floral cuffs


In honor of Coachella first weekend this year, I dressed up to lend my spirit to the cause. Alas, I’ve still never been, but it’s probably for the best….I get anxiety around big crowds of strangers. So my day wasn’t quite as cool as you festival goers (I envy you), but it was still a good day. Went out to eat with friends, stuffed my face with some five guys. Better eating doesn’t start until Monday :P Then we went to see the new Fast & Furious movie. It was awesomely, satisfyingly bad. I was thoroughly entertained. Headed out for dinner now….bonsoir.

Dress: Forever21 believe it or not! Love this dress, but it’s way too long for my stubby little frame, so I pinned it up on one side, which is what gives it the drape-y effect.

Bag: lamodatakeover​ one of my favorite bags in my closet.

Hat: Vintage

Maybe next year I’ll make it out, in the meantime I’ll light one up for all the homies that couldn’t go.

I’m pretty sure I wore another shirt over this tank - f*ck if I can remember tho.  Ugh.  It’s been like a long, crazy, side-windin’ week?!

COSTUME for the mutha-f*ckin DAY -

- Plum racer-back tank top by American Apparel

- BDG high-waist skinny jeans

- Double-print, floral, blazer with rolled cuffs by Free People

- Tan oxfords with neon hot pink sole from Target

- Geo gold stud earrings by Madewell