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‘Heart & Soul’: model Liya Kebede & actor Michael B. Jordan - photographer: Patrcik Demarchelier - fashion editor: Tabitha Simmons - hair: Daid von Cannon - make-up: Gucci Westman - Menswear Editor: Michael Philouze - Vogue August 2015

  • Liya: Alexander McQueen silk tiered dress.  Anabel Higgins necklace.
  • Jordan: Dolce & Gabbana Alta Sartoria suit.
the sign's fashion (you can use sun, venus, midheaven, rising and moon)

aries: they are attracted to extremely bright and gaudy items of clothing, but they pull off warm colors very well. when they want to be sexy, it’s definitely in your face. this sign doesn’t like to wear a lot of lace or detailed designs. they wear a lot if statement accessories. they pull off metallic colors. they pull off hats and glasses very well. creative and edgy items are clothing are common. they look good in sporty clothes and in jeans. their style is very Katherine Hepburn-like.

taurus: they like to wear clothes that accentuates their natural beauty. they don’t like to wear a lot of bright colors and pull off neutral colors amazingly. they like to wear items of clothing that draw attention to their neck such as turtlenecks, neck scarves and short necklaces. they like high quality material. they also like to wear designer clothing and expensive brands.

gemini: this sign can pull off “young people” clothing at any age. they like to wear a lot of color and layer their clothes. they like to experiment with many different styles. they can’t be pinned down to one specific style. they like to wear very flowy items of clothing. they like to wear sleeveless tops. they look good in chunky bracelets and lots of rings. they look amazing in different shades of green. they can often be found wearing very athletic clothing.

cancer: this sign loves comfortable clothing like knit, scarves, cardigans and anything warm. they like to wear clothing from their culture. they look extremely attractive in lace, white and silver. they like pale and gentle colored clothing. a pastel pink is their favorite. they look absolutely beautiful in pearls. they like to wear clothing that compliments their chest/breasts. you may find them wearing romantic clothing from the old hollywood days. floral print suits this sign well.

leo: they want you to see them with their clothing. they love to wear gaudy clothes with a lot of bling. gold looks very flattering on them. you may find this sign wearing a lot of backless dresses. you may find these people wearing a lot of designers and expensive brands to show their wealth and for status. they love to wear a lot of statement accessories. wearing animal print is not rare in this sign.

virgo: this sign loves to wear high quality fashion and accessories. you can find them wearing subtle gold and silver quite often. it’s very rare for this sign to wear gaudy or flashy pieces of clothing and accessories. having small details in their clothes are quite normal. they look extremely attractive when they are wearing office/professional clothing. they like to wear clothes that they can move around in.

libra: think grace kelly. they have an amazing, timeless and classy sense of style. they love to wear old hollywood inspired clothing. they look amazing in little black dresses. they don’t like to wear bright colors, but they enjoy neutral/pastel clothing. they love to wear delicate accessories such as dangly earrings and pearls. their style seems effortless.

scorpio: they’re clothes seem sexy, but not the type of sexy that you see a lot. they don’t like to wear trashy/in-your-face types of clothes. they make elegant clothing turn sexy and beautiful. dark colors look very flattering on them. leather looks amazing on these people. one of their go to choices for upscale events are a little black dress. this sign looks amazing in suits.

sagittarius: they express themselves through their outfit choices. they tend to wear graphic tee’s a lot about a band/show that they like. they like ‘90s/grunge type of clothes. they also like clothing inspired from different parts of the world. they may wear ripped jeans/leather jackets or items of clothing that are a little wild. flowy clothes are well liked. they look amazing in very bright colors and neons.

capricorn: they’re main goal is to dress to impress. they like to wear luxurious clothing. clothes that can be found in the right social circles. their style is very sophisticated. you can normally see them wearing designer clothing such as coco chanel. they like to wear expensive material. they look amazing in suits and ties. they may wear clothes that have been handmade because they like to wear clothing that they know has been worked hard on.

aquarius: their style is either complete hipster, edgy and they always add a little bit of individuality to their style. the other side of their style is very formal. they may add an “unusual” accessory to make their style theirs. they have a tendency to often wear dark blues. when you look at their clothes you’ll often find yourself double taking because it’s so quirky and “out there”.

pisces: they love to wear loose and flowy items of clothing that they can move around in. they may wear a lot of transparents, pastels and anything shiny. only pisces can pull off the princess look even when they’re old! since they’re “the chameleon” of the zodiac, fashion designers often like pisces because they can pull off many different looks. they also like soft, nice material such as silk.

Harry Styles - People Are Always Shipping You Together Imagine

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PRETTY SHADES OF BLUE - model: Lucky Blue Smith - photographer: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack - stylist: Sean Knight - grooming: Elie Maalouf - Da Man Style Spring / Summer 2016 - featured designer: Gucci - Luis Morais (accessories)

  • For those who don’t know, what’s the story behind your name?
    “Well, my parents said they were lucky to have a boy after having three girls before me—especially my dad! So, that’s how I got my name.”
  • Tell us about your film role in “Love Everlasting”? Is acting something you want to actively pursue?
    “Love Everlasting” was my first experience being in a movie, and I was lucky enough to be given the lead role. I was really attracted to the story: It’s about true love and inner beauty, which I’m really drawn to. As for acting, I would love to be in a movie like “The Breakfast Club.”
  • What’s the most important thing you have learned so far?
    “The most important thing I’ve learned is to be yourself and own it; you’re going to get turned down a lot, and you can’t let that faze you.“

Thank you to everyone who voted for your favorite outfits from Another Man. Considering these editorials gave us over 33 individual looks, I know it was an agonizing choice for us all. Details for each outfit are below. Styling for the shoot was done by Alister Mackie.

#1 - from ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ by Ryan McGinley

Gosha Rubchinsky striped sweatshirt • Lanvin shoelace 

This outfit received 21.4% of the vote.

#2 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Custom Edward Sexton suit • Fleet Ilya collar • Harry’s own pink converse

This outfit received 11.8% of the vote.

#3 - from ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ by Willy Vanderperre

Gucci Heritage floral check print suit • Harry’s own pink converse • Fleet Ilya collar • Alexander McQueen skull coin ring

This outfit received 11.7% of the vote.

Additionally, we can share that the distribution between the shoots was fairly even:

Third Editorial ‘Anyplace is Paradise’ - 39% of votes

First Editorial ‘Anything That’s Part of You’ - 34% of votes

Second Editorial ‘Tomorrow is a Long Time’ - 29% of votes