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etsyfindoftheday | wedding week 2016 | 6.14.16

theme: floral wedding finds
succulent save-the-date stamp by nativebear

let your love of florals and botanicals seep into your paper products, too - like this radical succulent-emblazoned personalized and carved save-the-date stamp!!

The Signs as Architecture
  • Aries: Romanesque architecture. Sprawling manors, dusty curved windows, hallways that have no end
  • Taurus: Elizabethan architecture. Geometric windows, palaces with an abundance of mysterious wings, elaborately carved staircases
  • Gemini: Plateresque architecture. Massive hand carved columns, ornate decorative facades, floral carvings that span the entire building
  • Cancer: French Renaissance architecture. Sand coloured chateaus on a hilltop, elaborate roofscape designs, lavish internal furnishing
  • Leo: Portuguese Renaissance architecture. Massive rounded ceilings so far up you get dizzy looking, intricate decorative designs that flow down the wall, the imposing Cathedral
  • Virgo: French Colonial architecture. Storybook cottages on the river, canary yellow walls and off white crown moulding, paper lanterns hanging off the veranda
  • Libra: Sicilian Baroque architecture. Marble curves and flourishes, imposing gateways guarded by hand carved statues, elegant wrought iron balconies overlooking the city
  • Scorpio: Gothic architecture. Perfectly pointed arches, large stained glass windows, omniscient towers, the run down Cathedral covered in ivy.
  • Sagittarius: Beaux-Arts architecture. Sculptures of Roman gods and goddesses watch the gates, massive arched windows, richly detailed murals and mosaics
  • Capricorn: Greek Revival architecture. Colossal columns lit up with light from below, extremely lavish internal designs and furnishings, the rich widows palace beyond the gates
  • Aquarius: Russian Neoclassical Revival architecture. Brightly coloured facades, luxury mansions, geometric shapes and clean surfaces
  • Pisces: Mediterranean Revival architecture. Tropical palaces and villas, stuccoed walls and red tiled roofs, lush gardens around the corner

Finally decided to post these now that the closing reception for the show they were in happened today! These were for a social activism in art show at my college. The pieces are part of a set called “They’re Real.” Each piece is floral foam carved and then felted by hand. These pieces were focused on the perceived mythicallity of different sexualities, in this case pansexuality and asexuality. I’m really pleased with how they turned out.

It was a crisp day, but warmer than the early season as the locals migrated outside to enjoy the weather. Theodore tuned the strings of his guitar, perched upon a granite planter within the alleyway of an inn and floral shop. A bone carved pick poised above the strings, clasped between calloused fingertips as the breton began to play a masterful song. The notes wove together with impressive speed as the walls echoed the sound. 

He wasn’t dressed in the same ornate silks and satin that waited for him at home, in fact Theodore played the part of a polished vagrant quite well in his plain white shirt and black vest. A break from the life of appearances and masks was much needed respite as the breton yearned to be a lot of things, and sometimes nothing at all. 

Crows lined the overlook ahead, as the hearth smoke of the building rose behind them. One blue-eyed bird had already perched itself upon his shoulder as he played, watching passerbys with caution.

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My first proper contribution to the Rivetra fandom, a fic that ended up being much MUCH longer than I planned for it to be. 

Also a little present for lance-corporalackerman and mikimagic, my two tumblr senpais who are somehow able to put up with me. Happy Valentines Day you two :-) have some Rivetra babies.

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