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lockscreens no. 68 - wildest dreams lyrics by taylor swift

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Imagine #97 Brett [Requested]

“Some people search the whole world over. Just to find a love, that’s even half as true. As the love I’ve found in you. Some things really last forever, and some things are meant to be. Like you and me, oh yeah.”

The neoteric scent of paint accompanied the complacent silence in the humble apartment; a field of boxes with varied words scrawled in black permanent marker, essential pieces of furniture in their designated areas, ironed maroon drapes hanging from fashionable steel rods with dual purposes of appeal and privacy. After a drawn out month of stressful searching, financial planning and the accumulation of contemporary furniture, it was gratifying to witness the fruit of the gruesome labor as reverie unite with realism.  “Babe, c’mere.” Brett’s deep voice called from the direction of the bedroom. The werewolf had vanished a half hour prior, having been lost in the organization of the kitchen décor, you’d assumed that he was taking a much needed nap after hours of physical labor.

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