[Jimin, you] Online | Part 3

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Title: Online (part 3)
Characters: Jimin, you
Genre: fluff / au
Words: 1631

Hello cuties! Here I am with a new part of the Online series. I really hope you enjoy it ; U ; Tell me if you want another chapter, and tell me what you think about it. ♡ (I literally love receiving your messages! They make my day brighter.)
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“2Chim, here. You have to try this cake! It’s the best.” You said as you sat down and pointed at the menu of your favorite café. It was a nice and clean place with walls full of floral motifs, with cute blue chairs and little round tables.
“Stop calling me that.” He giggled, and checked out the menu. “That look nice, yummy. And I want some iced tea too.” He added licking his lips. Oh, that. “Hm…” you only replied, trying to not look at him. Remember what Denise said: don’t drool. It would be weird.

“Oh, Y/N!” The waitress said as she approached your table. She was one of Denise’s friends, and you knew her quite well. “Hey Cath. Long time no see. Are you working here now?” You asked, trying to sound as friendly as possible. She wasn’t exactly your type, she was just too shallow.
“Yes, what do you think? Do I look good with this uniform?” Cath stood in front of you, showing you her tiny skirt. You glanced at Jimin for a moment, and noticed how he was checking Cath out. I don’t blame you, I know she’s hot. You thought, trying not to think about it too much.
“Yes, it’s lovely. It’s really… short.”
“Yeah, I know! That’s what I like about it. And who’s him?” She asked gazing and waving at Jimin, who smiled a little. Here she is. She’s being flirty now.
“He’s Jimin, my friend from South Korea.” You explained.

“Oh, your friend Jimin. I’ve heard about you. You know, Y/N always talk about you and now I see why.” She smiled at him, and tossed her hair back.

Jimin glanced at you. His eyes were like lasers: the more he looked at you, the more your face flushed.

“Oh yeah, anyway… two flower cakes and two iced teas, thank you.” You immediately said, trying to save yourself from an awkward situation. It’s like she was there just to flirt with Jimin and embarrass you.

Jimin was looking around. And he wasn’t admiring the café. “Are you looking for her now?” You asked, with a little offended tone.

“Her? Who?” He almost exclaimed. He was quite lost.
“The girl who’s just flirted with you, Jimin! Looks like it’s the first time you see an attractive girl.” You asked wryly.
“No, it’s not the first time. But she… wow!” He made a little smile, which was enough to make his eyes disappear. You hoped that meant that he couldn’t see you face.
“Hm… she’s coming tonight. At the party I mean.” He was still smiling, and his lips were being tortured by his teeth. “Hm, that’s nice.”

You looked down at your hands. Only a nice slice of cake could cheer me up right now.

“Where are we?” Jimin asked as you entered an old building. Old but classy. “This is where I live.” You replied. He looked at you with a quite surprised face. What are you thinking about.
“I want to show you something,” you looked at him “and it’s not my flat.”

You entered the elevator and pressed the last button. “Oh, I see. What’s your floor?” He asked.
“11th. Quite high, right?” You answered.
“Are you afraid of heights?” He looked at you with curious eyes. You nodded.
“That’s why you’re taking me with you?” He giggled putting an arm around your shoulders. “Our Y/N is afraid of height, aww!” Then he added whispering in your ear “Jimin will protect you.”
He was so close you could feel his breath against your cheek. But it lasted too little, as the elevator stopped at the rooftop of the building. Jimin parted from you, and run towards the edge. You gazed at him. He looked so happy and cheerful. He was just what you expected him to be. And once again you realized how lucky you were.
He made you a sign to come closer. He was already admiring the view of the city as you got there. You tried not to look down, and concentrated yourself on the horizon. That was truly beautiful. The cityscape met a beautiful pink and violet sky. “Every day I’ll be here, every day. This is… just wow.” Jimin breathed. You glanced at him. He wasn’t smiling, but you could feel his happiness. The pink of the sky reflected on his face, which made his cheeks look flushed.
“I know, I’m quite lucky to live here. This is one of the tallest buildings.”

“I want a picture with this beautiful background.” He said taking his phone out of his pocket and turning his back to the beautiful view. “I can take it for you.” You offered.
“No way, you take the picture with me!” He exclaimed wrapping his arm around your waist. He was that close, once again. Now you could feel his sweet scent. He had such an attractive scent. “Hm, you smell good.” You suddenly said. Was that weird? You immediately regretted it. “Oh well, you must use a nice perfume, maybe an expensive one?” You asked, trying to look relaxed, even though his hand was still on your hip.

“No… I just have a nice scent, I guess.” He giggled. You could swear you saw a little smirk on his lips.

“Lucky you.” You murmured, and posed for the picture. You weren’t a fan of it, you didn’t consider yourself really photogenic, but you couldn’t say no to Jimin.
“Ow, Y/N! What’s with that smile?” Jimin complained. You looked at the screen in front of you.
“This is my… smile?” You hesitated. You were trying to do your best.
“Y/N, I know your smile. You should relax.” He said looking at you. You couldn’t really read his eyes, but it was a reassuring gaze. “Please, do it for me. Don’t feel insecure around me… because I like you, and you’re my friend.” He stated. He really seemed serious about this. He didn’t want an awkward relationship, because everything was the same as before. The only difference was that now you could touch and smell him. “Ok Chimchim, I’m sorry.” This time you smiled for real.
You took some cute pictures together, posting some of them on Instagram. “Y/N and Jimin, forever together, write that.” Jimin ordered.
“Ohoh, you’re so cheesy.” You giggled writing down what he said. You really liked this part of him.
“No, I’m realist!” He exclaimed and patted your head.

“Oh, our superstar is here. Always late, like a real star!” Denise exclaimed as you approached her. She was stunning. A black dress fitted her perfectly. It wasn’t really short, but definitely sexy. Her long hair were tied in a high ponytail, which underlined her pretty face.
“The real superstar here is you! Look at you!” You exclaimed hugging her. “You’re gorgeous, girl. Please, date me.” You added kissing her cheek.
“I have to think about it.” She joked, and winked. “Anyway, your real date is making friends in the living room. I introduced him, and he’s already joking around and laughing with people.”
You glanced at the living room. “Oh he’s here? I should have come earlier.” You mumbled.
“Is… is Cath here?” You asked your friend. She looked at you with a confused look. She knew you didn’t like her, and seeing you interested in her was strange.
“Yes, why?” Yes, why do I care?
“I think Jimin likes her, I was just-” you couldn’t even finish that she’d already interrupted you.
“Oh, no, my poor Y/N!” She exclaimed and hugged you. “Don’t worry, Jimin loves you.”
“What are you talking about, he doesn’t love me!” You giggled, and pushed her away. “Today we’ve met her, and he was totally checking her out… You can help him with her.” You explained with a serious face.
“I don’t believe you.” She argued, and looked at you with a suspicious face. I don’t believe myself either. 

You finally left your friend, who was happily flirting with some tall and handsome guy you’d never seen before. You went where the really party was: the living room. It was pretty big, and the music was really loud. People talking, people dancing, people drinking: but you couldn’t see Jimin. You looked for him a little, before giving up.
“Hey Y/N!” A friend of yours approached you with an alcoholic drink for you. “Hey Dave! Thanks, but I don’t drink.” You gently refused. You didn’t like alcohol, and you preferred staying sober. Just a shot would go your head. He nodded and drank the shot.
“Are you with someone?” He asked getting closer, so that you could hear him better. You nodded. “Yes, but I can’t find him. He’s my friend from Korea.” You explained. Everyone knew about him because of Denise, who couldn’t keep her mouth shut.
“Oh, that one! He is in the kitchen. He’s a nice guy, really nice.” He emphasized, and then left as he saw his girlfriend waving at him. “Better go now. Have a good evening Y/N.”
You watched him going. His expression looked to relieved to see his better half. As soon as he approached her he hugged her tightly, kissing every inch of her skin.
You looked away, trying to give them some privacy, and finally headed to the kitchen. The kitchen wasn’t as crowded as the living room, and you could finally breathe.

You could breathe until you saw them. You couldn’t really tell what was happening, but Jimin and Cath were really close. Too close. Were they kissing? Were they just talking? It wasn’t none of your business anyway. You quickly grabbed a drink and left the room, before anyone could notice you.
Jimin doesn’t need help, apparently.

I have to be honest… I’m hating myself. But please, don’t hate the cutie Chimchim! He’s a sweetheart, we know that ;)
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Quatrefoil Box

Indian, Mughal, circa 1650

Red, green, and white enamel with gold.

Whether indoors or out, the Mughal elite surrounded themselves with flowers. This lobed spice box of pure gold decorated with gleaming enamel was made to hold cardamom pods or stuffed betel-leaves (pan). Such delicacies were often, though not exclusively, eaten as preludes to amorous encounters. On the container’s lid, sinuous lilies and furling leaves sway gently beneath the bud of a ruby finial. Similarly delicate flower inlays adorn the Taj Mahal, the marble tomb of Shah Jahan’s wife, Mumtaz Mahal. The Taj Mahal’s four-part garden (chahar-bagh) plan is further evoked by the box’s quadripartite form.