Dani and I have decided who’s in our Squad! what days better then Pez’s 21st Birthday to pick?

The following Mixers are in! (No order, you are all lovely)

The Squad:

We want to thank all of you who participated and know that we will add in the future.

Pink Perrie Squad:

Dani and I will follow you all (if we haven’t already) and add you to the group. Please message me your email (“Hi! I’m in the squad : email@pink.com” ) to be added and I’ll send you the password to look at our page at any time.

When added please have a photo and bio for our network page (preferably a Pink Perrie photo as it is our Squad page?) :) 

We can’t wait to blog, talk, and share selfies with you! 

we can also all use the #pinkeperriesquad tag for talking and posting edits to show each other. Thankyou pinksperries and pezzabam


3 week hiatus :(

Okay my beautiful friends and fronds, i have bad news (i mean not so bad but kinda bad for me) 

From the 26th/27th of June to the 19th (possibly longer) of July, I won’t have access to the internet, therefor I won’t be active, at all. I’ve managed to get my wifey Kyla to come here and check things once in a while. this also means that i won’t be on in any of the groups I’m in (sorry guys :( )

I’m not gonna ask you to not unfollow, it’s up to you, ofc. I will have a queue set up but not for everyday. 

If you have anything important to talk to me about (which i doubt but wtv) or if you’re a close friend and you wanna hit me up (because i’ll probably miss u loads and loads), you can ask Kyla for the email I gave her but like don’t be a pain in her ass, she’s already being a sweety to me so yah, be nice. know i won’t be able to answer your email but I WILL see it and probably drool and miss you loads but be very happy :) i’m gonna be surrounded by what can variate from judgmental heterosexuals to lovely people so yah i’ll crave tumblr equality energy

thanks for your time and i totes should have elaborated and planned this out but i’m kinda lazy

Xica :))

floraledwards-deactivated201411  asked:

omg if you are still doing the ship things please can you do lerrie?<3

sure yeah!

  • who’s the funniest drunk: perrie’s already a handful sober, but put a couple drinks in her and she is bouncing off the walls, literally. lots of dancing on tables and then falling off those tables and asking leigh anne to kiss her boo boos better, it’s all too much fun for her
  • who starts kitchen fires: leigh anne. she’s a pretty good cook, but perrie will yell at leigh about where something is and she knows perrie will never find it on her own, so she has to get get it herself. or she’ll start telling a story and forget what she’s doing until perrie starts screaming about how we’re all going to die if she doesn’t pay attention
  • who has to swat the wasp: nobody WANTS to swat it, so they’ll end up huddled together in the closet and just let it have the rest of the house! we can live in here, pretty sure i’ve got some doritos hidden back here and perrie, i am not living in our closet. we can take some little bug! let’s woman up and chargeeeeee! and it’s a messy, destructive battle but eventually the wasp flies out the open window and they can breathe easier
  • who does all the DIY: they both do, but they have very different tastes and spend days arguing over whether the foyer should be forest green or a deep copper and they turn into the cliche movie scene where they get more paint on themselves than the walls and end up in a pile on the floor laughing and agreeing on a sweet honey color
  • who waters the plants: neither. they’re not very big on gardening. they used to have plastic ones, but they weren’t nearly as romantic or pretty. now if perrie brings leigh a bouquet of flowers home, they’re usually dead within the week, so she just goes out and buys a new set
  • who’s the messiest: perrie. it’s part of her very organized system that every morning she throws all of the potential clothes she could wear out onto the bed and then throw them on the floor until she’s down to a solid choice. she has to spread out her makeup since she has so much of it and needs to see what she wants to use and honestly leigh, i need room to breeeeeeeathe. i have to live! let me spread my wings

Kelly and I have choosen our Mixsexuals! here are our mixers who are just as mixersexual as we are about the band!

(No order lovelies!)

  • Floraledwards
  • Thirlwife
  • Thirlgasm
  • Jadetie
  • Naughtymix
  • Jesybabe

thank you for all of your entires as well! We will add in the future, no worries xx

To our mixsexuals:

Please send Kelly your emails to be added to the group! Once in the group each of us can give our fun hellos/follows. 

softestgay  asked:

mfk: me, aj, becca


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hiiii! Tilda and I have finally decided the new members of jadescuties :)

in advance, i would just like to say im sorry to anyone that wasn’t picked, it doesn’t mean we don’t like youuuu :p here we go!

the new members of jadescuties areeee:








Congrats to everyone that was picked! I will message you soon to ask you for you email and then you can join :) thank you again to everyone that reblogged the post :)

i never do these but im bored

tagged by thatassgrabthough Rule #1: Always post the rules. Rule #2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you asked, then write 11 new ones. Rule #3: Tag 11 new people and link them in this post. Rule #4: Tell them you tagged them.

1.fav colour
2.little mix or rhythmix(better name)
rhythmix (might just be saying that bc fetus jade is life)
3.one direction or 5SOS
5sos all the way
4.celeb crush
perrie, camila, jesy, ashton irwin, luke hemmings, ed sheeran, iggy azalea sorry shes just rly hot
5.boy/girl crush
floraledwards is my bæ
6.fav place in the world
near any stream or river
7.song u hate the most
8.brown haired or blonde
9.pet hate
when people tell me to shut up (when im not talking)
10.fav movie
breakfast club
11.fav girl solo singer
1. favorite food?
2. do u have any pets?
3. what clothing do you feel most comfortable in?
4. what is your favorite fast food restaurant?
5. celebrity crushes?
6. who is ONE person you would bang without question?
7. how many siblings do you have?
8. do you wear makeup everyday?
9. are your nails painted?
10. have you ever done anything illegal?
11. what is your middle name?