flora dear

imagine if the family were actually still really loyal to Clive after everything and they were still a gang but didn’t really have anything to do because Clive wasn’t interested in their services anymore so he told them to look after flora or something and they end up liking her a lot because she’s super nice and kisses their owies and they LIKE HER COOKING A LOT they think it’s really unique and exotic and she inadvertently becomes a mafia boss that would be cool

schafpudel  asked:

And I like to imagine that, in post-canon canonverse, Flora becomes an apprentice to Don Paolo (and possibly also Descole) in the ways of disguises and destructive machinery. Supervillian Flora. Or maybe just supervillian-esque Chaotic Good Flora. And Hershel dissaproves of this Unsavory Influence, but at least she's learning to fend for herself (and has found something she's better at than baking)

God I love this!!! And I love when people incorporate Don Paolo into these things!! I also think that Flora hanging with Don Paolo is the cutest. thatsgoosey is also a loyal advocate for evil Flora, if you didn’t know. I think it’s fabulous. I want Flora to have another game, if only I might be able to see things like this.

All of my ideas of post-canon Flora end up being somewhat rebellious toward Hershel. Because even though people may say she’s just a girly pushover-type character, in Lost Future I think we saw she really wasn’t willing to just sit around and wait for him any more. I’d like to think Flora is smarter than that, has some sort of a epiphany that this over-protectiveness and abandonment she’s had thrust upon her by both her fathers isn’t healthy. I think she’d realize he (certainly unwillingly) disregards her monophobia to an extent that she should do something for herself. So instead of following him on his adventures, she creates her own. I’m not sure it’s a bad or good thing that my Floras end up disliking Hershel to some point, but I think it’d be something entirely plausible and something I’d like to see.