floral figures

women & their sun beauty

aries: fiery attitudes, regal figures, sensitive eyes, lush cheeks.

taurus: ethereal faces, warm smiles, fresh skin, musical bodies.

gemini: mesmerising hair, rosy cheeks, picturesque figures, endless smiles.

cancer: soft smiles, kissable lips, sunkissed hair, feminine lashes.

leo: charismatic expressions, addictive eyes, audacious movements, royal lips.

virgo: angelic voices, daring eyes, soporific bodies, winsome expressions.

libra: lustful eyes, lady-like figures, floral scents, fairy lashes.

scorpio: enticing figures, rich expressions, beatific eyes, feline smiles.

sagittarius: cheerful laughter, full lips, wondrous skin, magnificent bodies, fearless eyes.

capricorn: pristine bodies, sensual movements, doll-like eyes, virtuous expressions.

aquarius: elegiac eyes, mysterious auras, magnetic bodies, pure skin.

pisces:  airy eyes, graceful bodies, dreamy expressions, heart-warming smiles.


A little bird told me that @pocketwoman7 is going to have a very special day soon. This is for you! Hope you like it!

 Word count: 2.8 k


“Psst, Lily…”

“What now Gajeel?” The battle-form Exceed sighed growing more and more tired from the dragon slayer’s attitude with each passing minute.

“I don’t think I can do this.” Gajeel whispered in a panicked tone. He was looking over his shoulder to keep talking with his friend while he shifted uncomfortably where he was standing.

Lily sighed once again. “Gajeel, we have gone through this already.” Juvia looked their way when she heard part of the conversation. Her eyes asked Lily what was going on and he just rolled his eyes and pointed his chin towards Gajeel muttering silently to her ‘this idiot again’.

“Yeah, I know. And I heard that, cat!” The dragon slayer turned his head around to growl at his friend.

The click-clack of a pair of heels made Gajeel turn to the other side and see Juvia closing the small gap between where she stood a couple seconds before to where the dragon slayer was. This earned quite a few strange looks from the people in the building but the water mage ignored them.

“Is everything alright, Gajeel-kun?” She placed a hand over his shoulder, patting lightly the black suit jacket he wore. Lily also closed the gap between them with two steps and Gajeel turned slightly to his side to face both of his closest friends.

“He’s getting cold feet.” Lily smirked when Gajeel looked at him with wide eyes and spluttered a bunch of words that made no sense.

Juvia gasped and placed her hand over her mouth. “Is it true?!” Her voice was low to avoid creating a commotion, but Gajeel could bet that if they were someplace else she would have yelled at him in a high-pitch tone.

“It ain’t that!” Gajeel clenched his jaw, clearly irritated to be accused of something like that. Still, his posture remained the same, standing tall with his back straight and hands clasped in front of him. He needed to pretend that he was calmed and relaxed. He couldn’t let any of the guests see there were these strange feelings inside him eating him alive.

“It’s just…” He sighed and looked to the side, brows furrowing in thought. “What if I ain’t good enough? What if she decides to leave me?” His chest tightened painfully at just the mere idea of something like that happening. “She deserves better.” He muttered sadly.

“She does.” Lily teased him and Gajeel quickly shoot him a deadly glare. Still, the Exceed could see the pain and the doubts clouding his partner’s soul. His tone changed as he placed a large hand on the other’s shoulder. “We’ve been through this, Gajeel. You thought the same thing when you asked her out.”

“Yeah, but-”

“And when you asked her to be your girlfriend.” The Exceed continued.

“I know but-”

“And when you moved in together.” Juvia added.

“Still, she-”

And “ Lily emphasized the word cutting Gajeel short, “when you proposed to her. And you know what her answer was every time?” The Exceed quirked an eyebrow questioningly at his friend.

Gajeel pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation. “Cut the crap, Li-”

“Language, Gajeel-kun!” Juvia hushed as she slapped him lightly on his arm.

“Yes.” Lily continued. “She said yes every time to you, you lughead.”

Gajeel smiled at remembering all those occasions where he was terrified of being rejected, of making a fool of himself, of being left alone, and how with one single word she was able to change his life for the better. Those three letters meant nothing in anyone else’s mouth, but her voice has this power that made that one syllable be so important for him. In exchange, Gajeel wanted to be someone worthy of her; it was the least he could do.

“Levy-san loves Gajeel-kun.” Juvia stated.

And that was a fact that he knew was as real as the ethernando in the air.

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Derek and the fabric softener debacle

Derek stared at the bottle again, hoping to find the instructions easier to read the fifth time around. ‘Do I use a full cap the first time out? Or just a half a cap since it’s a medium load?’ Trying to come to a decision, Derek gets distracted by his phone ringing. Grabbing his cell from his pocket, he quickly looks at the display and answers.

“Yes, Stiles?”

“Dude, something is going on in Beacon Hills. Scott says it’s not major, but you know how he is. Up for a road trip?!”

“You want to go on a cross country road trip, because Scott mentioned something hinky? What are they teaching you in College, Head Straight for Danger 101?”

“Lydia texted me and said she heard from Malia that this could be bad. Something about Peter… I dunno I read Peter and started packing. I’m going to MIT to get Lydia, you’re on the way to her. Again, road trip?”

Sighing, Derek replied “yeah I’ll come, just call when you’re close.”

Hanging up, Derek decides to use a full cap of fabric softener. As he spends the next 3 hours getting his apartment ready for a long trip away, he absently notes a floral scent getting stronger. As he takes his clothes from the washer to the dryer, he notes the floral scent again but figures it’s his neighbor. The old woman always went to the florist on Wednesday’s for new bouquets to spread around her apartment.

An hour later, Derek hears his phone chime and someone honking obnoxiously to a rhythm. Rolling his eyes, knowing without looking that it has to be Stiles, Derek picks up his duffle bag and leaves his apartment. He spares a moment to ask Mrs. Garth if she could look after the pregnant alley cat for him, thanking her profusely as he walks away. Exiting his apartment building, he heads straight to Stiles’ Jeep, wondering idly how it’s still running and if it can make it to Beacon Hills at all.

“I’ve been waiting for you for hour’s Slow Wolf. Come on!”

“It hasn’t been more than 10 minutes since you started honking, calm down. You’ll be reunited with Lydia soon. Let’s go.”

Grumbling under his breath, Stiles waits long enough for Derek to be buckled in before driving off. He smells flowers, but can’t make out where it’s coming from with the window down. He rolls his window up, hoping the powerful scent goes away. It doesn’t it just gets stronger.

“Derek, why does my baby smell like flowers?”

“I don’t know, did you buy flowers for Lydia?”

“Of course I didn’t buy her flowers! Why would I? I’m with you. My jeep started smelling like a meadow when you got in!”

“Oh God.”

“What? What Oh God?”

“I tried to use fabric softener. I must have used too much.”

Stiles is quiet for so long Derek looks over. Stiles looks shocked before he starts laughing hysterically. Derek can feel a blush starting on his cheeks and starts rolling his window down.

“Oh my god sourwolf, you don’t know how to use fabric softener. That is the best thing I’ve heard all day. Pro tip: they make some that doesn’t smell like an entire field of flowers.”

“Shut up Stiles.”