painkillers), MY WALLET, a bottle of water, an umbrella and a notebook and pen

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: my chair of clothes, my bookshelf, music sheets everywhere, my specimen of the family plant, at least one (1) pair of headphones

5 things I want to do in life: write a book (i’ve technically already written a novel, but you know, officially), study abroad, buy and refurbish one of the mansions along the river back home, find a life partner, watch florence + the machine live

5 things that make me happy: my family, SNOW, kindness, fictional happiness (i’m impressionable like that) and good music

5 things I’m currently into: braiding, naps, all for the game (i guess??), law school (seeing how i apparently can’t think of any other thing that i’m doing with my life)

5 things on my to-do list: cleaning, trying not to have a mental breakdown over our mock trial next week, paying my bills, doing this week’s seminar and figuring out how the heck i’m gonna smuggle home mom’s birthday present next weekend (i don’t have wrapping paper?? why would i???)

5 things people don’t know about me: what don’t you guys not know about me, i’m an Oversharing Mess™. well, okay, i guess. i’ve done one season of harness racing. i was systematically bullied by this one boy all throughout 1-4th grade. my great aunt has alzheimer’s. i’ve been a majorette (it’s… very different here in sweden.) i’m right handed! hardly a shocker, but i don’t think i’ve ever specified that before.

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nickname: Nat, Nats, Geini

star sign: Sagittarius 

height: 5′4 or 5??

time right now: 12pm

last thing googled: where to buy gameinformer magazine (I really want the march issue and their customer service has yet to get back to me after week asking to switch to physical copies :/)

favorite bands: BUMP OF CHICKEN, BOOM BOOM SATELLITES, Muse, UVERworld, Shiny Toy Guns

favorite solo artists: Sia, Utada Hikaru, amazarashi,  florence + the machine, Shiina Ringo, MIKA

song stuck in your head: that song from a Bollywood movie that I has been going around my dash again

last movie watched: just finished watching Tarzan on tv

last tv show watched: watching Law & Order: SVU now

when did you create your blog: I don’t remember exactly, 2013?

what kind of stuff do you post: I’m in video game mode rn since there isn’t a lot of good anime airing this season, so mostly Final Fantasy, Legend of Zelda and other jrpgs. but still some anime/manga, oh and cats~

when did your blog reach its peak: probably now since I started making edits again lol

any other blogs?: I have a music blog where I upload my fav ost tracks from vdeo games/anime/movies~

get asks regularly?: nah not really, I’ll be lucky if I get a couple if I reblog an ask meme

why you chose your url: because it’s the closest I will get to having a Aeris related url without butchering it too much

following: 382

posts: 84,708 (dear god)

hogwarts house: hufflepuff (I like that I’m not even HP that much and still know this lol)

pokemon team: I never played pokemon go but probably mystic because blue

favorite colors: sky blue

average hours of sleep: usually at least 7

lucky numbers: 27

favorite characters: Aeris Gainsborough, Link, Zidane Tribal, Ignis Scientia, Natsume Takashi, Mikleo, Edea Lee, Yuu Kanda, Hiei, Sakura Kinomoto, Hope Estheim, Kozume Kenma, Noa, Harle, Shin-ah, Kurapika, Yoshi, ROWLET, I’m gonna stop myself lol

what are you wearing right now: green polar bear pj bottoms, adventure time t-shirt and a dark blue hoodie

how many blankets you sleep with: 1

dream job: something in post production 

dream trip: currently trying to save up for a trip to Japan (just got my taxes back too so that will help!), also want to Scotland, England, and back to New Zealand sometime

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