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Essential Guide: The Bioluminescence Edition

Bioluminescence — the ability for organisms to generate their own light — has evolved independently at least 50 times. All around the world, oceans glow, trees sparkle, and the forest floor flashes. It may be difficult to see many of these phenomena, but take a tour with us through the land, air and sea as we survey one of nature’s most awe-inspiring spectacles.  

Atlas Obscura’s Essential Guide To Bioluminescence


The idea for the Strange Plant series was born in Sao Paulo – the first city of our trip & also where I began my plant collection. I have been enamored with the flora & fauna in Brazil and am constantly picking up plants on walks home. I finally got around to documenting one of my bouquets.

Today we walked to the beach in our new city – Florianopolis–  and I picked up this stash. As you can see, there are succulents, pine needles, flowers, and lots more! We took the photos on an outside wall of our bungalow (more on that to come).


Anyone else a natural-born collector ?


The Eden Project: The World’s Largest Greenhouse - St. Austell, England

As the millennium approached, the sleepy former mining town of St. Blazey needed a futuristic update. For fifty years, a clay mine on the edge of the English town had slowly been abandoned, until in the late 1990s when a new concept was proposed for the area called Project Eden.

After the deep depression left from the mine was filled in with thousands of tons of soil, construction began and the two largest greenhouses in the world were created over two and a half years. Inside the hexagonally-patterned biomes are over one million different plant species, each one reflecting the climates of their respective biomes.

Pauly Shore-free: The Eden Project on Atlas Obscura…