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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2017 | 6.15.17

DAY TWO: floral wedding finds
featuring: diamond engagement and wedding rings by kateszabone

  • capella // champagne + white diamond sunburst engagement ring
  • ella // white sapphire fairy petals wedding band

anonymous asked:

What tiaras are/were owned by the Dukes of Bedford?

I know of two tiaras that belong to the Dukes of Bedford.  First a floral tiara that was created circa 1830 by Fossin (a predecessor to Chaumet) and was a gift from the 7th Duke to his wife Anna. 

There is also an amethyst tiara that was created circa 1870 probably also by Fossin.

Both tiaras were recently featured in the Chaumet: Imperial Splendors exhibition at the Palace Museum in Beijing, China.  The pieces were credited as being on loan from the Bedford Estates meaning the family has created a trust to protect their historical collection.

Mint boy’s flower ◆ Part I

Requested by the lovely @thefuturewillbeprosperous ♥

Genre : Fluff/Smut/Dark/Mafia/Drugs

Paring : Yoongi x Reader

Summary : When a drug dealer meets the rarest flower.

Warning : English is not my mother tongue so please forgive all my lacks of conjugation / spelling mistakes ♡

He can’t help but smile as he takes off his ring. He didn’t expected him to die this quick. He didn’t expected how beautiful it was. All this blood coming from his mouth, the way his body was shaking in pain, and his eyes… Damn, it was entertaining. He puts the ring in the first drawer of his desk and leans back on his chair. Dealing with Park Jaebum was a mistake and he should’ve died a long time ago.

Min Yoongi raises his head when he hears someone knocking on his door. When he sees his right-hand man, Kim Namjoon, he beckons him to sit up. The tall man sits in front of him and crosses his long legs, a cold smile on his lips as he asks :

« So… How was it ?

- I think it’s my favorite. Maybe a little too quick, but sometimes that’s not that bad. »

Namjoon chuckles and lightly shake his head : « You love torturing people, you sick bastard… » Yoongi raises his eyebrows and looks slightly off, as if he was wondering if it was actually true. When he realizes it was the case, he snorts, a sinful smirk on his face. Namjoon gets up and go behind the wooden bar, taking two crystal glasses before pouring whisky in it. He smiles :

« We have great news, boss.

- Choi Woo Yeon ? »

Namjoon brings the drinks on the desk and sits down.

His dark and haughty glance could freeze the hottest volcano.

« Jungkook found him. He went with Jimin. It’s almost done.

- Let’s wait for them. »

Yoongi winks and takes a sip of the strong drink, a wave of heat going down his throat.

It’s been two weeks since Choi decided to stop working with Yoongi and he doesn’t like it at all. And when he learned from Jin that Choi was a snitch, it was worst. Yoongi is not the kind of man to let anybody think you can fuck with him and stay alive. If you betray him, you die. So, Choi and all his boys will die. Isn’t it simple ?

Soon enough, Yoongi’s office’s door opens and two men enters. Yoongi & Namjoon gets up and walks toward them. When Yoongi sees Jimin’s smile, he puts his hand on his cheek and asks « Is it done ? ». Jimin raises his eyebrow in a playful way, like he always does, and replies « We have Bucheon », his voice lightly hoarser than usual. Yoongi bites his lips and tilts his head on the side, watching Jimin smiles back at him. Yoongi looks at Jungkook and nods before he announces they’ll celebrate it tonight.

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The Queen’s Ruby Brooches

  1. Grima Ruby Brooch - A modern piece designed by jeweler Andrew Grima, with a large center carved ruby and 7 smaller rubies with free-form gold and diamonds. t was given to the Queen by the Duke of Edinburgh in 1966.
  2. Queen Victoria’s Crown Ruby Brooch - This brooch has been re-designed after Victoria died and left them to The Crown. The original likely had opal surrounding the center rubies, thought to have been purchased in 1854 from Garrard. Queen Alexandria replaced the opals with diamonds.
  3. Ruby and Gold Flower Brooch - Possibility might be the brooch which was a gift from the Principality of Monaco, described as a “gold brooch set with diamonds and rubies in a trellised floral design” (Her Majesty’s Jewel Vault)
  4. Queen Mother’s Ruby and Diamond Floral Clip - By Cartier, there are 2 of these clips in mirror images. Each with 2 flowers in rubies, one with a diamond center stone, and diamond encrusted leaves.