I love the idea of the 30 days challenge and I’ve seen a lot of lists that I like but some of the days just don’t really appeal to me, so I decided to make my own list. It’s a mashup of the lists I’ve seen along with some original ideas I’ve had for sims.

I’ll be doing this myself starting immediately :)

Anyway, here they are!

30 Days of sim making challenge:

  1. beachy sim
  2. based on a season
  3. based on a holiday
  4. pajama sim
  5. all of one color
  6. nerdy sim
  7. doctor sim
  8. punk sim
  9. superhero
  10. superhero’s alter ego
  11. famous sim
  12. animal sim
  13. child sim
  14. grim reaper’s apprentice
  15. free day
  16. athletic sim
  17. twins
  18. elder sim
  19. evil sim
  20. insane sim
  21. floral sim
  22. plain jane sim
  23. favorite celebrity
  24. alien sim
  25. simself
  26. scientist sim
  27. based on one of the four elements
  28. teacher sim
  29. farmer sim
  30. dream simself