Cream cotton net, the floral decorated bodice having lace neck insert and trim to three quarter sleeve, lappet front, back hook and eye closure, skirt embroidered with bands of clover alternating with ribbons, roses and lace insertion above scrolling border and deep hem flounce.


etsyfindoftheday | 9.2.17

bridal gowns and separates by jurgitabridal

no matter what your bridal style is — traditional or modern, lace or mikado silk, romantic or bohemian, two-piece and midriff-baring or long-sleeved and demure — you can find a gown or outfit to fall in love with over and over again at jurgitabridal.

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(n) an escape from your everyday routine

❝We’re in costume and I know exactly who you are but pretend I don’t so I have an excuse to make out with you just once❞

pairing: jimin + reader
word count: 5747
part of the miracles in october collab with @neoworks

You really don’t know what to expect from a phone call and a text from one Kim Taehyung announcing his upcoming arrival until you open your apartment door to find him standing in your doorframe with a sly smile and a dress bag perched over his shoulder. You can already see the lace trimmings of the garment through the packaging and know better than to ignore the warning bells that chime in your mind.

You elect to speak upon it. “It’s a terrible idea,” You say as a form of greeting.

The smile slips off Taehyung’s face as he gifts you with a pout instead. “You haven’t even heard it yet!”

“I don’t need to,” You retort, stepping away and leaving the door open despite your eagerness to shut down his idea. If Taehyung had any other standing in your life, you would have had no second thoughts on closing the door right on his face, but he is (by some miracle) a good friend of yours. You leave the door open partly because he’s going to keep knocking until you let him in and partly because he’s going to tell you his ‘terrible idea’ whether you like it or not. “When have your ideas ever worked anyways?”

“For your information,” Taehyung says, kicking the door shut and strolling into your apartment like the place is his second home (it is). He swings the dress bag onto the back of the couch before plopping himself down upon the cushion. “My ideas are amazing; it’s not my fault the circumstances get out of hand!”

You give him a side glare. “Your ideas are supposed to consider the circumstances but you just—you know what, never mind.” You take a seat on the center coffee table in order to face Taehyung just to spare him the hassle of having to ask you to do the same thing. The boy wouldn’t just walk into your apartment with some big dress without the equally big news to match with it. “So, what’s up with the dress?”

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