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Zakka Embroidery presents designs that are an elegant blend of Japanese and Scandinavian style

Zakka Embroidery: Simple One- and Two-Color Embroidery Motifs and Small Crafts
by Yumiko Higuchi
Roost Books
2016, 192 pages, 8.3 x 0.6 x 5.9 inches, Paperback
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I’m a sucker for fiber arts. I only ever had a passing interest in embroidery and basically did all of my needlework embellishments freehand and on-the-fly. But since hitting the embroidery thread jackpot at a yard sale last summer, I’ve been inching slowly closer to learning the actual craft. Zakka Embroidery was exactly what I needed.

Yumiko Higuchi first draws in readers with a collection of beautiful embroidery motifs (shot clearly and up close so that you can practically feel the stitches on the muslin) with corresponding projects. All the motifs are garden/nature inspired and only use one or two colors of thread. This was a huge selling point for me, as I am not naturally drawn to overly colorful designs and have a hard time figuring out what goes well together (outside of gray and dark gray). The projects range from sweet, floral clutches and satchels, to baby items, to home decor. There are a lot of great gift-projects in this book. The second half is a thorough, photographically illustrated guide to embroidery techniques, and then the actual embroidery and project patterns.

Because many of the projects in this lovely little book do involve sewing, it’s good to have some basic sewing skills to fully utilize it. But don’t let that stop you! You can easily embroider these motifs onto pre-made garments (some projects actually call for this), tea towels, or accessories. You could even make these tiny gardens into your classic wall-hanging, but I think one of the nicest things about this book is that everything is intended to be actually used, worn, and appreciated in action.

– Marykate Smith Despres

March 27, 2017


April Showers Bring May Flowers

…that’s what I will call this ensemble (not really) because I just noticed the irony of the blue stripes on my shirt cascading down to the floral print on my pants. A look that’s pretty springy for what otherwise was a very gloomy day, and a good transition outfit from a casual day at work to a relaxing and delicious sushi happy hour.

shirt: vintage.
floral denim: Current/Elliott.
heels: Zara.
clutch: Proenza Schouler.

anonymous asked:

Omg please do a part 2 of Eric & Dylan finding out about the rape fantasies!

Part 1, Sorry it took so long to write the second part. Part 3

The room was silent even though it was a thud that woke you, opening your eyes all you saw was darkness clutching the floral bed sheets your heart was racing unsure if it was from fear or excitement maybe both, but it skipped an entire beat when you heard two voices whispering, barely audible “..looks so vulnerable doesn’t she…bet she feels amazing….you want to go first.. “ you gasped not realizing you had been holding your breath and their words stopped as silence filled the room the bed lowered at your feet and you closed your eyes pretending to be asleep as you felt the pressure of another body on top of you “I know you’re awake” a hand traveled up the side of your neck to the back of your head grabbing a handful of hair forcing your head up “So open those pretty little eyes” and you did only to be met with an anonymous face covered with a ski mask, his hand traveled back down to your throat squeezing laughing when you let out a whimper and he looked back, following his gaze you saw the outline of another figure and you felt yourself starting to shake in this strangers grip tears forming in your eyes and the other body came closer “Reb take off that fucking mask” pulling the mask over his head you were met with a disheveled Eric “What the fuck V give it back” looking over you recognized the long hair and the tall frame as Dylan “What the hell are you guys doing here” they both brought their attention back to you but Eric was the one to speak “We’re here to take advantage of you, isn’t that what you want” you felt your cheeks blush opening your mouth to reply but you didn’t know what to say. He got more aggressive and the hand resting on your throat tightened “Well isn’t it!” all you could do was shake your head yes as he smiled “Well then you don’t mind if I do this” grabbing the bottom of your shirt he pulled it over your head exposing your chest you went to cover yourself but before you could Eric grabbed your arms and pinned them above your head staring down at you “V you wanna look” Dylan peeked over Eric’s shoulder, his cheeks burned a bright shade of pink as his eyes focused on your hardened nipples. Eric watched his friend’s expression “Ya know what V you can go first” he smirked “I’ll hold her down for you”

Part 3???