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Can I add a request for a Housekeeper sequal/prequal/drabble/poem/anything for your promptathon? Thank you and congratulations!

How about a first meeting prequel? 

If you haven’t read The Housekeeper, you can do so here.  It’s not necessary to read it first as this is when they first meet.

There was a woman in his shop.

Now, that fact alone wasn’t unusual. Women came into the shop all the time but they usually used the front door, were shopping for antiques and wore more than a gold bikini.

This woman…this woman had materialized in a cloud of smoke in the back room of his shop and was now bowing reverently before him with her hands clasped over her head as if seeking mercy.

Nelson Gold did not usually have trouble mincing words, but at the moment, it was all he could do to keep his grip on the odd oil lamp he had been cleaning…the very item which just moments ago began to emit smoke which had materialized into the very odd woman before them. The half rusted antique had returned to being an innocent knick knack and while Gold was tempted to drop it to the ground, his fingers clutched it like a lifeline.

It was Neal who finally broke the silence.  “What are you wearing?” he asked, taking a step closer to the impossible woman as if to examine her attire more closely. .

“Neal!” Gold hissed as he grabbed his preteen by the back of his shirt and hauled him backwards.

Flustered, Neal tore himself away from his father’s grip tough he did not approach the woman again. “What? I’m just asking!”

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'Let Your Light Shine'

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Nick Cave interview, 1998
  • Interviewer: What's the most peculiar request you've ever had from a fan?
  • Nick Cave: I have a young girl who keeps writing to me. She tells me what she wears - she likes floral frocks and stuff - and invites me round to have sex with her. She writes down all the times that her mother will be out of the house and says she'll be there waiting for me. I've had some lonely moments in my time, but they haven't coincided with the times when her mother's not in.

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hi!! could you do another upcoming trends post for spring/summer 2016 please? thank you!!

hiiii i sort of did a general whats peaking my interest response to this here but as for more shop-able right now in stores things ….. sateen printed/embroidered bomber jackets like these, wrap tie dressespajama dressing still, cut out shoulders, off the shouldersvictorian high necks, ruffles ruffles ruffles,  …… i don’t feel like linking anymore sorry i’m so lazy right now lol but um frayed denim, xl long floral dresses, oversized denim frock coats, scarfs/chokers on your neck, bell sleeves, white boyfriend fit denim, big focus on accessories this season …. lots of statement shoes + bags + jewels 📝📝📝

Summary: Skye has her own webshow and does makeup tips. One day she decides to try out her makeup expertise on Ward. Based on this domestic AU.

Words: 2,360

Pairings: puppy love kinda SkyeWard? 

Notes: You know I love Rachel because I write fic for a pairing I don’t really ship because of how great she is. Such a sweet important friend who I owe fic because of the super cute plush Sylveon she bought me. So now you know what my shipper’s dignity is worth, kids; stuffed animals.

Also this Domestic AU is one of my favorite non-Mayward specific Domestic AUS, because we have like five, because this show is awful and requires liberal application of “ssshhhh shshhshsh they’re fine shhhhhh" style fics. Enjoy!

Ward has time while his eyes are closed to think of every reason that this was a really bad idea. Skye taps her blush brush on his cheekbone and murmurs some muted approval before she turns back to the camera.

"Hi guys,” she says. “Since I hit sixty thousand subscribers, I’m doing as I promised and putting makeup on my boyfriend!”

He’s not her boyfriend, oh god, oh god she didn’t say anything about being her boyfriend—

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