floral green

“I don’t think Kingston, per se, is important,” Ned says. “I think it’s just the fact that we didn’t come from a notable place. It could’ve been anywhere. We could’ve grown up in the Midwest. Our tastes would’ve been different and our lives would’ve been different, but I think just the idea of not being from a major American city was important to us to represent. We’ll always be from Kingston, even if we all move away.” There’s something true in there. There’s value in being an artist and incubating in a place like this, to use that removal and then head out into the world with some weird, specific, outsider-ness. Whatever the actual merits or lack thereof in Wilkes-Barre, there can be a power in that, because it’ll make you hungry for something else.

You can read the rest of the wonderful and insightful write up by Ryan Leas for Stereogum’s cover story to mark the release of Title Fight’s album Hyperview.