flora the frillish

Vulpix’s have such fluffy tailss~~/// Pikachu’s are so cuuute~~~// Reuniclussss ;3; Deinooooosssss~~~;/////; ….urm…//////////this…I didn’t want to look like this!! /////////// Shiny Butterfrees are pink~~~/// hm…I wanted to know about these tails…but I can’t…taste my own…;;

((Mrrr, today’s the last day of anon magiiiic~~ ;; </3 Flora will go back to being a Frillish tomorrow~~ ;; <3 Too bad really~ Welp, she took advice from Xerox and tried practicing her ditto-ness, of course she transformed into her two favorite pokes~ >3< Otherwise she would see things or read about things and just poof into some of these. ;3; Shiny Butterfree and Slowpokeeee she still needs to be pink~))

When the magic wears off, I’m just me~

It was really fun being a Ditto for a while~ I really liked it~ <3

((Welp, day 3 is up, Flora is no longer a ditto, but a frillish again~ She did learn a little something about appreciating who you are and all that mush~ xD <3 THUSLY she is struck with another magic!anon and loves Nox~ …ehehehe~ my poor bby, she has no idea about love~ You love and hate anons ran rampant today huh? xD))

N-n-n-n-nox!! I-I-I-I don’t- I mean- I’m- wh-what- hnngh, um-

erm, hnnnngh- *incoherent babbling*

((Nox wins. :l Her brain cannot compute~ Flora may be easily flustered, but as most have noticed things like romance or love or that kind of thing are not her thing~ and she’s never had a kiss before, so those kinds of topics are even worse~ :D ))