floral shawls



Belonged to Peleg Bradford, 7th descendant of Governor Bradford of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Green, yellow and gold floral clusters, shawl collar, two hem pockets, five self buttons, straight bottom, back lacing adjustment, (laces missing), backed and lined in tan cotton, hem reinforced in front with leather.

New Fashion Rule:

In 2018, one item on your person, however small, must be floral print at all times.

Floral bracelets, floral scrunchies, floral undies, floral socks, floral bandanas, floral dresses/skirts, floral shirts, floral pants, floral shorts, floral rings, floral necklaces, floral boots, floral hats, floral earrings, floral shawls, floral jackets, floral patches, floral bags…

Ulyana Sergeenko is a world-famous Russian couturier. Designers all over the globe refer to her fashion as “babushka-style”, because Sergeenko is very enthusiastic about Russian culture and history, which is quite visible in her collections. Sergeenko’s style is very elegant yet grandiose. She is renowned for her high-waist grand skirts, the use of floral prints and such materials as silk velvet and fur. Sergeenko combines her gorgeous dresses and skirts with mostly floral shawls, just like any Russian babushka does :) 
We recommend checking out Ulyana’s fabulous personal style and her haute couture collections.

Rakul Preet Singh in a gorgeous outfit with a floral shawl.

Have you heard the soundtrack of her recent movie ‘Theeran Adhigaaram Ondru’

Listen to it [here]    

My pick of the album: Sevatha Pulla & Oru Veetil! Ghibran has done a beautiful job with this one!

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Costume for the day:

- Vintage 1990s Betsey Johnson Chiffon/Jersey Mid-Length Dress with Full Snap Tear-Away Front

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magicaldelightsofstevienicks  asked:

"Mh, hey Delia?" Two pale, toned legs connected to one tight black dress draped in a floral shawl slipped into the headmistress' office, armed with glasses and a large bottle of some liquor she'd found who-knows-where. "So I was out with Maddie last weekend, and I think--- I mean, it was a pretty good time with her, sure, but I wanna see what it's like gettin' you drunk." She told, setting both glasses down on the woman's desk, not bothering to wait for a reply before she popped open the bottle.

Cordelia looked up, immediately taken with the tight black Misty was wearing. Your student, she reminded herself, as she often had to. When her eyes landed on what Misty had in her hands, however, her demeanor shifted and she straightened, taking on a more “headmistress” position at her desk. “Misty, I hardly think that would be appropriate,” she answered, trying to look stern.