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I'm in need of some good sastiel fics. Do you have any recs? :)

I do! Mostly AUs, as I tend to veer away from canon fics, but there are a few!

Box Turtle Lane (23.5k, incomplete) floralstiel
Summary: Sam just moved into the same town as his older brother, set with a new job and a crappy apartment but he couldn’t complain. He liked the neighborhood, especially a certain street called Box Turtle Lane. Why? Because a witch lived there, and if there’s one thing that Sam knew for certain, he was the best thing that ever happened to him.
I think floralstiel/gachichubbs left this one incomplete with her move from the fandom, but I really, truly love this fic. It’s worth the read just to feel some of the magic, there aren’t a lot of sastiel fics out there like this one.

Plant Pathologists vs. Zombie Lawyers (7k+, PG13) scaramouche
Summary: Castiel just wants to do his work. Sam bothers him by existing.
I love this fic. Cas is an entomologist for the Winchester farm and Sam is an exhausted lawyer and I love it all.

Against the Stream (16k, explicit) dedougal
Summary: Sam has a lot to deal with - his brother, his dad, his crush on Castiel. However, joining the swim team offers him a chance to prove himself and to make a name for himself. It only gets harder as he gets older though.
I love high school pining and swim teams so there’s not much to not like here.

This Is How It Will End (781, teen) lucian
Summary: Discoveries and non-linear time.
This reads like a poem and it’s short and sweet. Canon ficlet.

Strange and Beautiful (31k, explicit) remivel
Summary: Even at 11 years old, Sam could tell. Could see that Cas liked him, but not as much as he liked Dean, and could see that Cas will never look at him the way he looked at Dean. It bothered him. For he had never been jealous of anything his brother had. Never. Until Castiel walked through their door. Fast forward 17 years into the future, Sam, now 28, had just landed a job as an associate at Milton Adler, one of Manhattan’s largest law firms. He was ready to impress his new employers and start making a name for himself as a lawyer, except he soon found out that his new boss was none other than Castiel, his brother’s high school best friend and Sam’s first love.
A well done lawyer fic and long term pining to die for. I think I’ve read this one multiple times and I never get tired of the transition of Sam’s innocent first love to when they meet again.

Professor!Cas & young dad!Sam (tumblr au fic) redriverrunning
A lot of fluff, but it isn’t meaningless fluff. It’s sweet and dad!Sam is a weakness.

The Catcher in the Pie (7k explicit) anonymous
Summary: Dean gets a job at a bookstore after getting fired, and Sam develops a huge crush on his boss.
Wonderful banter, ends a little fast with the smut but it’s hot and I forgive it (hah). Background debriel that I’m not into, but it doesn’t go into specifics so you never really see it.

Oh Glory (i think i see you ‘round the bend) teaboytoaliens
Summary: A soul searching road trip is a good idea in principle, and Castiel appreciates Sam’s effort. He just doesn’t want to die of sexual frustration before he even graduates high school.
It’s like snapshots of two best friends that are in love with each other and finally getting to show it.

Two-Legged Mussel Picker (4k, explicit) de_nugis
I don’t know how to describe this other than, true-form sex reimagined, and Cas is more like a landscape than the Chrysler building.

So, I was going through floralstiel’s art tag when I came across the “draw your favorite character in your current outfit meme” and well… I was suddenly hit with the irresistible urge to draw Cas in the pajamas I’m currently wearing, so I doodle this very quickly.

I would say I’m sorry but it’d be such a lie.