Meaningless Stuff pt. I - Laurel Says Things?

Floral Laurel update: my first wedding 'come-down'

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So, the weekend fervor is over. Anticipating so many terrible things happening, I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect first wedding experience as Floral Laurel. Being as lucky as I am to have incredible friends who trust my judgement, it was all about working with a wedding coordinator/photographer/catering/venue staff, etc. to make everything come together. Hoping to see the first images come back soon.

I’m still stunned I made it happen. My support system is so incredible and I could not be any luckier.

On the agenda?

Finishing the website. Working on arrangements for my agency. Shooting an editorial next week. Bridal shower in May. And, I was just approached to do another wedding this fall. Stuff! It’s happening!

Now, I’m off to a casting. Gotta pay for supplies somehow!