Secret Society
Title Fight
Secret Society

Secret Society - Title Fight 

“I made promises that I can’t keep.
I fell asleep.
I was the one who locked the door.
I lost the key.
You told me lies straight to my face,
but I guess that’s fate.
I said, “everything is fine with me.”
I lied through my teeth.
I’ve lost all of my self respect.
I’m such a wreck
I’m running out of air to breathe.
I think it’s time for me to leave my friends all behind.”

“I started the lyrics to this song maybe three or four times and I scrapped them every time. And then I had the one line, the first line of the song in my head, “But did you know I hold my breath through every tunnel?‘” and I literally wrote the whole thing on the 20-minute car ride home. Putting it first on the record makes a statement for the overall theme, of young insecurities and still being confused and going year by year and thinking it’s getting more understandable, but every year I grow older it’s still insane.“ - Ned Russin