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ID #88671

Name: Kyandra
Age: 16
Country: Australia

Hey guys!
So some things that I like are Youtube, music (emo trinity, K-pop, alternative, general punk rock), anime, floral & pastel things, social issues, fashion & makeup, Adventure Time and a lot more stuff.
I just want to meet someone new and maybe in the distant future, we could meet irl.

Preferences: Between 14-17
Is able to have open conversations about anything
No gender preferences

gaaahhhh i can’t believe this is happening!!! i remember my very first follow forever took place just this year on solo harry eve and here i am what like 6 months later again? y'all are amazing and awesome and i’m so grateful for everyone that follows me and everyone i follow and i know that i’m like not the *most* easy person to like communicate with but the fact that so many of y’all deal with me on your dash is like mindblowing okay i’m done being sappy so here we go:

*homies in bold

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so its me, britt, aka galaxybin and !!!! i feel like i need to spread some love, because throughout everything that has happened, my amazing mutuals have stuck with me through everything, and i want you all to know that i truly appreciate yall not abandoning me lmao. also feel free to drop by my messages and say hello !!! i always lov makin friends with my mutuals :) (im srry to ppl with side blogs that im mutuals with, it never shows up,,, fix this @ tumblr staff… but know i lov u sm and i appreciate u as well !!!)

bolded - friends (aka ppl ive talked to) yall are amazing and even if we havent talked in a while, i lov u bunches!!
italics - faves, i look up to u and ur one of my favorite blogs 

(i wanna do lil messages but tbh i could write a message about all of u and my fingers would literally fall off hehe so yea, ily all nd thank u !!!)

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