floral marbling

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Jenna marbles the YouTube got a hamster and got some kinda not great stuff and a small cage for him because yaknow people don’t really know what hamsters could really use, and within a day people left a ton of comments about how he needs a bigger enclosure and a bigger wheel and just all sorts of the kind of advice you give and they got all this great stuff for him and It just makes me so happy!!

When I first started reading this, I was so worried it was going in a different direction! I’m glad to be wrong, haha, how wonderful :)

Cardboard Props (Astrid’s Axe)~ Tutorial Tuesday!

Hey everybody! Welcome to this new series I’m starting. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I make various parts of my cosplays and puppets and I figured it was about time I shared my techniques with you guys!

So to start it off, I’ll be showing you how I make most of my props. It’s cheap, simple, and lightweight.

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Ciel Funtom was never alone without his parents, going everywhere together to parks,malls,museums,vacations. His parents were the center of Ciels young life. Things changed when Ciel was old neough to go to school,but, he was always able to see his parents and go home with them. 

One day, Ciel went off to school like any other day, but, when coming to be picked up. Ciel waited,and waited,and waited until the police came to Ciel, infomring him that his parents are missing. Ciels world turned upside-down. Staying with a neighbor as the police searched for his parents, Ciel was striken with the anxiety and fear of never seeing his parents again. Being alone for a long time.The search for his parents slowed down while child protection services stepped in and took Ciel into custody to be sent to a foster home. 

The home that Ciel was going to was overseen by partners, Angelina Durless and Grell Sutcliffe,women of strict rules and dicipline. The other children that the women oversee are mostly teen boys,ages ranging from 17 to 14,Ciel being 12 would be the youngest. The CPA agent drove Ciel to the house, that was once a mansion in times of old,converted to a home for troubled or homeless,orphaned teens. Ciel looked out the window seeing other boys doing yardwork like mowing the grass and trimming bushes. The boys laughed as Ciel walked out of the car with the agent beside him. Inside was unlike how it was outside, red walls,marble floors,floral carpet,paintings of modern art and nude women. The two women stood beside each other,talking with the agent before leaving Ciel with the women.

“Good Afternoon, Ciel…I am Madame Sutcliff,this is my wife, Madame Anne, she wil show you around and your room. I have other business to attend to” The red-haired woman left Anne and Ciel alone. 

Ciel was told that he is responsible for himself, laundry,keeping his room clean and taking his share of the chores. Meals are exactly at certain times,no earlier and no later. Walking around the house, Ciel felt uncomfortable,tense and afraid. The women were not very freindly to him. Once in his room, Ciel began to unpack. 

“…I don’t like this place…I wish mum and dad were found soon”Ciel sighed as he sat on his bed.