floral print tights

At first I was a little annoyed that my tights had started to rip but I’m getting “sprinter” legs so it’s okay. They look kind of grunge-y. :D If my hips look weird, it’s the scoliosis.

About a week and a half ago I wore this and remembered that @sparkly-arts recently bought a pink floral outfit with a black background and I tried to plan a 2018 Easter card. 

Me: “Taylor, we need to get people we know to wear stuff like this so we can be a social club.”

Taylor: “Yes, I agree 110%.”

Me: “We shall all wear white rabbit masks and pose around ominously.”

Taylor: “I think that might be a little much.”


Scenario: You and Mino have been together since you were eighteen years old. You’ve been through so much together, but time changed who you both were, what you both wanted and, ultimately, it ended. It ended once, twice, and a million times after. Each time fate somehow bringing you back to one another; but how cruel could fate really be? For with every time you crashed back into the one another, you felt pieces’ fray and rip at the seams; pricked by love thrones that never healed.  
A/N: So this is the first part of the Pricked series. It’s told from Mino’s POV but will switch to the readers the next chapter. This scenario is going to be based solely off of his song he wrote for Exit:E. I really love it and I think it has a lot of good angsty feels (which I’m good at using). Since Mino said in an interview that his first love was at 18, I’m using that as when your relationship with him first started. I’m also having this set during SMTM4 times, because Mino with blonde hair gives me life. I really hope that you guys enjoy this as much as you did the Exit series!! This one is a little more complex, but I hope it is still enjoyable! I can’t wait to see what you guys think.
Genre: Mino x Reader

Disclaimer: Gifs used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

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