R-CUBED by Dimitris Florakis /  loonatik.tumblr.com

R-Cubed is a startup engineering team specialised in Rebuilding, Restoring and Renovating, a wide range of buildings such as neo-classics, apartments and offices, therefore the name R-Cubed.

Displaying a cube would be a cliché direction, so we decided to experiment with the logo itseft by giving it modular compositions. Given this, we wanted to emphasise on the tailor made services R-Cubed team provides its clients with, because each client has unique needs and requests.

We have provited each member of the team with a different edge-painted colour business card. Matching to the different colours appearing in the floor-plans they reproduce for their clients.

These are the three prevailing colors that appear in the floor-plans they reproduce during a laser scanning, a cutting edge technology tool they commonly use.