floral shirts

dreamcatchersdaughter  asked:

Oh awesome! Well then okay on the topic of sharing thoughts, I think you might appreciate this. So like imagine Bucky or Tony in a floral sun dress (maybe black with bright colored flowers) and then wearing a plaid shirt over it open (and maybe it has matching colors? or complimentary colors) cause I love the both in plaid and florals and I am tempted to combine the two. But would that clash??? Also like a plaid shirt WITH FLORALS ON IT. Like as a part of the base color background. Thoughts?

I am intrigued!! I love Bucky and/or Tony in dresses regardless, but plaid and floral is an interesting combination! I initially thought that might clash like you said, but these are pretty lovely!:

I like Bucky in black personally, so I think a slightly oversized plaid/floral shirt open over a solid black dress would be really nice for him!