Let’s talk about Flora Reinhold
  • Flora Reinhold who has trust issues after being kidnapped, abandoned and betrayed multiple times
  • Flora Reinhold who also has abandonment issues after living in isolation for most of her life because her Father asked her to do it and she complied 
  • Flora Reinhold who no longer accepts simply being told what to do by the time Unwound Future happens
  • Flora Reinhold whose grudge holding skills rival those of Don Paolo
  • Flora Reinhold who reads murder mystery novels and considers an investigation an ‘adventure’
  • Flora Reinhold who found out that everyone she cared about and grew up with were robots and still regarded them as human beings
  • Flora Reinhold who has had to watch both of her parents die when she was a kid and stopped smiling for the rest of her childhood
  • Flora Reinhold who still has a cheerful outlook on life despite everything that’s happened to her
  • Flora Reinhold who is insecure
  • Flora Reinhold who feels like a burden
  • Flora Reinhold who loves to make friends
  • Flora Reinhold who I have no doubt would be the most doting older sister ever and would (ironically) be overly protective of her little siblings
  • Flora Reinhold who would shake with fear when she finds out that her siblings want to get into dangerous professions like their Father but would encourage them to pursue their passions anyway, because she doesn’t want anyone to feel as alone or restricted  as she did growing up
  • Flora Reinhold who is more than half of a ship, the useless character, the character who can’t cook 
  • Flora Reinhold, a character who deserves so much more development and attention than Level-5 has given her
Bog Girl

Author: @the-peeta-pocket

Rating: M (the story’s other part(s) will also be rated M)

“It’s going to be fun,” Madge promises, chewing along the edge of her thumb like she always does when she’s excited. “A full week, just you and me. Cooking our own food, taking evening strolls along the bogs… it’ll be good for us, Peeta.”

I just groan. “Are you sure we have to do this?”

She unleashes a glare that’d make anyone think I’ve just asked for a divorce. And maybe I have. Our marriage has been on the rocks since I accepted the professorship in Minsk, which seemed like the perfect position—teaching English to Belarusian students and immersing ourselves in a new culture, all while padding up our savings account—until we actually arrived, and Madge’s desire to adjust hit a brick wall. Undersee blood runs thick in the arteries of our Virginian hometown, so acclimating to life in a city where her name isn’t stamped on street signs and branded all over city hall has been a challenge. (A challenge that, after six months of living in Belarus, still looms dark and unrelenting.)

But we’ve only been married for two years, and we want this to work. I suggested marriage counseling. Madge suggested a weekend getaway in a rustic cabin, nestled deep in the bogs to the north. “I still don’t have a good enough grasp on the language,” Madge said when I pushed for therapy. “I’d rather be alone with you, Peeta.”

She must’ve forgotten that neither of us are nature people. She wears pumps and pencil skirts religiously, and I’d rather appreciate flora and fauna from my back porch than knee-deep in mud and peat. But Madge’s genome is deeply infected with politics, and it’d be easier to leash up a tiger than persuade her when she’s made up her mind.

So when she stares at me with enough raging fury to burn a hole in my face, I lift my hands in surrender.

“Alright, alright. Just tell me what to pack.”

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anonymous asked:

Headcanons about Temari and Ino friendship? Because I picture them as being these super fab partners in making fun of Shikamaru and Ino wants to do girly things like paint each other nails and Temari is like grudgingly fond of her. IDK. JUST THE MAJORITY OF FANDOM IS LIKE OMG NO THEY WOULD LIKE HATE EACH OTHER AND I'M LIKE NO. FIERCE LADY FRIENDSHIP DAMMIT.

Ino and Temari are inlaws like there’s no way Temari could be around Shikamaru in an seriousness and not be also….friends with the rest of team ten. AND???? Temari’s canon hobby is literally ‘flora appreciation’ theres no way on this earth they wouldn’t be friends and hang out all the time and Temari would be really into nail painting. She just never does it herself because it chips so fast when you’re a ninja and she never cares enough to fix it up. They would definitely make fun of Shikamaru. Ino would try and style Temari’s hair in a cute way and get SO angry and determined when it proved nearly impossible. It would take like 3 hours but she’d make it cute and Temari would spend like the rest of the day looking at her reflection and walking around town making sure everybody saw. I love how you said ‘grudgingly fond’ like for real I think Temari is grudgingly fond of the entire konoha 11 her and her siblings never expected to be so attached to konoha dweebs.

Basically I laugh hysterically every time I see anyone saying naruto girls wouldn’t like each other.  

Friendly Reminder

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ That according to NUNS 3 and the filler arc towards the end of Part 1, Temari is actually great with kids and makes a pretty awesome teacher.

(◡‿◡✿) NOT TO MENTION, but her hobby is flora appreciation and she actually really likes flowers.

(✿◠‿◠) Conclusion: Temari is not as cruel and scary as everyone makes her out to be or even how she perceives herself to be


When I was a kid, my grandma would always ask me, “Why are you so glum?”

The problem, of course, was not that I was unhappy, but that I wasn’t exhibiting exuberant happiness every moment of the day. I would be in a perfectly neutral mood, or satisfied to be reading whatever book I had or, in the absence of a book, Grandma’s copies of Ladies Home Journal and Redbook.

(For those of you who are unfamiliar, these are (or were) magazines for married women of a certain age.)

Then, naturally, being ten and asked, for probably the thousandth time, “Why are you so glum?”, I would get angry. I hadn’t been particularly upset or sad or anything until she told me my normal, neutral mood wasn’t good enough.

When I got older, my mom and grandma would always tell me how much nicer or prettier I looked when I smiled. My mom was disappointed that I chose the senior (college) picture of me basically straight-faced (ie, my resting face). I had a slight smile, I think. She liked the one where I was smiling, which I thought made me look ridiculous.

What I took away from this, being told that my normal, default state, was inadequate, improper, wrong, and probably unfeminine, was that I was inadequate, improper, and wrong. (I didn’t particularly care about being unfeminine.)

I learned that my emotions were invalid. I learned that I had to pretend to be something, someone, that I’m not. I learned that I had to hide what I was feeling.

I learned that I was not adequately or appropriately performing femininity.

Smile, girl. You look so much better when you smile.

My mother-in-law, bless her heart, likes to have family pictures where everyone is smiling. She tells me I look so pretty when I’m smiling. She specifically praises pictures of me when I’m smiling as if it will encourage me to smile more in pictures, or if operant conditioning were a thing.

She told me she wants me to be cheerful at my brother-in-law’s wedding because his fiancee’s parents are cheerful people. (The wedding is on a remote island accessible by ferry from Seattle. It is full of Nature and Outdoors, both of which are things I do not like. Or, rather, I prefer to enjoy them in a different and obviously wrong manner than they do; I don’t like nature hiking or learning about all the flora and fauna. I appreciate the view from the cabin. Their insistence that I enjoy things Their Way most certainly does nothing to improve my mood. And I definitely don’t feel comfortable saying, “No, I’m not interested in hiking,” because that is Rude.)

Ben says that his mother does not intend to pass judgment on my femininity or what have you; she doesn’t mean to do the sexist “smile, girl, you’re so pretty” thing.

Intent doesn’t matter. Her intent doesn’t change the nearly 40 years of being told that I am wrong and inadequate and improper.

And I can’t broach this subject with her.