Breaking the habit #3

For the final entry on the series I’ll focus on sporting the suit jacket on its own, which for me, is probably the most difficult version of the breakdown to master. Due to my own personal style and wardrobe composition, I usually stray from wearing the suit jacket alone as I have a variety of blazers to choose from, but that doesn’t mean this is not a great variation to go with. The trickiest part here is that depending on the fabric, the jacket is likely to portray a sophisticated feel which requires the rest of the look to match accordingly, making relaxed attires a bit harder to pull off. The easiest way to avoid this is to go for an overall refined ensemble, simply pairing the jacket with contrasting slacks…however, as the end result is quite similar to a “full-suit” look, I wanted to take a different approach.

In this particular case, both the windowpane pattern and natural sheen of the navy wool carry a natural elegance that set the mood for the other pieces. I could actually picture this look with a pair of fitted dark blue/raw jeans instead, but since mine are heavily worn out, the unmatched shades of blue didn’t make for a proper alternative. As such, I chose to go with a pair of polished beige chinos and balance the remaining attire with an untucked white shirt, green sweat and a pair of leather cognac ankle boots. Accessories are a necessity as the floral brown scarf proves yet again…

PS: please bear in mind that although you can and should wear suit pieces separately, the same rule does not apply when it comes to garment care. Always make sure to take the full suit to the dry cleaners, to ensure the utmost color affinity throughout the years.

Details: navy wool windowpane jacket (part of a suit), white dress shirt, cognac leather boots and lapel pin by Purificacion Garcia, green sweatshirt by Our Legacy, beige chinos by Acne, wool floral scarf by Èpice and polka dots socks by H&M.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

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