floreal is grantaire’s friend who has shit taste in boyfriends and grantaire is like… floreal pls why and she’s like R if i confronted you every time you made a bad decisions… and R’s just like damn ok tru u got me there

Les mis RP

Yooooo! I’m part of a wonderful les mis RP group which is relaxed, chat style RP on chatzy. You don’t have to RP 100% of the time, we’re also chill if you’re popping by for a talk and basically its relaxed and chill (unless we’re rping, in that case, shit going down)

Note: Not gonna lie, our plots tend to be angsty af and usually contain some triggers, and so if angst isn’t really your thing and you don’t like being around it, this RP probably isn’t for you

Note 2.0: Members range between 15-21 in age, if this makes you uncomfortable please be aware. 

Characters we’re looking for 

  • Cosette
  • Marius
  • Feuilly
  • Joly
  • Floreal
  • Gavroche 
  • Gueulemer. 

Also a lot of the older none amis or patron minette characters are available (For example, jean valjean, Javert, Fantine ect) with the exception of the Thenardiers and Felix Tholomyes since they’ve been played in the past by existing members