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What Time Allows Us

Samurai Jack semi AU fanfic oneshot, (I just needed get my feels out ok will be posting to other sites eventually) has jashi but more just what I hoped to have had happened. (Multiverses for the win!)

Summary: In the years following the finale, Jack has resigned himself to the daze of everyday life when a surprising visit brings him even more surprising news.

He wasn’t sure how much time had passed since that day. Time meant so little now, but when he looked in the mirror, there were signs of change. Fine wrinkles now appeared where there was once only smooth skin, bits of grey poking out of his jet black hair. Now that he was back in the past, or rather the present, it seemed he was able to age once more. Still, Jack hardly noticed. The days, they seemed to mesh together for him. It worried his parents; but after fifty years of constant fighting, this peace was nice. Though, he could not deny, it would be much more enjoyable if she were here.

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Could you write a short fic about Sycamore meeting Flora? I love your stuff!!!

Hiya! God, I love this request so much!

And thank you for the compliment :D I’m kind of out of practise, so this might not be the best thing I’ve ever written (o^o)

Headcanon: Desmond is definitely a very, VERY protective uncle when he meets Flora and learns about her story.

A soft knock on the door woke the man in the chair from his thoughts. Desmond Sycamore quickly checked his clock, noticing it was already 3PM. The time Hershel would visit him, as they’d agreed about a week earlier. His younger brother had warned him that he’d take his new daughter with him.

Somewhere deep inside, thinking of having a daughter still hurt the archaeologist. But he’d decided to let go of it, seeing what terrible things he had done to get revenge. Still, her brilliant smile haunted him at night, and he tried to push that image aside when opening the door.

“Desmond, it’s good to see you again,” Hershel stated before reaching out a hand to his elder brother. Desmond smiled and took the hand, shaking it politely; “Same to you, brother. I’ve heard a lot of stories about your recent adventures, and I’m glad you’re here to share them with me in person.”

The two laughed, before Desmond stepped aside to let him in. That’s when he noticed the younger girl who was kind of hiding behind Hershel. She didn’t seem to know what to do, so she looked down at her hands when she shyly introduced herself as Flora.

He took in her appearance. Her brown hair, the big dark eyes, her behaviour- No, keep yourself together Desmond. She’s hís daughter, not yours. So the archaeologist smiled.

“Desmond Sycamore. It’s nice to meet you, Flora, there’s no need to be shy.” At those words she looked him in the eye for the first time, and she smiled back before walking after her father, leaving Desmond stunned at the door.

He waited a moment before closing the door to follow the two, thinking about how he was going to survive this.

The two had taken a seat in the large living room, and Raymond was already filling their cups with warm tea, the smell filling the room. “Thank you, Raymond. Please, have some yourself as well.” The butler simply nodded before walking away. Probably to get a cup for himself.

Desmond sat down in front of the other two, and addressed Flora again; “Flora, dear, if you get tired of the conversation, please feel free to have a look around.” She nodded; “Thank you, mister Sycamore.” He chuckled at that.

“Please, you have permission to call me Desmond. Or uncle, if you’d like that.”

Oh god, here come that smile again. Lord help him.

It wasn’t long before the  two archaeologists were caught up in the stories of Hershel’s adventures in St. Mystere, Folsense, and the underground London. Desmond was silently thanking whatever God was out there for sparing the life of his younger brother.

It was already 6PM when Hershel decided he’d go home. When he called for Flora, she walked in with Raymond, the latter wearing a pretty flower crown. Desmond laughed as Raymond thanked the girl for her gift. The four of them went to the front door, ready to part ways, before Flora turned to Desmond once again.

“Uncle Desmond? Can I come over again, one day?”

He blinked; “Yes, of course. Is… is there any particular reason?”

“I know all about the professor’s tales, but I want to hear yours too. He always tells me such nice things about you, and I’d love to get to know you better.”

It had been a while since Desmond had smiled so widely, his cheeks were actually hurting. “Of course, I’d be honoured to tell you about them. I’ll see you then, dear.”

Flora nodded, and the two of them walked to Layton’s… peculiar car. As soon as they’d set off, Desmond closed the door, walked past his butler, and sat down in the chair he’d left earlier that day. He closed his eyes, rubbed his hands over his face, sat up straight, and looked at the portrait across of him.

His daughter would’ve loved Flora.

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noah fence but. flora's sisters giving her crap like "OOOH FLORAS GOT A GIRLFRIEND" and you can hear them all for a mile, and her dads giving her the worst (best) advice. jack laughing his ass off because ashi doesnt even realize shes got a big gay crush at first cause shes got NO CLUE what romance is

Omg they woULD!! But I would imagine Jack chuckling at first bc he thinks Ashi already knows and is joking around but then he finds out that she’s legit and is like “OH…Oh no I’m so sorry” and then he explains it in the most vague and confusing way possible and Ashi is just even more confused

also scottsman’s words to Flora “Flora dear, you gotta sing songs fer yer lassie and then steal an ENTIRE GARDEN for her, ya gotta double impress her to doUBLE WIN HER OVER” also her sisters giving Flora stuff they don’t need anymore to give to Ashi as gifts 


dear diamond flower,

the indestructible beauty that you are
the inorganic form you’ve taken
suites you better than delicate
petals that wilt in the sun
instead you glint at any hint of light

you are made of dinosaurs tears
polished with their bones
you are humanity’s emblem
of undying love on earth
ironically you are composed
of layers and layers of death

your mesmerizing aesthetic is undeniable
and your existence is indeed a rarity
as morbid as it sounds
being made of something that died
millions of years ago is testament
to the beauty and ephemera of life
and that in fact that there is something
to be said about how no matter what
anything that has ever lived will live on in
another indestructible form

yours truly,


  • layton: our deepest apologies, flora dear. a vastly unexpected issue arose that luke and i simply could not ignore. i do hope you can forgive the two of us for leaving you like that
  • flora: alright, i forgive you, but youd better not leave me all alone again
  • layton: of course not. gracious, no. we would never,
  • layton, two minutes later: ok luke let.s fckign blow ths pop stand
Sleeping Beauty meta: Merryweather and Maleficent

I rewatched Disney’s Sleeping Beauty yesterday for like the first time since I was a kid, and I was, for one thing, surprised by how much characterisation the non-main characters get - arguably more than the two “leads”, Aurora and Phillip. The movie is worth rewatching just to appreciate the fairies, including Maleficent. Specifically, there are two characters I want to appreciate here.

Part A: Maleficent: Yeah, she’s wonderfully written, nothing new there. But what I had never been able to appreciate as a kid is just how full of personality she is and how fantastically written her evil scheme is.

Maleficent: Oh come now Prince Phillip. Why so melancholy? A wondrous future lies before you - you, the destined hero of a charming fairy tale come true. Behold - King Stefan’s castle. And in yonder topmost tower, dreaming of her true love, the Princess Aurora. But see the gracious whim of fate - why, ‘tis the self-same peasant maid, who won the heart of our noble prince but yesterday. She is indeed, most wondrous fair. Gold of sunshine in her hair, lips that shame the red red rose. In ageless sleep, she finds repose. The years roll by, but a hundred years to a steadfast heart, are but a day. And now, the gates of a dungeon part, and our prince is free to go his way. Off he rides, on his noble steed, a valiant figure, straight and tall! To wake his love, with love’s first kiss. And prove that “true love” conquers all!

This scheme - letting Phillip go when he’s an old man, Aurora and the kingdom waking up only for her love to die shortly thereafter, is, without question, exceptionally cruel, and yet it this is not just “for the evululz” that you see in so many stories. This is an evil scheme of truly immaculately evil design, designed not merely to bring someone personal misery but to laugh in the face of fate and the very laws of magic which “true love conquers all” can be easily considered, since it’s something the “good” fairies deliberately invoke to save Aurora).

Maleficent is not simply taking her justified (in her eyes) revenge and punishing humans for the slight made against her, the offense of not being invited to a major event in the kingdom. She is using the opportunity as the ultimate power show, to demonstrate how she can twist even the laws of fairytale magic to her whims and render them meaningless, and in so doing establish herself as the ultimate mistress of all evil. It is breathtaking because, in one short taunting speech, there is so much complicated history we can infer from it, so much more depth that her character gains.

Part B: Merryweather: You remember Merryweather. Blue fairy, gets shafted the less interesting tasks like cleaning while others make cakes and dresses and create crowns. Seems a bit sharper than the others, often pointing out flaws in ideas before others spot them. Got a bit of a temper on her and tries to bullrush someone who’s making her angry like a tiny blue bulldog on more than one occasion. Altogether, harmless enough. Right?


First off, I want to take a moment to point out a conversation early in the movie (precisely one of those parts I didn’t pay attention to as a kid):

Flora: I’ll turn her into a flower.

Merryweather: Maleficent?

Flora: [chuckles] No, no, dear. The princess.

Fauna: Oh, she’d make a lovely flower.

Flora: Don’t you see? A flower can’t prick its finger.

Merryweather: It hasn’t any.

Fauna: That’s right.

Flora: She’ll be perfectly safe.

Merryweather: Until Maleficent sends a frost.

Flora: [laughs, then stops abruptly] Yes… oh dear.

Fauna: She always ruins your nicest flowers.

I think this goes to show just how curiously inhuman they are. They think nothing of turning a sentient being into a plant to “save” her, although it reads more as just wanting to find a way to somehow thwart Maleficent, the well being of the humans in play here being secondary. It’s like a power play between them (well, I say 'almost’. Really, the line about maleficent ruining Flora’s flowers shows that power plays ranging from prank wars to major conflicts are a consistent thing between them.). They only discard the idea until Merryweather points out Maleficent would have other ways of ruining a flower.

This show of… inhumanity, or lapse of human-like morality is curious, given that just earlier in the conversation..

Merryweather: I’d like to turn her into a fat ol’ - hop toad.

Fauna: Now, dear, that isn’t a very nice thing to say.

Flora: Besides, we can’t. You know our magic doesn’t work that way.

Fauna: It can only do good, dear, to bring joy and happiness.

Merryweather: Well, *that* would make *me* happy.

It’s almost like they do not, in fact, have an ingrained sense of morality similar to a human’s and their morality system is entirely different. They’re the self-proclaimed “good fairies” because they try to limit themselves to doing things that humans find good, because otherwise, what difference is there between them and Maleficent?

This is also another example of Merryweather being just a little too trigger-happy, just a little too dark for what a “good fairy” is supposed to be Fortunately, nothing ever comes of that, and nothing sinister happens to show she might be-

External image

Oh. Uh. Nevermind, then.

Turning Maleficent’s pet crow to stone (and irreversibly, too, because if Maleficent had been able to turn him back, she sure as hell would have) rather than less fatal means of containing him seems a tad… extreme, doesn’t it? It’s certainly not the sort of thing that brought anyone joy and happiness unless you count satisfying Merryweather’s vindictive side. Clearly that “our magic doesn’t work that way” is less “doesn’t” and more “shouldn’t”, pointing to a divide between them and “evil” fairies that is entirely constructed and self-imposed.

And that’s about it for this ramble. Potential things to take away:

1. This has been a short compilation of hints in the story that depict fairies as an Other with Blue and Orange Morality, inhuman at their core (though it’s possible and even likely that the sixteen years spent raising Aurora without magic influenced them, certainly they seem to  have a lot more empathy for the emotional state of Aurora’s parents and Aurora herself by the end of it). I think it’s pretty interesting because the fairies seem like archtypical helpful magical entities on the surface, but show far more depth and complexity than, say, the fairy from Pinocchio or the fairy godmother from Cinderella.

2. Now I really want a sequel in which Merryweather has gone dark and is growing into the new Mistress of Evil, fuelled by feeling like she can do no wrong and her wanting to change things is justified, as well as by the little petty mistreatment she’s put up with from the other two “good” fairies.

(And THEN she’ll be able to turn EVERYTHING blue. >:{D )

That is all.

Personality of Aurora, v2

I’ve tried to simplify my original character analysis of Aurora as well as summarize my other articles about her into something streamlined, and so here is Aurora’s 3 main personality traits as I see her.



  • “I Wonder” song
  • “Oh dear, why do they still treat me like a child.” + “Why? After all, I am sixteen.”
  • “But they say if you dream a thing more than once, it’s sure to come true.”
  • “But that’s impossible! How could I marry a prince, I’d have to be …”

Aurora is very perceptive about nature, particularly about the birds, and is questioning about love in her “I Wonder” song. She also reflects on her life-limiting rules both alone and, then, to her aunts.

Later, Aurora learns her true identity through knowing about betrothal and she probably knows how being a princess is a very important position. Understandably, she cries, not just for not meeting the stranger, but also for having her whole life changed after living a lie.



  • “Well, and what are you three dears up to?”
  • “But you know something? I fooled ‘em. I have met someone!”
  • “Oh, why, it’s my dream prince!” + “Once Upon a Dream” song
  • “Oh he’s not a stranger, we’ve met before… Once upon a dream”

Aurora is a playful girl who is first seen singing and humming while doing chores. Overhearing her aunts and knowing it’s her birthday, Aurora slightly amused when they can’t tell her what they’re up to.

Related to play is her rebellion and romance. Aurora talks to her animal friends about lightheartedly disobeying her aunt’s rules by meeting a stranger (in her dreams) and sings “Once Upon a Dream” song. Growing up in isolation, dreams and fantasy is Aurora’s only social outlet.



  • “But I picked berries yesterday…”
  • “Oh it wasn’t that. It’s just that you’re a, a … [stranger]”
  • “Hmm? Oh, my name. Why, it’s, it’s … Oh no, no, I can’t, I … Goodbye!” + “…This evening. At the cottage, in the glen.”
  • “Everything’s so wonderful, just wait till you meet him.”

Aurora has been dutifully living her aunt’s life-limiting rules for 16 years.

Aurora does chores on her birthday and smiles when she’s told to pick more berries. It seems she knew her aunts just wanted her away so they could plan the surprise and so Aurora left to mostly idle in the woods.

When Aurora realizes she’s not dancing with her animal friends, she tries to leave calmly and cautiously. And then, when she realizes she got carried away and nearly shared personal information, she makes a date and leaves. Though technically against the rules, Aurora is sixteen (Aurora: Why? After all, I am sixteen. / Flora: It isn’t that, dear.) and it’s much more dutiful than, say, continuing a secret romance or running away with him.

Later, when Aurora realizes her true identity, in my interpretation, rather than basically rejecting the duty that comes with it, Aurora leaves to become princess.



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My my Dr.Rhyme, it sure has been a while. In the time since we've last spoke have you had any other fawn patients? You see, I was wondering if I could make you my dear Flora's go-to doctor. She did seem to take a liking to you.

I’ve had a few other fawn patients, but none like Flora! She seems to be a completely different SPECIES from the others!

Wait just a minute…weren’t you brown last time?

(3/20 questions done for the video!)