Sala dei gigli, Palazzo Vecchio, Firenze, Toscana (Lilies Hall, Old Palace, Florence, Tuscany), Italy

The hall was designed in the 1400s to be frescoed with portraits of distinguished Florentine men, examples of civic virtues. Ghirlandaio, Botticelli, Perugino, Biagio d’Antonio, Piero del Pollaiolo were commissioned to paint the hall by the Lord of Firenze/Florence, Lorenzo de’ Medici (aka Lorenzo the Magnificent), but the only artist to carry out part of the work was Ghirlandaio “garland-maker”, Domenico Bigordi’s nickname; he was so called because his father was a creator of metallic headdresses for Florentine women.

The rest of the hall was decorated with French lilies, to honor France, protector of the Florentine state.

The hall is located in the Palazzo vecchio (Old Palace), still seat of the Mayor of Firenze/Florence.

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Ruin marble is a mix of limestone, iron oxides, and other minerals that co-mingle and randomly form shapes that look like crumbling skylines and the ruins of dead cities. The geological conditions needed to create these forms are rare, so most ruin marble is about 50 million years old and is mainly found near Florence, Italy. Source