Hi guys! Here it is, my back to school follow forever! The summer holidays are coming to an end and school is starting again soon so I thought it was about time that I did another follow forever. This follow forever includes 101 of my most loved blogs along with my 9 current tumblr crushes, (my biggest yet). Thank you all for making my dash so lovely, I don’t think i’ll ever unfollow you guys and as always, my favourites have been bolded!

Jade urls:

✿ alwaysjadey, ameliathirlwall, greathirlwall, jadecurlwall, jadedrunk, jadetie, jadethirlward, jesusjade, nanite-jade, nudejade, thirlbabe, thirlboob, thirlheart, thirlhell, thirliewhirl, thirlily, thirlqueen, thirls, thirlsgirl, thirlwall, thirlwife, thlrlwalls, versacejade ✿ 

Jesy urls:

✿ fckingjesy, frecklejesy, gorgejesy, huggingjesy, japanjesy, jesicanelson, jesynation, jesynelsonurl, jesynudes, jesysalute, jesyscute, jesythirls ✿

Leigh urls:

✿ barbiepinnock, floraleigh, ieigh, leighcurves, leighmited, leighsbian, leighsmile, leighvevos, lelghpinnock, pinncock ✿ 

Perrie urls:

✿ floraledwards, hellaperrie, isperrie, jadoreperrie, ofperrys, peerrie, perrae, perrayes, perrey, perriedust, perrieedwards, perrieeele, perriehipster, perriemove, perries, perriesangels, perrieslut, perriethepooh, snowqueenperrie, soperrie, totallyperrie ✿

Little Mix urls:

✿ awlerrie, chermix, jdaesy, leiqhade, lerries, litlemixeslittelmix, mixerprince, naughtymix, pesykink, pocketpesy, radmixer, rhyth-mixers, wowlesy, yaslittlemix ✿  

Other urls:

✿ caradelvig, coachellash, damncara, dangcalum, fuckboyneymar, fullythot, gayforirwin, hatesharry, jadelust, lickniam, macclifford, mlchael, neilhuran, nialhs, ofneons, poshspcie, sextingclifford, singlesophia2k14, stripsliam, thscripts ✿ 

Tumblr crushes as of 01.09.14:

✿ littelmix - 4%, japanjesy - 4%, jeszerrie - 3%, twinksniall-deactivated-20140315 - 3%, thirlbabe - 3%, pesykink - 3%, barbiepinnock - 3%, floraleigh - 3%, jesynelsonurl - 3% ✿

I’m sorry if you weren’t included or if I missed anyone out, I follow 162 amazing blogs so be sure to check out my blogroll and good luck for the new school year!

Previous follow forevers:

spring - summer  fifth  winter  halloween  end of summer  summer (1k celebration) 

hola! So it’s been more than a year I’ve had this blog on tumblr dot com ! So I’m celebrating by having my second follow forever!! And uh yea I tagged all of you ! xx

Jade urls

jadecurlwall, thirlwallrs, whyjades, thirlzwall, thirlwank, thirldollz, thirlvalls, jadejpg, thirlweed, thirles, jadehatesmonobrows

Perrie urls

dizzyperrie, pinksperries, edvrds, babyperrie, ofperrie, fairyperrie, floraledwards, perrieson, perriescum, perriedust, perriehipster, perriemove, perrie-winkel, perriepanda, isperrie, perrieste, withperrie, gotperrie, perrlie, ofperrys, edwads

Leigh-Anne urls

 saluteleighs, leighbian, goddessleigh, lelghpinnock, boobleigh, ofleighanne, adoreleigh, pinncock, leighmited, waffleigh

Jesy urls

nelsunf, gorgejesy, jesynation, nelsonators, jessicanelson, jesy-nelson, frecklejesy, fckingjesy, jesyscute, bangjesy, jesicanelson, junes14th

Little Mix urls

ofleighades, jadesie, leiqhade, chermix awlerrie, fiestymix, ofsalutes

One Direction urls

seductivelou, fuksniall, fthoran, craicking, kissedhoran, zerrey, szouis, nllhoran trojanpaynes, masturnialling, niallsdicks

5SOS urls

californiacals, slayclifford, hoodcalvm, ashtonirdicks, luke5sex, astonirwins, calumoxide, adoreableashton, lashtones, cliffichael, ashickey,

Other fandom urls

gemmastlys, rapunzils, selmgomz, teenagdicks, starredjack

** Special thank you to the lovely fleursharry for making this beautiful edit! **

Hey! So wow … I actually can’t believe I have made it a year on this blog. When I made this blog, I had no idea how this was going to go. A year ago I never planned that I’d be where I am. A year ago I would never have pictured seeing me go as far as I am, or even the fandom. When I joined this fandom back in early 2013, it wasn’t exactly the biggest. There couldn’t be more than like 50-ish FULL Little Mix blogs. Sure there were ones who posted them occasionally, but not really. I decided that my love for these girls had been big enough to make my own blog.  And that’s what I did.

When I made this tumblr I was welcomed with open arms. You guys were the nicest people I’ve ever met. I can’t remember exactly who I talked to, but all I know is that I loved being in this fandom already! I ended up making loads of new friends and I started to actually gain followers. It shocked me especially since all I did was reblog things ( which that’s still all i really do now lmao ). 

Then as time went on I went from thirlywalll ( if you remember that url then wow you’ve been here with me since the stone age! ) to Pinncock as I’m known now. As I say this I just want to send out a thank you to that one host of GMA for messing up Leigh Anne’s name … I kinda owe you one!

And as I grew so did our fandom. The girls had made their way over the states and even had a record breaking debut album!! Way to go girls!! As their success grew so did the amout of mixers!

There were tons and tons of new mixers coming into the tumblr fandom and I was so happy! Now there’s thousands of you on here and its amazing. 

Now that my blog’s turned a year old I just want to thank you guys. Perhaps this is cheesy, but you guys do mean a lot to me. All the friend’s I’ve made. All the people that follow me. You’ve made my time on this site enjoyable. I guess this is a little thank you for being with me for this long. 

Here is my one year follow forever!! ( sorry if I mess up on your url. I’ve got over 300 blogs to put on here lmao )

External image

jthirlwell , valenthirls , bumblyjade , thirlvalls, jadethrls, jadethlrwall, bluethrilwall, missthirldoll, drunkjadeisfun, thirlshake, jadesyeah, thirlwife, thirlie, bigtimejade, -wowjade-, thirlflowers, jadeemix, jadeswagwall, jadejpg, jadesie, thirlyeah, wreckingthirls, thirlwallo, jadeguar, thirlzwall, jadethirlys, thirlhell, nanite-jade, thirlwaell, vougewall, moanjade, thirldollz, thirlwallokay, thirlock, jadehatesmonobrows, thirvvy, tinythirlwall, adorewall, punkjade,  ofjadeys, thugwall, jadescannonball, ilythirlwall, waltjadey, akathirlwall, cartoonjade, thirlboob, jdaethirlwall, thirles, thirlweed, thirlily, thirlsgirl, greathirlwall, thirlbabe, thirlwallflower, mr-bows, bowtie-jade, thlrlwalls, thirlwallrs, jadeamellia, thirliewhirl, thirlvato

External image

jesynclson, bootyminda, dreamjesy, jesysquad, jesycola, morejesy, jesynelsonurl, tattooedjesy, fabulousnelson, divergentjesy, jxsynxlson, jesyurl, jesysalute, yesjesy, jesycurves, powerjesy, jesybitches, teacupjesy, jesy-nelson, jessicanelson, fckingjesy, jesyenelson, jesytits, jesyunf, jesynation, cheekynelson, jesmindas, bangjesy, frecklejesy, nelsonators, jesybabe, nelsonation, damnjesy, foreverjesy, wowjesy, snogjesy, princessjesy, huggingjesy, gorgejesy, cupofnelson, 

External image

perrielouiseedwards,dearperries, perreelouise, perries, edvrds,edwads, perrie-eele, eprrie, blazeperrie, perriewow, perriepanda, curlyperrie, perrieedwards, floraledwards, goldperrie, blueberryperrie, queeenperrie, perrietoxic, perrieedwadrs,totallyperrie,  crystalperrie, perriemove, pezzwvrds, perriefect, peekabooperrie, perriescum, perriemafia, perrieson, snowqueenperrie, perriestripper, perrieee-le, ofperriee, stoperrie, screwperrie, perriesicle, perrlie, perriehipster, dammitperrie, withperrie, fairyperrie, heiperrie, perrieswinkle, perrae, ofperrys, kittenperrie, perrieste, perrieslut, perriedust, okayperrie, holyperrie, perriesbabes, amorperrie, shinebrightlikeperrie, pezzcakes, perriesangels, perrieedvards, perrieemix,perrielouiseed,  perriezs, perriesmitten, isperrie, mademoiselleedwards, cuperrie

External image

leighstripper, bileigh, lxighanne, cleightoris, pumpkinpinnock, leighscannonball, pinnockalicious, goddessleigh, holidayleigh,ieigh, lelghpinnock, eroticleigh, arcticleigh, painnock, totallyleigh, seeleighnow, leighfairy, nacholeigh, goldpinnock, leighmonade, tattooedleigh, leighbian, crayforleigh , pinnowcks, leighmited, leiqhannepinnock, leighplz, infinileigh, boobleigh, leighisrihanna, omfgpinnock, pinnockes, cosmicleigh, leighsbaes

External image

lerriesparks, howyacryin, flylittlemix, ofjerrie, littlemix-news, wannamoves, radmix, fyeahthirlwards, littlemixbitch, rhyth-mixers, littlemcix, lmaojadesy, pocketpesy, alittlemixofstories, loveleighjesy, yaslittlemix, lattemix, aus-littlemix, ofsalutes, pezzanelson, holyleighade, mixerprince, jadesie, mixersqueen, sexlerrie, jadeyperrie, sexualmix, awlerrie, jdaesy, fiestymix, jerrienation, wowlerrie, rhythmixvevo, mixersbian, littlemixurl, leiqhade, jerrieplease, rhythmixers, naughtymix, chermix, aboutheboi, southsheild, lerriesistible, itreallygetsonmyboobs

External image

popunkmikey, frickshoran, calumvevos, lookslikehecansurf,payneum, ofneons,capploucino,  shutsup, finnsnelons, nieilhoran, 1dteam, mainheaux, niallishungry, recklesszouis, fall0utzouis, literallymylifechoices, femzerrie, hanahsnowdon, drakeandrihanna, calumansi, louisbeckham, laurenjauregei, boyfriendcal, zerrey, szouis

Soo sorry if I misspelled your url or put you in the wrong section or if I forgot you. To be honest by the time I got to the Perrie urls I kinda lost track lol. Also sorry about the sucky edits. They kinda just got worse and worse. Anyway here you go. :)

-Amanda x

HIIIII alicia here! I’ve decided to make a follow forever since I’ve discovered so many more fabulous blogs and it was also time for another one. This follow forever is a little different, there are messages for certain urls. The list isn’t all of the people I’m following but about over half. Since the end of may, i had been starting this follow forever, but i couldn’t think of a good edit to do up until yesterday. This is basically my way of just saying thank you for sticking with me through non lm posts and others if your blog is from a different fandom. I’ve met so many friends throughout my almost one year of this tumblr, and I can’t begin to tell you how thankful i am for everyone on this list, and all of my followers. i love you all so much, now for the follow forever!


Leigh urls; cleightoris - cosmicleigh - leighstripper - pinncock -pinnockes

Jesy urls; cupofnelson - fckingjesy - jesyenelson jesy-nelson -jesytits - nelsonation

 Jade urls; akathirlwall - greathirlwall -jadeamellia - jadecurlwall -jadehatesmonobrows - jadelust - jadesie -jdaethirlwall - thirlbabe -thirlboob - thirldollz - thirles - thirlhell - thirliewhirl - thirllsy - thirlwank - thugwall

Perrie urls; amorperrieawwperrie - babyperrie - dizzyperrie -fairyperrie - floraledwards - hellaperrie - omgpezza - perrae - perriedust - perrieedvards - perrieeele - perriehipster - perrielouiseed - perries - perriescum - perrieslut - perrieste -perriewow - perrlie - pinksperries - purpleperrie - rosyperrie

Little Mix/Ships/Other Urls; 45cent - admireharry - angelprincesa - awlerrie - cuphaz - diannagrons - fourmixes - grace-blood - jdaesy - laurenjauregei - leiqhade - littelmix littlemixurl - mixerprince - naughtymix - okziams - sarihaim - szouis - wannamoves -zaynalprobe - zaynmalif


Hii guys so i recently reached 500 followers and decided to make my first ever follow forever. Lol I tried to make it as 4th of julyish as I could. Sorry if it’s crappy. I don’t have the best editing skills..

My fav blogs are bolded ((:

Perrie blogs

amoperrie amorperrie awperrie babyperrie blazeperrie curlyperrie cutiepez edwads fairyperrie floraledwards hellaperrie isperrie jadoreperrie kittenperrie letscutieperrie ofperrys okayperrie omgpezza pearey perrae perrie-winkel perriecannonball perriedonna perriedswards perriedust perriedwardsurl perrieedwards perrieeele perriefect perriehippie perriehipster perrieisqueen perrielouiseed perriepanda perries perriesbabes perriescum perriesicle perriestripper perriewow perriezs perrlie punkrockperrie rosyperrie shinebrightlikeperrie soperrie stoperrie strawperriejam strawperriepie totallyperrie withperrie

Jade blogs

biscuitsbowtiesbraces cannonwall cartoonjade jadeamaelia jadedrunk jadeemix jadehatesmonobrows jadeliciouss jadethirlywall jadeythirl jdaethirlwall ohthirwall passionjade pizzajade poopythirlwell punkjade thirlbabe thirlboob thirles thirlhell thirliewhirl thirllsy thirlmoan thirls thirlwallers thirlweed thirlsgirl thrls thugwall thurlwall waltjadey whyjades -wowjade-

Jesy blogs

jessicadont jessicanelson jesy-nelson jesynlson jesynudes jesysalute jesyscute jesytits nelsonators teacupjesy wowjesy

Leigh blogs

adoreleigh boobleigh bronzegoddessleigh cosmicleigh exoticaleigh floraleigh holeighgrail leighfairy leighmonade leighsquad leighstripper leighvevos lelghpinnock ofleighanne okleigh pinncock saleighte

Jerrie blogs

edwardzandthirlls fyeahthirlwards jadeyperrie liljerrie

Pesy blogs


Leighade blogs

leiqhade lieghade

Lerrie blogs


Little Mix blogs

fierymix litlemixes littlemix-news littlemixbitch littlemixbrat littlemixchickx littlemixer littlemixmixers lttilemix naughtymix rhythmixers rhythmixvevo salutelittlemixers wittlemix

Zerrie blogs

femzerrie malikftedwards zerrey


bayviewstyles cas3closed chikfillou howsyoudoin kalder ofsalutes

I’m really sorry if i missed anyone. I love you guys lots :) Thank you guys for making my dash interesting and making me laugh literally all the time ily. -jess

hello friends, i havent done this in a while so here is my FALLow forever. thanks for making my dash great and making sure i live in 1d/lm’s asses all the time!!

these aren’t in any order lmao soz if it takes you 3 years to find your url

leighaween kisspersziam daddysheeran multi-grain-sheerios edsheeranisinspiration holysheerios stripmichael faulloutboy snappleluke

rnullingers niallersscuddly okpunks aumuke leighsquad irwinpvnk singlesophia2k14 tupacshakor godzain zavadd leighqueen fuckboyneymar

liamsquad hrryswag harryslilbun harrysbuttplug punkmaliks zaynisgod zedmalik rapunzils missyounights jesybabe gayforjade dani-el-pez

louistommoscum uniplusteddy jesynclson pezzabam jesyvibes perrieislovely littlemixbrat calumsblonde perriesmakeup jadedrunk trickormix hellaperrie

smuttyscribbles wannamoves itreallygetsonmyboobs howsyoudoin perriesicle thirlgasm jadelust sasshtonrwin camboycalum 5secum

exoticaleigh lmaopissoff perrielouiseed perries zourryoffic haroldfucks ofneons yaslittlemix babyperrie purplesperrie missthirldoll floraledwards

pezzabum fifthhoromony jessicanelson thirlshine punk-lil-poet queershereen baesiclouis chermylittlebrat leiqhade pinnockalicious

jadeguar looistomlin daanielasm foreverwith5h cuperrie jadeinglasses fairyperrie larrehs deliveryboyliam niallkink pumpkinspiceniall edwads

haleighween strawberrylerrie jdaesy thirlqueen jade-o-lantern wowlesy pinnowall fullythot perrieslut snowqueenperrie arcticleigh fabnialls

ridingthecliffoconda txmlinsass goldpinnock jesysalute barbiepinnock waffleigh leighmited damnjesy cheekynelson fyharrys naughtymix

isperrie perriepanda perrae thirlhell henderwall bluejades bicepspayne uhmpezza purpleperrie nudejade jadehatesmonobrows soperrie

leiqhannepinnock lloydmonk withurlove playacher kissmelou have-you-met-larry jesynudes perrieste

listing all of these urls took me two hours aka ily a lot


first of all excuse this edit  but hi so basically i go back to school in a couple weeks and i met a lot of nice people over the summer so i thought i’d make an updated follow forever. bold means i think and hope we’re pals and italicized means i don’t think im worthy enough to be your pals bc you’re super cool.


17wwa 420normani 78cm adoretroye aftercares allaboutthethirlwall ameliaflux angstlarry ashtoniwir awlerrie babyperrie barbiepinnock batmobile bewbies biscuitsbowtiesbraces bootyminda bowtiejade breakburnandends calumvevo champcgne chipotleigh cmilacbello cockmeats cosmicleigh damnjesy demilvatos 


earthtojauregui emojijesy emojileigh enchantedpezz equaleighty eroticleigh exoticaleigh fairyperrie floraledwards floraleigh freckleigh freshprincessed frickshoran fullythot gangstamix gayforjade gayforleigh genderfluidlouis geordiejade girlbandsrule girlpowers halleighlujah hawtyhoran holyleighade howsyoudoin intextual irwinsdicks isperrie itsjustinsbieber


jadeameliasbadwi jadedrunk jadeemix jadehatesmonobrows jadelust jadesparka jadethirlward jadetie japanjesy japanthirlwall jdaesy jesusjade jesymix15 jesynudes jeszerrie kayascdlarios kinksmatty kittenperrie larrystylnson lastsforevers leatherjesy leighmited leighsbian leighsfro leighsquad leighvevos leiqhade leiqhannepinnock lerrieeelee liamkillem  lilstressed llouteasdale looistomlin louisneedsaspanking louteadsale lubepaste madhouseperrie moanzayns monicalewinskys nacholeigh naughtymix nelsonators nilacniall 


o5sos obviousleighh ofneons okayperrie omfgpinnock omgpezza oyemichael payneum pedwardsplanet perriedust perriefect perriesicle perriestepersonalititty pesykink pesypalace pezzabam pezzabum pinncock pizzajadepopsiclifford promnite purpleperrie queenjerrie queerperrie radmixer realniallhoren redplanetjesy rgnltbst ripzouis


saluteleighs samenouis sexualeigh sharpaypal shereencuntkelvin slayselenamarie snowqueenperrie snowthirlies softlouis2k14 sophasmith starsdancez stlles strawberriewine stylesstopthat tattooedleigh theboyfriendsclub theprettyrekless thirlboob thirlgasm thirlhell thirlqueenthlrlwalls thsfrays tittaye ughhniam valeightines voldemichael waffleigh withjelena  


yaslittlemix yesjesy zayn2k14 zaynalprobe zayns1d zaynsthottie​ zerrie-bitchesoh zjvmalik zouislayn zouispotyacht

if you’re one of my pals and i forgot to put you please tell me and if i didn’t put you on here don’t take it to heart i’m not cool at all so yeah have a good rest of the summer and if you already started the new school year keep slayin’ out there

Hello lovebirds! Here’s my summer follow forever I meant to post like a week ago. I’ve been busy & finally have time to type this all up. Squee! These aren’t in any order btw. I’m too lazy for that. Hover over yourself for a special message <3 xxx AND I’M SORRY THEYAREN’T LINKED I SERIOUSLY LINKED ALL OF THEM THEN ACCIDENTALLY HIT THE UNLINK BUTTON AND IHATE MYSELF UGH BUT I STILL LOVE YOU

+Biggest Fans (I love you tulips)
vintagecolorsofshine, jadeashtonjashton, kateemil, ateenagerlifee, perrielouiseedwards, just-you-bb, onceuponamix

+Tumblr Crushes (#fangirling)
littlemixaremyheroes, jadehatesmonobrows, dizzyperrie, jesicanelson, perrieslay, jxsynxlson, awwperrie, fairyperrie, salutelittlemixers, jadeemix, shinebrightlikeperrie,nelsonators, zayns-turtleneck

+Perrie URLS (love my perrie gals)
isperrie, screwperrie, gotperrie, kittenperrie, edwads, babyperrie, straighthairperrie, perrieste, perrlie, perriesangels, remixperrie, snowqueenperrie, perriedust, floraledwards, amorperrie, blueberryperrie, perrae, perriesbabes, perrieedvards, perriepanda, withperrie, purpleperrie, perrielouiseed

+Jade URLS (jadey jadey say hey-d what)
thirlhell, waltjadey, thlrlwalls, jadesie, rainbowjade, thirlock, biscuitsbowtiesbraces, vougewall, thirlily, thugwall, cannonwall, ofjadeys, jadecurlwall, jdaesy, thirlwallrs, thirles, thirlwallflower

+Leigh-Anne URLS (yall is precious)
lelghpinnock, pinnowards, ofleighanne, cosmicleigh, pinncock, saluteleighs, leiqhade

+Jesy URLS (mammacita ayyyyayayyaya)
jesycouture, jesysfairy, jesysalute, jesynlesons, jesying, foreverjesy, cupofnelson, nelsonators, jesyunf, bangjesy, foreverjesy, jesysbabe

+Little Mix URLS (my babes)
mixerprince, littlemixbrat, sexualmix, mixersbian, itreallygetsonmyboobs, stereosoldier, littelmix, littlemixbitch, littlemixurl

1D URLS (i have a 1d blog and thats why i follow u weyhey)
britainspayne, uhlirry, szouis, wreckinglou, flaminglou, britishpunks, indiestyles, styzles, pvnkliam, narrysouls, hstuyles, zayns-turtleneck

Other URLS (you are all lovely)
mannonminnie, mermeds, lukes-boo, cookiesporn, gimmedacliffaconda, chermix, pinkrihanna, junes14th, 17gay, princessgrimmy, lovespotions, laurenjauregei

And anyone who follows me, or even just looked at my blog once, it really means a lot to me. It’s nearing my blog’s 2 year anniversary, and some of you have been here since the beginning. So thank you all. I know I don’t have as many followers as some of you do, but I’m so thankful for the followers I have. I love all of you. If you’re reading this, I love you. If you aren’t reading this, I still love you. 

Have a lovely day xx


First off, thank you to EVERYONE who is following me. You all rock. There’s some of you I’ll never unfollow because you’re awesome


Aida x Espe x Tessa x Jelke x Kriszti x Sarah x Mary x MichelleNatx Savanna x Shannon x Mat x Michelle x Yulia x Barbs





cannonwall x jadeamellia x jadeguar x jadescannonball x moanjade x thirlbabe x thirlboob x thirlfab x thirlflowers  x thirlhell x thirlwank x thirlwife x thrls




fingeringjesy x jessicanelson x jesy-nelson x jesybabe x jesycurves x jesyenlson x nelsonationnelsonators x teacupjesy 






leighmited x omfgpinnock x pinnowall x waffleigh




fairyperrie x floraledwards x gotperrie x isperrie x ofperrys x pearey x peerrie x perrieedvards x perrielouiseed x perriencess x perriesbabes x perriesicle x perriete x perriezs x perrlie x pezzabam x rosyperrie 






ben-andjerries x fierymix x jadesie x jadeyperrie x jerrie-thirlwards x jerriebitchesss x lerriepedwards x lerriesistible x littelmix x littlemixmagic x mixerprince x oflourrie x pandjscurry x wowlerrie 

New Girl Blogs:

adoringzooey x allmilleredup x deschanel x fuckyeahjakemjohnson x jakesjohnson x jesscamiller x markjakesjohnson x newgirl-all-day-son x newgirlthings x obnessive x schmidtsburg x toomuchchemistry x winnie-the-bish x ya-ninny 

One Direction URLs: 

inniall x l0uisvuittomlinson x liamfcuk x lourrynavy x noharrys x okziams x snugzain x zaynmaliksvevo


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Sorry if I forgot anyone or misspelled an URL! 


So Wednesday (4/30) is my birthday and I know I already made a spring follow forever but that was shit so heres a nice one:

(If there’s a * by your url it means sometimes/most times youre a dick to me but i still love you anyway.)


lukelisten payno2k14 ughhniam


zerriesextape 1975boner 78cm ayniall clean-shavenlouis cowtitjuice* genderfluidlouis* h8zayn kalder* larrymorelikeno liamkillem sanasgf* sharpaypal thirlhell timetravelerlouis ughrwin zaynalprobe**** zaynscreditcardnumber gaydirectioner zerrienor dumbledores nilacniall glitterlourry breakburnandends hazyzayn zjvmalik palvlins jadelust boobpain juhweed thirlboob frickpal punksgirls vodkaswift magic-jelena ashtoniwir equaleighty payneum


angryniall arrabellas besideyours fairysland fvckcalcum hawtyhoran ofwhatevers sinziam stickyhorans sweethaerts tylerhecks lizzyspeedy flanneljesy floraledwards jessicanelson fvckszen mcfenty jesyurl leighisrihanna jesy-nelson topharry2k14 sexualeigh jadeemix woahlittlemix thirlwallpinnock wank-stain pinncock perriefect dreamjesy fingeringjesy leighmonade jesus-jesy oflary nacholeigh dazzling-gomez boobleigh obviousleighh babyperrie crayforleigh cleightoris thirlwall lovespotions withjelena jadesbae semiever fairyperrie salutesalute liamsquad o5sos snowqueenperrie starsdancingwithselena brithdays bieberyourballs swagonsel itsjustinsbieber leighbian gayforleigh dearsmarieg leiqhade ofjerrie jadesie jdaesy thirlwank nothingfeelslikejerrie naughtymix fierymix femzerrie clvnklein payneum thirlflowers wreckingthirls unfselenita theboyfriendsclub jesynelsonurl starsdancez jelenashipper britishpunks 17lt pandjscurry harryshardnipples ben-andjerries littelmix cosmicleigh moanjade vougewall nelsonators ofleighanne littlcmix 


lemme know if i forgot anyone!


In honor of summer I thought I would make a follow forever. I’m sorry if I forgot anyone!


adremeri ; ashtonirdicksawlerrie ; awwperrie ; babyperrie ; behindhermusic ; biscuitsbowtiesbraces ; calmaussies ; chipotleigh ; coolemojis ; cosmicleigh ; cuperrie ; cupofnelson 


damnjesy ; dizzyperrie ; fairyperrie ; fckingjesy ; fifesauce ; floraledwards; fratboyluke ; fratmix ; goddessleigh ; gorgejesy 


isperriejadejpg ; jadesie ; jdaesy ; jesybabe ; kittenperrie


leighmited ; leighstripper ; leiqhade ; littelmix ; littlemixurl ; moanjade ; nelsunf ; niallsdicks ; ofleighades ; ofleighanne ; ofperrys 


perriehippie ; perriehipster ; perriemove ; perriencess ; perriesbabes ; perriescum ; perrlie ; pezzabumpinncock ; sexualmix ; stoperrie


thirlbabe ; thirlboob ; thirlhell ; thirliewhirl ; thugwall ; withperrie 


so in the honor of valentines day i decided to make a follow forever actually i dont care a lot about valentines day i just wanted to do a follow forever. these blogs are my favorite blogs that i follow, includes both friends and people i have never talked to before. i probably forgot someone bc i always do :( also i love all blogs that i follow and also everyone that is following me but i cant put you all on a list so here is my favorites :D xx

♡ leighsmile ♡ thirlboob ♡ huggingjesy ♡ lerriepedwards ♡ waffleigh ♡ bellepinnock ♡ perrieedvards ♡ snowqueenperrie ♡ thirlvalls ♡ jesybitches ♡ nelsonation ♡ fckingjesy ♡ gorgejesy ♡ gotperrie ♡ eevrdeens ♡ akathirlwall ♡ perrielane ♡ pearey ♡ disneyjade ♡ thirliewhirl ♡ thirlhell ♡ leiqhade ♡ leighmited ♡ thirlwooll ♡ ofperrys ♡ leighpie ♡ perriezs ♡ floraledwards ♡ wowjesy ♡ mixersbian ♡ jesyenlson ♡ fierymix ♡ perriehipster ♡ perrlie ♡ moanjade ♡ amorperrie ♡ cosmicleigh ♡ mixerholick ♡ jessicanelson ♡ pinncock ♡ rhythmixers ♡ thirls ♡ lovedrnk ♡ nelsonators ♡ thirles ♡ littelmix ♡ ohjadeamelia ♡ holyperrie ♡ leiqhannepinnock ♡


So I’ve had this blog for a year now, and I wanted to make a follow forever to say thank you to all these amazing blogs for making my dash 10 times better. (I’m so sorry if i forgot anyone)

•  Jade urls

bigtimejade, biscuitsbowtiesbraces, flirtyjade, geordiejade, greathirlwall, jadehatesmonobrows, jadescannonball, jesusjade, masturjadetion, punkjade, thirlfab, thirliewhirl, thirlmoan, thirlock, thirlshine, thirlsvevo, thirlwife, thlrlwalls

• Perrie urls

edwads, floraledwards, hellaperrie, isperrie, ispezza, kittenperrie, perfperrieele, perrayes, perriedahling, perrieedwards, perrieee, perriefect, perriel, perrielouise, perriemove, perriepanda, perriesicle, perriesinc, perriesmitten, perriezel, pezzabum, punkasspezza, salutepez, withperrie, weirdoperrie

• Leigh-Anne urls

barbiepinnock, gayforleigh, goddessleigh, godleigh, holeighgrail, ieigh, leighandpinnock, leighfairy, leighsbian, leighsmile, leighsquad, leighvevos, leiqhannepinnock, nacholeigh, pinncock, pinnocake, saluteleighs, seeleighnow, sexualeigh, snapbacksleigh, tattooedleigh, totallyleigh

• Jesy urls

cheekynelson, fabulousnelson, fuckinjesy, jesy-nelson, jesyhoney, jesysalute, jesyscute, jesyunf, jesyvibes, princessjesy, royalsnelson

• Little Mix/Sismances

awlerrie, holyleighade, fiestymix, howsyoudoin, itreallygetsonmyboobs, japanjerrie, jeszerrie, leiqhade, lerrieeelee, litlmix, littelmix, littliemix, loveleighjesy, lttilemix, naughtymix, pesykink, wannamoves, wowlesy

• Others

bigmaliko, brrruna, camilas-wings, daddyashtonkink, fullythot, haroldfucks, neeymar-jr, neymarbles, ofbrasils, ofneons, pezzacabello, primeveerden, sofavibe, thirlegui, wavybrazilian, zoesuggtbh

Hi guys! Here it is, my spring-summer follow forever! This follow forever includes 57 of my most loved blogs along with my 9 current tumblr crushes! Thank you for all making my dash so lovely, I don’t think i’ll ever unfollow you guys and as always, my favourites have been bolded!

Jade urls: 

✿ greathirlwall, jadelust, moanjade, thirlbabe, thirliewhirl, thirlily, thirls, thirlwall, thirlwallo, thirlwife, thlrlwalls, valenthirls ✿ 

Jesy urls:

✿ bangjesy, gorgejesy, jessicanelson, jesynelsonurl, jesybitches, jesyenlson, jesysalute, jesytits, jesyurl ✿ 

Leigh urls:

✿ adoreleigh, crayforleigh, ieigh, leighsmile, pinncock ✿ 

Perrie urls:

✿ fcukpez, floraledwards, goldperrie, gotperrie, ofperrys, perrae, perrie-edwards, perrieedwards, perriehipster, perriemove, snowqueenperrie ✿

Little Mix urls:

✿ aboutheboi, fierymix, jadesie, jdaesy, leiqhade, litlmix, littelmix, mixerprince, ofsalutes, radmixer ✿ 


✿ 420micky, caradelvig, damncara, neilhuran, ofneons, ofziams, poshspcie, seductivelou, stripsliam, teaseirwin ✿ 

Tumblr crushes as of 25.05.14:

✿ thirlwallo - 4%, jdaesy - 4%, twinksniall-deactivated20140315 - 3%, thirliewhirl - 3%, thlrwalls - 3%, jesynelsonurl - 3%, jadesie - 3%, thirlbabe - 3%, ofziams - 2% ✿

I’m sorry if you weren’t included or if I’ve missed anyone out, I follow 128 amazing blogs so be sure to check out my blogroll!

Previous follow forevers:

Fifth  Winter  Halloween  End of Summer  Summer (1K Celebration) 

since school is starting soon i thought i would do a follow forever. i’m sorry if i forgot anyone! you guys are amazing!


4secondsofsummer ; adremeri ; anzelgort ; awlerrie ; awwperrie ; babyperrie ; behindhermusic ; bigtimejade ; biscuitsbowtiesbraces ; cheekynelson ; chipotleigh ; coolemojis ; cosmicleigh ; cuperrie ; cupofnelson ; cvddlycal


daddyneymar ; damnjesy ; earthtojauregui ; fairyperrie ; fifesauce ; floraledwards ; floraleigh ; fratboyluke ; fuckboyneymar ; geordiejade ; gorgejesy 


isperrie ; jadethhirlwall ; jdaesy ; jesusjade ; jesynation ; jesyselfie ; kattdenings ; kittenperrie


leighcurves ; leighsquad ; leighsrocker ; leighstripper ; leighvevos ; leiqhade ; leiqhannes ; littelmix ; littlemixurl; missthirldoll ; moanjade ; naughtymix ; niallsdicks ; nudejade ; ofperrie ; ofperrys


perrae ; perriehippie ; perriehipster ; perriesbabes ; perrieson ; pezzabum ; pinncock ; saluteleighs ; samenouis


thirlbabe ; thirlboob ; thirlhell ; zaynalprobe ; zoesuggtbh