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MouseOfMickey | asked: Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella?

In a faraway land, long ago, there lived a King and his fair Queen. Many years they had longed for a child, and finally their wish was granted. A daughter was born, and they called her Aurora. Yes, they named her after the dawn, for she filled their lives with sunshine. Then a great holiday was proclaimed throughout the land, so that all of high or low estate could pay homage to the infant Princess. And our story begins on that most joyful day…

Get to know the God

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  • Title : Faustus the Triumphant
  • Domain : Conquest, Patron god of Mercenaries, Warriors and Kings
  • Alignment : Unicronian God
  • Residence : The plains of Pentefar


  • Disposition : Resilient, steadfast, stubborn, confident
  • Weaponry : Legions of titan warriors, his sword Triumph.
  • Powers : The sharpening of mortal blades, making their swings hit home, starting and turning the tides of war in the favor of those who call upon him.
  • Attire : Gold and Abyssal Blue armor and silk. Four armored pinions of gold. A hood that casts a golden glow on his visage. An enourmous bay laurel wreath laden with blooming thistle hovers behind him at all times, always in bloom. 

Patronage : Warriors, mercenaries and kings.
Symbolic flora : Bay laurel and thistle
Symbolic fauna : Stellar’s Sea Eagle
Symbolic satellite : Saturn
Symbolic gemstone : Carnelian
Symbolic consumable : Honeyed Meade
Favored offering(s) : Well used weapons, honored shields, mead, gemstones, stories of conquest
Favored blessing(s) : Sharp and true blades, successful conquest, safety.

QUOTE : “All men can see these tactics whereby I conquer, but what none can see is the strategy out of which victory is evolved.” Sun-Tzu

Just The Way You Are (Ella/Kit)

Author’s Note: This fic was requested by anonymous. I feel I could have made it a lot longer if I had allowed myself, but I can’t, not with all the requests I still want to get done in a reasonably short amount of time. So hopefully this will be at least somewhat what the anon was looking for :) You can also find the fic here!

What had Ella expected? That her stepmother and her stepsisters would welcome her with open arms to join them at the royal palace? It had been a foolish, hopeless notion. But Ella could not have just let the opportunity pass her by. She wanted to see the apprentice, Kit, more than anything, and not only that. She wanted to get out of the house and have a good time, for once in her life. Just once.

But her stepmother and stepsisters had not agreed. They had told her that Ella would not be coming to the ball, they had called her dress rags and left with a bang of the door. Ella had stood there, frozen, on the steps, unsure of what to do now. She wanted to avoid crying. She couldn’t cry. She mustn’t. Crying would do her no good.

Just then she heard horse’s hooves from the yard. Could it be that the carriage had come back for her? Could they have changed their minds?

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