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Nature of Armenia

If I am asked where is the place on the earth that one can come across many miracles, I would name Armenia. Involuntarily you are suprised in such a small place on the earth it is possible to meet such monuments and such people, who can be the ornaments and pride of the whole world - Rockwell Kent

so guess who basically got to draw rise of the guardians fanart for concept art homework?! (THIS SOBBING NERD

RotG has been on my to-watch list for some time now, and i’m so glad i finally got around to seeing it (for actual school purposes, no less)! here is real bb jack frost hanging out in my version of bunnymund’s gorgeous easter warren. 


“The Quantum Weather Butterfly (Papilio Tempestae) is an undistinguished yellow color, its outstanding feature is its ability to create weather. This presumably began as a survival trait, since even an extremely hungry bird would find itself inconvenienced by a nasty localized tornado (usually about 6 inches across). From there it possibly became a secondary sexual characteristic, like the plumage of birds. Look at me, the male says, flapping his wings lazily in the canopy of the rain forest. I may be an undistinguished yellow color but in a fortnight’s time, a thousand miles away, Freak Gales Cause Road Chaos.”

Odense, Denmark-based artist Vladimir Stankovic created beautiful illustrations for a variety of the fantastical animals and plants dreamt up by the late author Sir Terry Pratchett for his phenomenal Discworld book series. 

Stankovic was commissioned by the Discworld Emporium to illustrate The Flora and Fauna of Discworld, which is now available here as an enchanting tea towel:

[via Faith is Torment]

This is the Jataí, a bee native to Brazil. Like all bees native to Brazil, she has no stinger and is super chill (nowadays we have bees with stingers, but they all came from Europe and Africa).

They like to build their hives inside nooks in solid rock or concrete and make a distinctive tube-like entrance that is carefully guarded against predators.

They’re really tiny and aren’t at all bothered by humans getting close to their hive so long as we leave them alone - my grandma had a hive on one of the walls in her yard for over 25 years, right by the narrow staircase that went up to the second level of the house where my gran lived (my cousin lived on the bottom half) and those gals gave zero fucks that a bunch of pinkish giants would stomp by their doorway on a regular basis.

I could stick my face right by their hive to watch them from close up and so long as I didn’t disrupt traffic absolutely no fucks were ever given.