flora does the thing

This is defense for Aurora is split up into three basic points:

1. Aurora did not choose to fall asleep
2. Aurora slept against her will
3. Aurora couldn’t counter magic


1. Aurora did not choose to fall asleep

Assuming that Aurora was in the right mind to choose to touch the spindle, she did not choose to fall asleep. (Btw, in my third part I’ll explain why this assumption is wrong)

From Aurora’s viewpoint, she had no way of knowing what was going to happen. What did she know about spindles? spinning wheels? Maleficent? or the curse? King Stefan had ordered that all spinning wheels be burned and The Good Fairies (TGF) not only didn’t seem to tell Aurora anything about the curse but they also didn’t even suspect Maleficent would try anything and so left Aurora alone.

Comparison: TGF put the entire kingdom to sleep without asking and so those people didn’t choose to fall asleep.

I can’t blame Aurora for having something done to her without their consent.


2. Aurora slept against her will

Aurora’s sleeping as Sleeping Beauty is no more her will than a person who is put into an induced coma and is unable to wake up. Now consider that this coma was done upon the person without their knowledge and against their wishes. 

Comparison: The kingdom was sleeping and couldn’t wake up because of TGF, not because they were lazy and wanted sleep nor because they were tired and needed sleep. For example, King Hubert is struggling to continue his discussion to King Stefan and even complete his answer to Flora. First thing he does when he wakes up is continue talking: he clearly didn’t want to sleep.

I can’t blame Aurora for having something she wouldn’t like done to her without her knowledge


3. Aurora couldn’t counter magic 

Aurora was able to resist the trance for a split second, probably because of her own willpower and TGF’s shouts as a distraction, but considering that TGF couldn’t counter Maleficient’s curse (=“Maleficent’s powers are far too great”) it’s reasonable to think that Aurora couldn’t have resisted any more than she did.

Comparison: The mortals of the kingdom couldn’t counter TGF’s sleeping spell. Even if they suspected it or knew it was coming, what could they possibly have done? They were simply overpowered.

Previously mentioned, Aurora was not in the right mind: she was already under Maleficient’s magic before she touched the spindle. Maleficent came into the room as a glowing green “will-o-the-wisp” and trances Aurora. Aurora’s mannerisms - her body language and facial expression, primarily - are uncharacteristically stiff and straight when she is being lured her up a magically hidden secret stairway. Maleficient then creates an spinning wheel and hypnotizes her with, “Touch the spindle. Touch it, I say!”… All this is magical manipulation.



When Aurora is asleep she is a passive character, like everyone when they’re asleep, but her passivity is because she was a victim of Maleficient’s curse and not because she, herself, is an inherently passive character; in fact, un-cursed, Aurora is an active character - very much so.

Haikyuu characters and their pets + gifs
  • Daichi: Definitely 100% a dog owner. There’s literally a picture of him on the wikipedia page for “dog person.” Probably owns one of the athletic guard breeds, like a rottweiler or german shepherd, named after an old general/emperor/daimyo or a favorite character from a 70′s cop show. He always joins daichi on his morning run and is by far the most well-trained of all of the dogs on this list. Friendly towards new people but absolutely adores his owner. 

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  • you know he absolutely doesn’t mind being woken up by this: 

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