floral scents

how to look like A Delicate Angel
  • wear light colors, like white or cream or dusty pinks and blues
  • thrift flowy skirts and dresses
  • sport small gold or rose gold jewelry 
  • wear pastel velvet chokers 
  • lounge in satin nighties even when you’re alone 
  • wear lace bralettes even when you’re alone 
  • leave your hair down and pin straight or loose curls
  • keep a natural hair color 
  • wear ankle socks with lace 
  • apply shimmery pale eyeshadows 
  • apply light colored lip glosses 
  • buy shimmery lipsticks 
  • use pink blush 
  • wear matte nail polishes
  • put small amounts of body glitter on collarbones 
  • spray airy perfumes on your neck and inner forearms 
  • apply floral scented lotions 
  • be yourself 🌟

It may look beautiful but it certainly doesn’t smell it. Aptly named, the “corpse flower” grows in the rain forests of Sumatra, Indonesia, and releases a horrendous odour. The odour attracts insects which feed on deceased animals and lay their eggs in rotting meat. The plant requires 7-10 years of growth before eventually blooming for the first time. The odour is said to smell like a combination of limburger cheese, rotting fish, sweaty socks, human faeces, and a sweet floral scent.


How to tell if a faerie is near by:

  • Feeling a warm tingles across your skin.
  • Things go missing and then reappear somewhere else in your home. 
  • You see things out of the corner of your eyes.
  • Finding yourself participating in child like activities like skipping or swinging on a swing set.  
  • You come across random floral scented breezes. 
  • You make a habit of bringing nature inside. 
  • You find yourself admiring insects and when you find one in your home you set it free instead of squishing it. 
  • You find yourself stumbling over faerie circles. 
  • You are followed by a crow or raven.
  • You hear mysterious giggling. 
  • You find large patches of four-leaf clovers.

Offerings for the fae:

  • Milk and Honey
  • Anything small and shiny
  • Rings
  • Beads
  • Rocks
  • Crystals
  • Cream
  • Sweets
  • Cakes and Cookies.
  • Clean water

Some Favorite Faerie Rocks:

  • Tigers eyes
  • Peridot
  • Jade
  • Volcanic Rock
  • Fluorite
  • Emerald

Plants that attract faeries:

  • Common yarrow
  • New York aster
  • Shasta daisy 
  • Western giant hyssop or horsemint 
  • French lavender
  • Rosemary
  • Thyme
  • Fountain butterfly bush
  • Orange-eye butterfly bush 
  • Summer lilac
  • Shrubby cinquefoil
  • Common garden petunia
  • Verbenas
  • Pincushion flowers
  • Cosmos 
  • Common zinnia
  • Foxgloves
  • Pansies
  • Clover
  • Toadstools
  • Bluebells
  • Rowan
  • Oak
  • Alder
  • Willow
  • Birch 
  • Apple trees

Sources: earthenergyhealing.com, mysticfamiliar.com, and earthwitchery.com. 

==Moonlight Mystics==

Floral Scent || A Spring Playlist

  1. That Moon Song // Gregory Alan Isakov
  2. On Trees and Birds and Fire // I Am Oak
  3. My Silver Lining // First Aid Kit
  4. Coast // Dry The River
  5. Even The Darkness Has Arms // The Barr Brothers
  6. Shine // Benjamin Francis Leftwich
  7. Stay Alive // José González
  8. Man on Fire // Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros
  9. Hunger // Of Monsters and Men
  10. Heirloom // Sleeping At Last
  11. Hypnotized // Fever Fever
  12. Flowers in Your Hair // The Lumineers
  13. We’ve Been Dreaming // Echotape



*moon, venus, and/or mars*

aries: challenges/risks, bold apparel, adrenaline rushes, physical activity, immediacy, reckless nights, reputation, independence, leadership, divergence

taurus: large beds, comfort food, fruity scents, rhythmic music, sensuousness, lazy days, cuddles, accommodation, consideration, establishment

gemini: diverse conversation, communication, play, humour, mentors, frolic, banter, flirtation, teasing, networking 

cancer: sympathy, familiarity, flowy & fair apparel, candles, a safe haven, gardening/flowers, profundity, sincerity, philanthropy, unconditional love   

leo: attention, tlc, adoration, caresses, entertainment, dramatics, masculine scents, courage, the ability to be uninhibited 

virgo: minty breath, clean sheets, fresh scents, organization, modesty, competence, reliability, up-do’s, simplicity, productivity 

libra: charisma/fondness, creativity, connections, style/aesthetically pleasing features, wealth, floral scents, hugs, pictures, cooperation, choices 

scorpio: in-depth conversation, black apparel, mysteries, privacy, danger, passion, cold nights, intimacy, control, the divulged 

sagittarius: directionless driving, laughter, the exotic, honesty, friendship, the outdoors, expansion, buoyancy, flexibility, movement 

capricorn: power, practicality, security, recognition, a good laugh, discretion, maturity, action films, devotion, soft rock 

aquarius: individuality, reformation, distinct apparel and accessories, association, laid-back atmospheres, no hard feelings, nights alone, oddities, progress, warm welcomings 

pisces: sentiment, subtle scents, artistry/muses, empathy, a supportive hand, sense of belonging, outlets, to inspire, validation, feeling significant 

Water. The floating body in a state of semi-levitation. Lungs expand in deep breaths of salty air. This is where I find you.
Water. Parched lips licked by wetted tongue. Coolness lingers in the back of throat. From esophagus to stomach, a wholesome sensation. Invigorating water. This is where I find you.
Floral scented shampoo; soap, essence of passion fruit, seeping down feminine pulchritude, taking with it worries of the day. Wet hair. Closed eyes and a smile; face raised up towards gushing streams of water. Rejuvenating water. This is where I find you.
Garden sprinkler created rainbows exist only for a moment, but the memories of jumping around them with my first dog will last a lifetime. Bare feet in the soggy grass. Muddy toes. Daddy chases me with a hose; before returning inside there is water. Rinsing water. This is where I find you.
Rarely in my life have I seen the whitest of beaches, even rarer have I witnessed the sight of an ocean so blue. My eyes gaze into infinity, and I ponder. Water. Infinite water. This is where I find you.

Sometimes I feel like the majority of me consists of you.” 

by M.A. Tempels © 2017


etsyfindoftheday | beautiful beauty gifts | 2.1.17

roll-on perfume scents by ripeshop

it’s february, followers!! we made it to month two … woot :) let’s kick things off with some sweet beauty-themed finds that would be GREAT for valentine’s day! ripeshop’s roll-on perfumes come in unique, special scents that make wonderfully thoughtful presents. and, as always, LOVE the product photography.

She wore a flowing, pale peach gown that cinched at the waist, her hair long enough now to be piled onto her head in elaborate knots. Truly, she was an image of feminine innocence, which was likely why Hux had singled her out amongst the shrewd women donning slinky black.

Rey saw him before her unwitting partner did, eyes rounding in panic when she felt the rage that licked at his boots like hellfire. Her glossy lips parted, breath hitching as he stepped behind her, one gloved hand snaring the wrist that rested at Hux’s shoulder while the other glided down her spine, prying Hux away to grip her backside with obvious possession.

White-hot anger crossed Hux’s face, his jaw dropping in shock at his sudden intrusion. Kylo ignored the other man, growling as he buried his nose into the crook of her neck from behind, gulping in the sweet, floral scent of her perfume. He preferred the salt of her sweat.

Chapter 4 of Bathwater

(honestly i just wanted to draw her dress)

Aphrodite, She who smiles next to you when you smile at yourself in the mirror and catch your reflection in a shop window and stare for a moment, enraptured by your own beauty.

Aphrodite, She who sings with you in the shower while your lather your hair and soap your body, lavishing in the floral and warm honey scents as well.

Aphrodite, She who encourages your extra hours of sleep on your days off, whispering things like “every Queen needs her beauty sleep” in your ear until you give in.

Aphrodite of self love.
Aphrodite of self love.
Aphrodite of self love.


etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 1.27.17

bath and body finds by warriorbotanicals

organic and natural plant products combine with amazing and fresh scents — like beachy coconut and romantic rose — into unique ireland-made bath and body and beauty finds for you to love.

Laundry Magick!

I was just groaning about how I need to do laundry today, and I despise doing laundry, but then I thought, why not take advantage of it? Doing laundry is an excellent method of cleansing as is, but here are some thoughts I had as to how you can make this (annoying) chore more witchy!

1. Choose detergents and fabric softener scents that correspond to your intent! A floral scent for clarity, a “fresh” scent for comfort, a tropical scent for rejuvination…. get creative!

2. Pour your detergent in a clockwise fashion to promote your intent, be it calmness, comfort, energy, good rest…. Likewise, pour it anticlockwise to banish exhaustion, bad dreams, or general negativity.

3. Alternative to number 2, infuse your detergent with your intent before pouring it in. I created a little chant you can use!

“Cleanse this cloth
in all its hues
and take the bad away
In its place
put calm and grace
and energy for the days”

Feel free to create your own ideas for laundry magick and add to this short list! I’d love to see what sort of things you might come up with. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got some laundry to do. 👕👖💦


“The Last Unicorn” and “Lady Amalthea” have been added as perfumes to Siren Song Elixirs. 

  • “The Last Unicorn” - this blend represents the last Unicorn, ageless and graceful, living alone in the forest that she protects where nothing ever dies and the flowers are always in bloom. The rich scent of blooming roses and lush pink peonies mixes with the calming notes of vanilla, the sturdy oak trees of the forest, and the ancient oud woods. 
  • “Lady Amalthea” - Jasmine and Orange blossom give this fragrance a clean, delicate, floral scent with sweet green notes of moss that linger softly. This scent is very feminine, not powdery, and it will last a very long time.

Other fragrances currently available;

Dragon Age Solas, Fen’Harel, Dread Wolf, Dragon Age Dorian, Dragon Age Cole,  Dragon Age Josephine, Dragon Age Leliana, Dragon Age Krem, Labyrinth’s Jareth, Labyrinth’s Sarah. 

Coming soon - Dragon Age Sera, Dragon Age Cullen

Non-binary Fragrances: Tip 1

Looking for a fragrance but have trouble finding anything non-binary?

Here I’ve collected a few of the unisex fragrances for any genderqueer person.

Some of the fragrances have muskier tones whereas others have a lighter or even floral scent. That’s why I’ve included a list of scents to describe the products and help you narrow down your try-out list.

Acqua di Parma
(bergamot, lemon, lavender, rosemary, rose, cedarwood)

Marrakech Intense
(wood, florals, spice)

Black Saffron
(pepper, black violet, leather, raspberry, juniper)

Calvin Klein
(wasabi, jasmine, wet cobblestone)

Fresh Laundry, Rain, Skin, Warm Cotton, Shower Fresh…
Most of the fragrances by Clean can be worn by anybody. You get what’s written on the label. Personal favourite: Cool Cotton

Comme Des Garçons
Blue Santal
(sandalwood, juniper berries, blue pepper)

National Scent
(hibiscus, jasmine tea, amber, patchouli)

Ex Nihilo
Cologne 352
(citrus, rose, wood, lily of the valley)

Eau de Narcisse Bleu
(daffodil, orange blossom, wood, musk)

Jo Malone
Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne
(sea salt, sage)

Original Musk
(orange blossom, musk, rose, lily)

Le Labo (three amazing fragrances so I’ve included all of them)
Neroli 36
(orange blossom, musk, vanilla, rose, jasmine)
Fleur D’Oranger 27
(orange blossom, musk, bergamot, petit grain, lemon)
Patchouli 24
(patchouli, birch, vanilla)

Cargo de Nuit
(ambrette, cedar)

Tom Ford
Oud Wood
(cardamom, amber, wood)
Mandarino di Amalfi
(mint, thyme, grapefruit, black pepper)

Yves Saint Laurent
(black pepper, bergamot, patchouli, lily of the valley)