Hey y’all, so I’ve been trying to keep this a secret, as it was my guilty pleasure, but now I just want to share with you all the amazing fanfictions I’ve read since my stay in this fandom. Just some warning bc, yea. They are M/M aka male/male fics so yea, you understand. There are boys together. Who kiss and sometimes more cough. Accept that. Also none of these fics are mine, the authors will be linked along with the stories themselves!

SO HERE’S THE WILD RIDE GUYS. Give them a try. These will be my ALL TIME favourite fics so. Quality. ((this is future Lucy hola, i’ve just realised that 7/10 fics are Taekook, soz, even though I’m low-key yoonmin biased it’s really hard to find good of them so yea.))

10. sountracks by maxx

  Words: 38,877
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Yoonmin l Yoongi-Jimin hOLY SHIT YES
  Summary: What Yoongi doesn’t say is this: “If only you knew, Park Jimin. Every song I write, and all the words I have to give, will always be yours.”(Or, Yoongi is a famous underground rapper from simple beginnings and Jimin is his hip-hop hating, exceedingly rich boyfriend). *it says smut but i cant remember so just putting it out there that it might have SMUT*

9. because fries and mixtapes by hoars
  Words: 6,644
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taegi l Taehyung-Yoongi
  Summary:  Yoongi works the graveyard shift at a fast food restaurant while trying to make it big. Taehyung has insomnia. 

8.  the moon and the stars (are nothing without you) by wowoashley
  Words: 19,179
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: based off the prompt: “Taekook college AU! The college tour guide raved about the uni’s friendly atmosphere and amicable student body, but wanted a high five from a cute student and all he got was a glare”

7.  it’s you and me (i know it’s my destiny) by florations
  Words: 10,334
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: Recipe to The Perfect Halloween:
1. Pokémon costumes;
2. Lots of candy;
3. The perfect friendAll of which seven-year-old Jeon Jungkook finds in nine-year-old Kim Taehyung.(Then they grow up, and it’s not quite the same anymore.) adorable fricking hell

6.  pick me up, buttercup by vppa
  Words: 9,272
  Chapters: 2/2
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: AU where your soulmate’s first words to you will be tattooed on your wrist when you meet.Which freakin sucks, because Jungkook’s forearm will now forever read “Hey baby, if you were a booger, I’d pick you first.“What the fuck, universe. FRICKING SOULMATE! AU YES

5.  maybe we’re all just fools by airplanewishes
  Words: 52,675
  Chapters: 1/1
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary:  Jeongguk likes to run. He’s never wanted anyone to run with him before. im pretty sure it took me like half a day to finish this but fucking hell it’s good. really good

4.  Cocoa Puffs by madigraye
  Words: 39,705
  Chapters: 4/4
  Pairing: Yoonmin l Yoongi-Jimin finally my bubs
  Summary:  Somewhere between fake basketball matches and even faker marriages, Park Jimin learns that camp is for fun, and summer is for butterflies.

3.  all the right wrongs by aeterisks
  Words: 34,132
  Chapters: 2/2
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary:  Jeongguk’s fate seems to have a name, and that name happens to be Kim Taehyung. I’m begging you get tissues before this. I forgot to notice that it’s angst so here’s the warning y’all. *IT’S FUCKING ANGST ALSO BEAUTIFUL, 100/100*

2.  Don’t Let Your Love Go To Waste by krscnl
  Words: 41,032
  Chapters: 2/2
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: Taehyung and Jungkook meet on Omegle.

1.   King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye
  Words: 47,430
  Pairing: Taekook l Taehyung-Jungkook
  Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. this is utterly perfect oh my god

+  Figuring It Out as We Go by peppermint_wind
 Words: 4,245
 Chapters: 1/1
 Pairing: Jikook l Jimin-Jungkook
 Summary: **Based off of Jungkook covering Troye Sivan’s, “Fools.” - “Jimin’s breathing begins to even, and Jungkook watches his chest rise and fall, steady and slow, like how waves wash up on Busan beaches.”

anonymous asked:

hi admins! I was wondering do have any like halloween aus since it is the spooky season 🖤

Furry Legs, Furry Tail by PinkBTS [Minjoon, T, 2.6k]

Ears by Usui [Jikook, E, 6.8k]

it’s you and me (i know it’s my destiny) by florations [Taekook, T, 10k]

i’m wasted on you by centurystorm [Taekook, M, 4k]

match made in heaven (or in hell) by aeterisks [Taekook, E, 8.5k]

Taehyung’s friends are assholes by foolishbangtan [Taekook, T, 16k]

Nothing to Fear by bagelswrites [Namjoon&Yoongi, T, 5k]

Why So Serious? by TheOrgasmicSeke [Yoonmin, T, 10k]

Friday Night Fright by WillowSong [Yoonmin, G, 2.9k]


- N


It’s been almost a month since our little Valentine’s Exchange ended. We hope that everyone who participated had a fun time during the whole shebang. For those interested, here is the masterlist of the fics included in the exchange! We don’t know if more are coming but it’s been…a month…. Remember to leave a kudos or a comment, maybe, to show your appreciation to the writers! ♡

Gods, Daddies and Fake Dicks by JungTaco for lostmyjungkook

Jimin comes to Earth in search for his idol, Thor, but unexpected things await for him here.

Will you be my Valentine? by CmiMiu for SugaTheTurtle

Everyone was always scared of Yoongi that he never thought he’d ever receive a Valentine.

But every year his locker is decorated with festive ornaments and a note stuck on Valentine’s Day asking him “Will you be my Valentine?”

The secret Valentine, however, never reveals himself.

take all of me (I just wanna be the boy you like) by dokidokiharahara (anewkindofthrill) for InfernalMCR

It is way too easy for Yoongi to deceive himself with how brightly Jimin smiles at him, with how Jimin sometimes just looks for comfort and warmth when he curls up next to Yoongi after being fucked for hours. In reality, the boy would probably pack his things and run as soon as Yoongi stopped paying.

“Okay. Do your job then,” Yoongi sneers and maybe there is a hurt look on Jimin’s face.

Unfortunate fortune by otpshots for onecupoftae

Jimin is an injured fisher. Yoongi is a kind shepherd.

Burning cold thief by otpshots for onecupoftae

Yoongi didn’t understand what was going on. All Jimin ever did was loving Yoongi.

love is vivid (no we’re not in love) by btsmemehoes for okaymin

when you drown, you don’t drown when you fall into the water, you drown by staying in.

and in retrospect, that’s probably how it all began.

after all, yoongi had never been great at staying afloat anyway.

i’ll be a gentleman (‘cause i’ll be your boyfriend) by yururin for offthebeat

Yoongi isn’t an easy man to surprise, but kisses out of the blue and sudden boyfriend proposals can do the job.

when i’m with you by sassyneki for sugabox

To Yoongi, the piano is a second home. He finds a third in Jimin.

say you’ll see me again, even if it’s just in your (wildest dreams) by skyshocksuga for coconutbutter

In a world where people dream of their soulmates in the eyes of their closest friend, it was safe to say that Min Yoongi never expected to dream about his soulmate in all his naked glory.

baby take my open heart (and all it offers) by jeogi for otpshots

Jimin didn’t know what to expect when he decided to take over Taehyung’s shift at the daycare for a month, but meeting his high school crush Min Yoongi definitely wasn’t one of them.


(or alternatively, 5 times Yoongi threw Jimin off guard, and one time the tables finally turned.)

It’s you (I need you) by Penjasin for skyshocksuga

Park Jimin wishes he wasn’t so fucking unlucky all the time. That way he’d never have ended up in class, getting his heat a week too early.

Cloudy with a chance of thunder by sayfever for ryeogi

Yoongi never believed in the marks anyways.

a long time coming by onecupoftae for parkjizzmin

Yoongi and Jimin announce that they’re getting married. Absolutely no one is surprised.

to me, you’re a masterpiece by softgot7 for realitygetsdestroyed

“van gogh who?” taehyung all but yells, throwing another overdramatic wink over his shoulder. “i only know park jimin.”
yoongi simply nods along in the background, grinning when jimin sends him a helpless look.
even as taehyung continues to shout declarations to the rest of the campus, jimin can’t help but think that if he ever became famous, he’d like for the world to remember yoongi as his muse.

And So Here We Go by Pretenditwasjustadream for babygotbaek

Jimin’s a matchmaker and Yoongi doesn’t need his help.


Say My Name by rosetintedhearts for sayfever

Jimin walks in on Yoongi moaning his name as he masturbates

rookie by realitygetsdestroyed for pandapressed

Yoongi looks up from where he’s been biting marks into Jimin’s skin. “How much do you want this?”

Jimin rolls his eyes. “I was just on my knees for you, I think that’s enough to say hey, I want you to possibly put your dick in me.”

Jimin doesn’t expect it when he feels a slap against his ass, making his dick leak even more. “Don’t get mouthy with me.”

“Maybe you should get mouthy with me, right?”

Baby Fever by ThePurpleStarfish for Pretenditwasjustadream

Min Yoongi is happy. He’s married to the love of his life, he has his health, his friends, and he’s making his way into the music scene. There’s nothing more he wants.

And then Jimin forces him to walk in the cold for groceries.

screenshots of youth by florations for softgot7

Yoongi and Jimin grow old together and make a home in each other.

Compathy by MauveTarte for dokidokiharahara (anewkindofthrill)

The world had a problem, and Min Yoongi did not want to be part of the solution.

(AKA: an ArrangedMarriage!AU a little different from the norm.)

Are You Scared? by rosetintedhearts for sayfever

“Are you scared?”
“Scared of what?”
“That you’ll fall in love with me”

Yoongi and Jimin partake in a game of 'Gay Chicken’. Jimin is convinced he is going to win no questions asked, naturally Yoongi is determined to prove him wrong and wipe that smug smile off of his face.

Clumsy Love by okaymin for kemosabe

Maybe it’s the snow, or maybe it’s the cold, but something changes in the air, and Yoongi isn’t really complaining.

off the mark (i found your heart) by lostmyjungkook for JungTaco

jimin tortures himself by walking into a valentine’s day fair with a broken heart and counts how many used cans he kicks out of sheer frustration.
aka the valentine’s day au where jimin and yoongi meet for the first time and actually kind of fall in love already

Inspired by you by kemosabe for maxx

Yoongi was a piano prodigy as a child, but after an accident in their teens forced him to be hospitalized, all of their passion seemed to disappear. Now, working on a cruise liner as a pianist, he meets Park Jimin, a very wealthy (and very bored) person who promises that he knows how to get the fire back into Yoongi’s piano playing.

fall, everything (i’ll always catch you) by lovelivesinthedream for jeogi

Jimin and Yoongi were adopted in to the same family, but they were always more to each other in their hearts. Not that they’d ever admit it to anyone, including themselves.

see normal people (we’re not part of them) by ziontea for btsmemehoes

Q: where do you draw the line between good and evil, law and criminal?
A: you don’t.

(In other words, Yoongi and Jimin live the happy married life during the daytime and play cops and robbers at night.)

Fanboying Should Be a Full-Time Job by pandapressed for sassyneki

Yoongi did not expect his first encounter with his idol to turn out like this. Yet there Park Jimin stood in front of him: wearing a really flattering pair of tight black jeans, silver hair fluffed to perfection despite not being styled, and dripping wet with a horrified expression on his face as everyone was shocked into silence by what Yoongi had just done.

let’s kick the tires and light the fires by MauveTarte for ziontea

“What—" falls out of Jimin’s mouth as he watches the man whip out a marker from his sweater pocket and, oh my god, deface the back of Jimin’s ticket. The very ticket Jimin was planning to, like, frame or something when he got back home.

(AKA: Novice business man Jimin may not know who this August guy is, but he does know he’s a complete fucking dick.)

hold me tight by coconutbutter for CmiMiu

When Min Yoongi speaks, he knows what he’s saying and he means it.

And he’s saying he hates Kim Taehyung. A whole damn lot.

(Or Jimin is jealous and Taehyung is not helping. At all.)

You’re All I See by SugaTheTurtle for Penjasin

When men come to Jimin and ask him their fortune or what he sees, he’s never afraid to tell them the truth. However, when the crown prince comes seeking the identity of his bride, Jimin can’t understand why all he sees in his future is himself.

color me blue

Pairing: Yoongi/Jimin
Author: florations
Rating: T
Genre: Soulmate AU, College AU, Fluff, Falling In Love
Summary: Yoongi lets his head drop onto the table with a loud thud, spitefully hoping that it bruises so his soul mate grows one on their forehead too maybe, and it’ll repel all the hot people wanting to give them the ass fuck. Maybe. Hopefully.

(It doesn’t.)

soulmate!au where both gets bruises at the same places

Admin Notes: i’ve never read a soulmate au with this trope before and it was done super well!!! i couldn’t wait for the second part to rec this. it’s so good. everyone loves a good soulmate au, and this one is really unique. please check it out :) 

Link: AO3

Don’t forget to leave comments and kudos!
admin nissi

fic rec!!!

ok so as some of u may know the 80% of my time spent on the internet is dedicated to reading fics (bts fics..im ashame..) and now that my ass has bookmarked more than 30 fics i thought it was time to do a fic rec :))) all of these fics are yooNMIN bc i hate myself but there are a couple with namjin and taekook, and taekook appears as a side pairing in some of the yoonmin ones. all of the links will take u to ao3 bc thats where i keep them saved more easily but i invite u to check my recs page where i have reblogged some awesome fics u cant find in ao3!! lastly almost all of them are fluffy!!!! bc angst makes me crY. also i would love if u guys could rec me fics u have loved n want me to read!!! thank u

Keep reading


lol hi
Remember that one time i said there was too much Taekook on my dashboard and it kinda made me want to make an actual taekook fanfic recommendation? 

It happened, look i have proof.

So yes, people, i am here to serve. And boy, i collected 30 frickity frackity fanfics. All pure quality, i loved every word of them and guys,,,, one of them made me legitimately cry. For 10 minutes. I’m not the crying type let’s just say that okay

oh and, none of these belong to me all the rightful owners will be mentioned next to the titles!! NOW ENJOY BYE

whatta man (good man) by aeterisks

Hickory by rix

- Rich Bitch by mindheist

- Cinnamon Crisp by teatimetaemint

- Catch My Eye by AwkwardBeansidhe

- your happiness is all that i’ll ever need by demiMisanthrope

- all the right wrongs by aeterisks

- King of the Library, Knight of His Trade by madigraye

- maybe we’re all just fools by airplanewishes

- pick me up, buttercup by vppa

- the moon and the stars (are nothing without you) by wowoashley

- it’s you and me (i know it’s my destiny) by florations

- don’t let your love go to waste by krscnl

- Our red scarf (keep me warm) by MirreRover

- chasing rollercoasters by florets

- canceled flights by voyages

- Call Me Tweet Me If You Wanna Reach Me by taekover

- All’s Fair in Coffee and War by expplipo

- Frooty Loopy by 010899x

- i’d give you some violets, but they withered by taehyuungi

- Love Will Always Be a Lesson (Let’s Get Out of its Way) by mindheist

- i just wanna stay in the sun by nikkumeul

- butterfingers by Batman

- Never Let Me Go by mindheist

- Hiraeth by haruguk

- Stuffed Drumsticks and Cotton Candy Kisses by jeonnifer

Alex look away I’m not kidding
- (thought you knew) you were in this song by expplipo
yup, this is the one that made me cry, have fun kids

- dating for dummies by sugasus

- come on, lattice bond by sassyneki

- maps to you by cosmostasis

;) you didn’t realise but here comes the 31th

- Will you be my Forever? by flywithtaetae (kimtaehyungs)

Sooooooo this is it. If you liked some of them or one of them (khm expplipo i’m kidding you’re a wonderful writer) made you cry you know where to find me. I love to suffer in groups and i especially encourage people to tell me about their suffering.

Here’s a list of some Christmas YoonMin stories no one asked for but everyone should read.

anonymous asked:

what's your fav taekook fic? also have u ever read a kfic? what are they like? I wish i could read and understand korean because I'm so curious what kshippers write about my otps from their perspective :(

it’s so hard to list out my fav ones because i have like 40 or so fics bookmarked to re-read on a weekly basis and they’re all so well-written ;__; but here are the fics that i re-read 3 or 4 times a week and fit my favorite types the most (in no particular order)

1. terrible things happen (sometimes, they save you) by mindheist 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: american horror story: coven, minor character death, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, hurt!me (i’m broken)

2. shark in the water by mindheist 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: merman, pure goodness, i’m broken again

3. celestial bodies by kkumkkatcher 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: deities & mythical beings, hurt!tae, i don’t remember if there’s hurt!kook, but there’s definitely hurt!me (i cried so much)

4. live by love (though the stars walk backwards) by FAF_Productions, kyukyuu (8/?) 🍑 🍋

au: fantasy, slavery, hurt!tae, basically everything in this list breaks my heart so much so hurt!me

5. six impossible things before breakfast by Kavbj 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: modern with magic / alice in wonderland, hurt!tae, hurt!me, friends to lovers, seokjin the mother hen

6. nyctophile by yuyurin (15/?) 🍑 🍋

au: fantasy, hurt!tae, hurt!me, jungkook is bad at feelings but he’s definitely whipped for tae

7. what do you fight for? by flywithtaetae 🍋

au: high school (school delinquents), hurt!tae, hurt!me, enemies to lovers, jungkook is a little shit (he’s annoying but it’s because tae’s hot)

8. hustlers by tbz (24/?) 🍑 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋

au: gamblers & gangsters, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, thank you author i cried a heap

9. can we be friends? by QuadeNomen (34/?) 🍑 🍋

au: high school, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, friends to strangers to friends to lovers, everyone is hurt including me, this makes me sob and cry every :-) single :-) time :-) i re-read :-)

10. mutual friend by kkumkkatcher (22/?) 🍑 🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋🍋

au: assassins & mobs, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, enemies to lovers, i had to stop reading for a bit and rolled on my bed crying at chapter 9 & 10, hence hurt!me

11. find the way home by foolishbangtan (6/?) 🍑 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋

au: fallen angels & hunters, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, new fav!!!, honestly this is so good you’ll regret not reading this

12. insanity love by waltzformula (3/?) 🍑 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋 🍋

au: angels & demons, hurt!tae, bamf kook, i wish i can unread this so i can read over and over again

13. broken wings by AnonymousXJWIFE (6/16) 🍑 🍋

au: fallen angels, hurt!tae, hurt!kook, ughhh i’m thrilled to see what happens next

14. cuz in a sky full of stars (i think i saw you) by wowoashley 🍋

au: office (boss & employee), hurt!tae, jungkook is bad at feelings (and he’s a little shit)

15. forget me by arabellarosebts 🍋

au: high school, hurt!tae, memory loss, enemies to friends to lovers, i don’t usually enjoy fluff but this one’s an exception

16. oh, for the love of god by florations 🍋

au: gods & goddesses in modern setting, oblivious!tae, jungkook is bad at feelings, lots of crack but then there’s angst

well i think i’m gonna end it here or else this will continue to #40 ;-;

i do read korean fics, although not quite often. the fics i read are mostly the one submitted to 국뷔전력, it’s kinda a community where they post the themes for each week and authors & fanartists will choose one theme and submit a fic/fanart to them. i especially enjoy the 75th week’s themes, there are ‘nightmares’, ‘devils’, ‘evil spirits’, ‘ghosts’, ‘villians’. it was like heaven… sometimes i read from here too. don’t expect a lot of difference because from what i read, they’re just like english fics, there’s barely difference ;u;

anonymous asked:

Can you link some of your favorite soulmate fics? (Preferably Yoomin, Vkook or Namjin but anything is fine)

- color me blue by florations; bruising-in-the-same-places au
- atlas by allthefeels; compass soulmate au
- speak to me by noonatha; with mute!yoongi
- electric love by smolwoozi; abo mashup with soulmate au
- like a tattoo by minsugafree; tattoo au (shocker)
- off all the hues, i chose you by silentterror; hair colour au
- our own little infinity by pomepanda; soulmate timers
- dearest soulmate by puddlesofme; clock on ur wrist au
- will you be my forever? by flywithtaetae; countdown au
- your eyes are blue (exactly my kind of hue) by taleofatub
- still-waking sleep by cedaris; compass au
- pink princess by bulletproofv; hair colour au
i don’t know why there are so few of namjin ones when those two are arguably one of the most soulmate material…

- red by resonae - yoonjin, red string of fate
- color ring by jisoos - yoonseok; hair colour au

here is a past compilation of newer soulmate fics as well. enjoy
- admin nissi

jiminnie-pabo-yooniverse  asked:

Hello~! Can you kindly suggest me some yoonmin or jikook soulmate AUs? 😊

you bet I can 😊

- color me blue by florations
- too close to the sun (i fell for you, i always do) by yourdietsoda
- electric love by smolwoozi (littlenoona) 
- colours by starjay
- if we touch hands, will i lose you? by softnugget
- atlas by allthefeels

- guy-liner by wontaek
- my love for you (oh, how it reeks!) by wontaek
- longing: a yearning desire by nahe

bonus (yoonkook) 
- i know i’ll fall in love with you baby by witheredleaf (micooled) (probs one of my all time favourite soulmate aus tbh)

some of these are older so i hope you find something you havent seen before! 

-  admin s

a-artemis  asked:

Hello! I love your blog btw! Anyways, do you know any bad boy!kook fics? And fics with yoonmin as the side pairing? Thank you, in advance! x

bad boy guk

I Won’t Fall (in love with you) by taeharem - “You have to promise not to fall in love with me.”

you and me, we’re bumper cars by syugaflake - “The more I try to get to you, the more we crash apart.” After a myriad of mistakes committed in his leather jacket with a cigarette between his teeth, Jungkook finds himself exiled to his aunt’s house in a quiet, faraway town for the summer. Nothing much goes on at the neighbourhood; or so he thinks, until he meets a boy with sunset-coloured hair named Kim Taehyung.

Our Red Scarf (Keep Me Warm) by MirreRover - Jeongguk is trouble. Taehyung likes trouble a bit more than he probably should. Just don’t tell Jimin about it.

you can leave a toothbrush (at my place) by wowoashley - i just can’t let you go
you give me something i’ve never known
so baby you don’t have to rush
you can leave a toothbrush
at my place

Mama called me destructive (said it’d ruin me one day) by eclairdeluxe - In a realm of destruction and deceit, Kim Taehyung is the closest thing he comes to understanding love.

did you use protection by awsuga - prompt: ‘a rumor started that we slept together and I don’t even know you but I want to put an end to it oh wait you’re really hot.’

All I Want (Is Nothing More) by lethallergic - “Okay, but really, you would look so hot driving in a Lambo.”

Learning To Love by RainyDays26 - After an encounter with his favourite singer Jungkook, Taehyung is left with a crushed heart and cynical attitude. But when Jungkook loses everything, by some twist of fate, Taehyung is the only one who can help him. Begrudgingly, Taehyung helps Jungkook and he soon learns that sometimes the only one who can fix your heart is the person who broke it in the first place.

I can take you Places you’ve Never Been Before by Vkook_trash - ‘This isn’t a cut, Jungkook. This is a stab wound. You need stitches.’ ‘Then stitch me up.’ Or Taehyung is a medic student who finds his life mundane. Jungkook is the sexy, fearless bad boy that Taehyung wishes he could be. They form an unlikely relationship, and Jungkook brings him on top of the criminal empire. Drama ensues between the two contrasting personalities. Well, opposites attract, Taehyung guesses.

After Me, The Flood by Shnivals - Taehyung’s an enigma, and Jeongguk just wants to understand. Or Jeongguk tries to save Taehyung, and falls hopelessly in love during the process

side yoonmin (because there are mass amounts of fics with taekook and yoonmin, I’m definitely narrowing this down, but you can always go here and look through all of our recs that have yoonmin lol)

change my world (you’re the sunlight in my universe) by yururin -Jungkook is an artist who likes drawing on the cafe’s freedom wall. Taehyung sees his drawings, and falls in love. Featuring Jimin as the 100% done wingman, Yoongi as the possessive boyfriend, and Seokjin as the sassy mom.

The Adventures of BTS (Barely Trained Superheroes) by blurrylines - Super Heroes Academy AU. Seven different boys each possess a unique Power, to be trained and controlled within the classrooms of the Academy. In a surprising turn of events, the unlikely group of boys must work together to overcome the greatest threat to their Academy and all they believe in.

Of clueless mates and stupid best friends by Chihiro - Taehyung somehow adopts a wolf and finds himself a possessive stalker at the same time. Jimin is 500% done with everything.

This Is The First Day Of My Life by internetpistol - “If you want to be with me, you need to be honest with yourself and fucking tell me!” “I’m not good at that, but can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?“

Unit: Bulletproof by Shiny0ne - Kim Namjoon, Min Yoongi, Kim Seokjin, Jung Hoseok, Park Jimin, Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook are all a part of a special agents unit where they are all specialist in a certain form of weaponry, as well as being masters in the art of hand to hand combat and espionage. Life has not been easy for these boys, each one of them with a dark past of their own that lead them to entering a Special Operatives Forces where they were to all eventually meet. Now, they are all a part of a group that needs each and everyone one of it’s members in order to function. When they get assigned a human trafficking case in Daegu, the boys must go undercover and put all of their training to the test. The bonds of friendship and family will be tested as they are pushed to their limits to try and solve this case. Some will be brought together while others will be pulled apart. Will they prosper or will they all go down fighting?

Feel Me by SevenSoulmates - Taehyung never asked for this. This gift that was more like a curse that damned him to a life of confusion, never knowing if what he felt were his own emotions or somebody else’s. He never asked to become an Empath, to be be Bestowed. Now all the emotions in and around him were taking over his life and driving him to the point of insanity.

Too Hot (Hot Damn) by snowmoney - It was actually kind of funny, because if Taehyung wasn’t such an incompetent cook he wouldn’t have set his apartment on fire, and if he hadn’t set his apartment on fire, he wouldn’t have met the love of his fucking life. AKA Taehyung nearly burns down his apartment and Jeongguk is the firefighter that saves him.

Learning To Love by RainyDays26 - After an encounter with his favourite singer Jungkook, Taehyung is left with a crushed heart and cynical attitude. But when Jungkook loses everything, by some twist of fate, Taehyung is the only one who can help him. Begrudgingly, Taehyung helps Jungkook and he soon learns that sometimes the only one who can fix your heart is the person who broke it in the first place.

oh, for the love of god by florations - What could go wrong with falling in love with your best friend? Not a lot, to be honest. That happens to people all the time. But what if said best friend is the God of Love and you’re the God of Death? Then A Lot. A Lot of things could go wrong. Or conversely: What the fuck, Jeon Jeongguk.

wanna be loved (same love as you) by sugacravings - Taehyung needs a heat buddy so he hires an alpha off Naver.

I Don’t Hate It If It’s With You by JemKay/galaxyfxn - Taehyung stresses over whether or not Jeongguk will ask him to prom.

Carthage must be destroyed by bootaeful - Jeongguk is the son of one of Rome’s most important men, a respected centurion in his own right. But he finds himself weakened in the face of one gorgeous, golden-skinned slave boy from the far east. Taehyung just wants to return home, but he has begun to accept his new life in Rome, partly due to a kind domina who was from his homeland. Now, he has her son to answer to.

got a question or request? check our tags page first to see if what you’re looking for is already there, or use the search bar on our blog! if you don’t have any luck with that, feel free to send us an ask^^

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Could you please please tell me the best bad boy Yoongi's fics? As many as you can. Thanksss

So your looking for some Bad Boy Yoongi fics? I hope these help.

I hope you enjoy these.

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blog önerisi?

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can you recommend any fics which are non-au so like canon bangtan setting and the pairing are like secretly dating/getting with/crushing on each other and the other members find out??? preferably pairings involving jimin like jikook vmin yoonmin etc but could be any pairing really. i just like reading abt how the other boys would react idk

consequences of a night out drinking by wortmalerei
jump by jikookie - inspired by run bts eps 9
a few strings attached by yassan - fwb au
strip you, dip you, flip you by kimhanbin
take my hand (take my whole life, too) by polkari seuta - the joking around stops being funny
08. far away you were made in a sea by markerlimes - magical realism in canonverse 
we’re just lost stars by aegyofairy
two of us on the run by florations - non au drabbles
atlas by allthefeels - soulmate au meshed with canonverse 
give love by ddugeun - just… pining
let’s get going by gangbang - kim taehyung could’ve lived his whole life without knowing that jimin owns a dildo
just one day (and i want to spend it with you) by nieljoee - time loop in canonverse
that’s (m)ass appeal by shrdmdnssftw - five times bts walked in on jimin riding taehyung; i think this one fits your description the best lmao

seongshil by shikae - yoonseok
like everybody else by shikae - junghope (jungkook/hoseok)

i just collected some non-au fics i could think of so they don’t all have members finding out per se but i did my best
- admin nissi

anonymous asked:

hi nissi! i've just finished reading all the king's men by annafeu and i really really liked reading her version of jimin a lot, he was so smol and kind and sweet ;-; as a jimin stan i kind of wanted to die when i finished it so i was jw if you can rec me any other fics with a similar jimin (btw i've read all ur previous recs on btfr with smol!jimin already so it would be rly awesome if u could rec some newer ones if u could?) thank you so so much!!! ily <333

yeah ofc here is my old compilation with cute jimin
- you don’t bring me flour by superbroc; jikook
sugar, we’re going down swinging | the slytherpuff relationships are the best series by aborescent; jikook
- boy you belong to me by rapmonstsr; jikook
- marry you | tattooed heart by chxmchim; vmin | yoonmin
- (need) a little sweetness in my life by heyhosam; jikook
there’s sunshine in your smile by stardustandblackholes; yoonmin
- love me divine by voseok; minjoon
mysteries and dictionaries by claybunny; vmin
- flower talk by soranosuzu; jikook
speed it up so we can slow it down by kingenjolras; yoonmin
hugging this heart close by meowgi; minjoon
- don’t think, don’t speak, just smile for me by ragi; jikook
- out of your arms (i’m out of my mind) by loveisnotover; yoonmin
- puppy love by error401; minjoon
- leave before the lights come on by jungtaeh; yoonmin
- of dogs & men by anon451; minjoon
listen to my heartbeat (it’s calling you at its own will) by poplolli; jikook
- the scent of borrowed comfort by heungtansonyeondan; minjoon
- you left this here by roxasjinsei; jikook
- sunshine boy by infires; yoonmin
i can hear your heartbeat (it’s not as loud as mine) by florations; yoonmin

anonymous asked:

thank you for all the recs, you guys are amazing. I am currently very into mythology fics, I have just finished Like Honey and Grenadine, do you guys have more recommendation? or something like percy jackson au will be nice also? thanks xxx

yep! we have god/demigod tae and god/demigod jungkook tags but I’ll go ahead and make a list of everything I can find^^

Jeon Jungkook and the Bulletproof Half-Bloods by Mirabelle - One week after he moves to Seoul, barely-fifteen year old Jeon Jungkook almost gets eaten. Twice. In the same day. Or: Jungkook discovers that he is quite literally a Greek God–or half of one, anyway–and that it’s really not what it’s cracked up to be.

hey cupid has shot my heart by heytaetae - taehyung is the son hermes. jungkook is the son of ares. jimin is the son of aphrodite…and is also 101% done with both of them.

Blooms of the Pomegranate Tree by merelypretty - Taehyung was born into nature. As the God of spring, he is destined to give life back to the earth, spending his days making the flowers bloom and the meadows flourish. All his life, he’s been convinced that the Gods of the underworld can only mean disaster; they bring death in their wake, which completely contradicts the work he puts forth in order to keep things alive. Still, he finds no reason that he can’t get along with Jeongguk, who is nice despite the deadly world he was born into. Your origins don’t define you - this is what Taehyung believes. It’d be so much easier if their parents thought the same. (Or: The Persephone/Hades!au that no one asked for)

oh, for the love of god by florations - What could go wrong with falling in love with your best friend? Not a lot, to be honest. That happens to people all the time. But what if said best friend is the God of Love and you’re the God of Death? Then A Lot. A Lot of things could go wrong. Or conversely: What the fuck, Jeon Jeongguk.

Give Me Your Hands (I Will Pick the Stars for You) by mindheist - I miss you like the moon misses the sun, destined to chase you until the end of time.

forever is a tangent by astringxnt - in which Taehyung is a keeper of the past, and Jungkook only chases the future.“I don’t think I will ever find the words to describe the anger, the devastation; it swallowed me up from the inside out, killed me right where I stood as I listened to your breathing slow to naught, until there was only static.”

in the land of god and monsters by umji - “Poseidon wrote to me last night. He has been threatened by Oceanus.” Phorcys continued, drawing Taehyung’s attention back to the topic at hand. “And he wants our help.”

Celestial Bodies by kkumkkatcher - Be my sun,
and I’ll be your moon,
and together, we can watch the stars.

my tears that fill the ocean by AleenaAR - “The sea, once it casts its’ spell, holds one forever in its net of wonder” - Jacques Yves Cousteauin. which Jeongguk is offered as tribute to the god of the sea.*Based Upon Japanese Mythology

NightBreeze by makotot - (Poses)

anonymous asked:

Gosh, I catch up this time,, admin-nim I just rlly rlly needed the newest yoonmin fluff fic<kinda already read almost everything in AO3> pls pls pls Thank youu ~~~~

i gotchu:
- leave before the lights come on by jungtaeh
strobelight gospel by anonymous
chain me up, baby by eungdabhara
one, two, kimchi! by coconutbutter
repaying the favour (you’re my lifesaver) by widerhallen
- tattooed heart by chxmchim
need a little sweetness in my life by groovystars
- things that should be self-explanatory (but sadly, are not) by gacrux
- head over heels by indigobluez
- i scream you scream (gimme that gimme that ice cream) by tinycloverheart
(seventh) time’s the charm by bamook
body language by awsuga
- i can hear your heartbeat (it’s not as loud as mine) by florations

- admin nissi

anonymous asked:

Hey you've probably already gotten this question but I'm wondering your top few super fluffy yoonmin fics. I was reading some super heart wrenching stuff lately so I need some fluff I hope you can help! Love your Account btw you guys are amazing!!!! <33

- up all night (to get my luck) by cyphers; college au 
- i’m glad you’re my first (first for everything) by heukhaneul ; pure utter fluff
- all the ones and zeroes by infires; thrift store au
we pass in front of a flower shop (and i catch the scent of roses) by groovystars; flower shop au 
- color me blue by florations ; soulmate au wip
- i don’t even know you by k506rl ; wrong number au
- white clouds and blue skies by bulletproofv ; soulmate au
- two sugas please by mucha; coffee shop au

also check out the fluff tag! i just named some newer fluff yoonmin fics i could think of i dont have a definitive list of faves, but these are good i promise
- admin nissi