Wearable Planters & Geometric Bike Planters Help You Carry a Piece of Nature Wherever You Go This Spring & Summer

Colleen Jordan from Wearable Planters (previously featured here) showcases her adorable, ingenious home-made organic jewelry. By combining jewelry and gardening, Jordan displays a range of earthy and modern designs. Created in a variety of small geometric pots made with different types of flowers, shapes and colors, Jordan’s main purpose is to find a convenient way for a person to carry plants with them.

Her miniature plants are generated from a three-dimensional printer, which are later designed by hand by the artist. Jordan also instructs her buyers on how to prolong survival of the tiny plans they purchase by informing them on what type of plants grow best in the small vases and how to keep them alive. Jordan’s creations are perfect for nature lovers. They are not limited to jewelry design, she also makes bike and home decorations, as well as brooches and lapel pins. Find her entire collection in her Etsy shop!

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Philippe Jarrigeon Photographs the Astounding Landscaping of Marqueyssac Topiary Gardens

Photographer Philippe Jarrigeon travelled to France to capture the incredible landscaped gardens of the Château de Marqueyssac. The topiary gardens are a treat to the eyes, as man made art and design conform together to interpret the beauty of nature. This latest series of images which show the brilliance of geometric shapes, surreal hedges and whimsical mazes rising over the classic gardens can be viewed in the latest issue of the PIN-UP magazine.

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